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Don’t start an e-mail campaign until you have reached a certain number of potential participants. Like I stated in a previous post “Don’t run before you can walk

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Okay, I didn’t say that exactly, but if you read said work of art, you’ll know what I mean. We tend to get pushed along in life by all sorts of persuasive tactics that guide our thinking and habits. The Tortoise and Hare was an interesting old fable, which instilled in us, cultural norms, that are now outdated. The moral of the story states that: “slow and steady win the race”

There are set procedures that we have to learn, one step at a time until they become automatic. Only then can we move on to the next step. Imagine learning a hundred or more steps every year. how fast would your campaigns grow after such a short period of time? (And yes, a year is a short period of time in the business world for anyone who takes it seriously)

Some interesting Stats

R.O.I for $1.00 spent was $30.03 in 2016, compared to $44.25 in 2019, now called me old fashioned but I’d call that quite a leap.


73% of marketers rate email as their number one digital channel for R.O.I.

Here’s the weird one: email marketing only receives 10% of digital channel budgets?

The long and short is (as you can see) Email Marketing will become the crux of your business going forward.

What is Email Marketing?

We hear the term thrown around all the time, yet few really understand how far the meaning goes, and how far it has progressed over the millennia. Marketing basically derives from when we (humans) used to trade goods and services hoping to get a fair exchange in value. It’s become far more sophisticated as times rolled on, for those in the know, the honest exchange has turned into tricks and strategies foisted onto an unsuspecting public.

Email marketing is a subset of the whole marketing process, albeit a very important one. The idea is to build a solid relationship with any participant in the exchange. So first and foremost “Trust” is the prerequisite in building a firm foundation from which to communicate and progress in your journey.


There are of course many ways to set up an email campaign, and it’s basically up to you as an individual to understand “YOUR” particular market and give them what they want. Here’s an inexhaustive list that will help in stimulating your noggin:

  • Common FAQs (This could be communication answering repeat questions asked by your readers,etc.)
  • Case study ( sharing your perspectives on a product or service you’ve experienced and find could be helpful or not).
  • Break the Myths ( An explanation of the myths that your readers might think true).
  • Teaser ( Snippet of an existing post you think would benefit them)
  • Survey ( A way of getting to know your readers better)

As I stated, you are the one who will have to sit down and think about all the value that is dormant in your unsent emails and discover a way of elaborating the benefits that will be passed on to your subscribers. This is why it’s so important to test, and get feedback. So you’re able to fine tune exactly, the wants of your potential fans.

How to Gain Trust

One of the best ways to gain trust is to do something for someone without the expectation of gain or reward. I like the word “altruism” although I don’t agree with the concept entirely. Humans by nature are selfish beings, we do things for our benefit. Even to the extent of helping someone, we expect some sort of emotional reward that is gratifying (Which is, of course, a benefit) I mean, have you ever helped someone and they have cursed you for your efforts?

Trust in you

So in essence, be authentic, meaning drop the facade and allow those that require your help and assistance know how genuine you are every step of the way. One of the main goals of this site is to build a platform that can facilitate the goals and aspirations of those that are interested. Using your knowledge and experience to help those that would struggle more without your assistance is key.

To have a resource that can be relied upon to explain new perspectives allowing you to think of new and exciting ways to achieve your plans. I all to often come across sites that are primarily interesting in lining their pockets with peoples ignorance by supplying them with false promises and giving false hope. So re-read that paragraph and know, that these things are important with any relationship you attempt at building and preserving.


Once you’ve realised the fundamental concepts of email marketing, you can begin to set up a process that will work for you. In other words, “Set up a Sequence of Events”  We all love being entertained, so it makes sense to be entertaining in your communications in a way that will keep your participants intrigued. When someone reads your email, all they want to know is “what’s in it for me”, so as I stated above, make sure you find out exactly what they want.

The Creative Process

One of the best ways to stimulate your creative juices is to fill your head with copious amounts of relative information and then sleep on it for a while. You’ll find ideas popping up when you least expect them (so carry a notebook of some sort), during the day or whenever. The brain needs time to absorb certain info’ and organise it into its respective parts. Some people call these “AHA moments”, but they’re just a deeper understanding of a sequence of events. (A sort of pattern regulator).


Remember, these posts are steps and should be used to jump from one idea to the next in order to build upon themselves. it’s called “IN- FORM – ATION” for a reason. The ‘ation being a suffix denoting the action of forming from the inside. So be mindful of your thoughts young padawan.

I used to explain to friends years ago, there is no accident that “spelling” is called “spell” ing. Our brain is induced into a trance state when we become skilled at using the right words, in the right sequence. Ask any hypnotist.

So, on that note, make sure you keep reading the information that is important to you, and always take action,  never be afraid to make mistakes, it’s all part of the process.

Make sure you leave some comments about this topic, I’d love to share different perspectives on it.




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6 thoughts on “Email Marketing Help! – Step by Step”

  1. Some people have mentioned to me that it’s good to start doing email marketing as well. Up until now, I haven’t found the guts to do it, and with the information, you provided I probably won’t start it soon ;). Not in a bad way, but it’s like you said that it’s best to wait until you have a following. So thank you for this, now I know that for now, it’s best to just focus on creating content and start with the email marketing later on!

    • Hi Virendra,

      Thanks for stopping by, and sharing your perspective.

      The post you’ve absorbed is just the first of many on the subject, but as I’ve pointed out, it’s always better to learn one step at a time. If you try and master any skill that is worthwhile, and attempt to rush into it, you’ll experience burn out, or some form of stress. Keep coming back to the steps and eventually, you’ll, all of a sudden get that “AHA” moment!



  2. Interesting post from you Dedo. I’m still a rookie in affiliate marketing and I’ve really been clueless about how email marketing works. Though some of my uplines have told me to get acquainted with it to get things running for me. Thanks for this guide to starting. I learnt a lot and I’ve got some cool ideas though I will still read more on it, this has enlightened my knowledge already.

    • Hi Rodger,

      I’m glad the post has inspired your first steps into the concept of email marketing. Always keep in mind, it’s a form of communication is all. There is no trick to it, although as I’ve stated some marketers do tend to enter the dark side : ) and use all sorts of “tactics” to win over their victims. You’ll notice this more on the scam sites. The ones where you’re promised bountiful riches with the click of a button, for a small fee! Or the announcement of a closely guarded secret that will be revealed to “only YOU” for a small fee, if you promise not to tell anyone else because God forbid, if everyone knew, we’d all be rich. (you get the picture).



  3. I’ve started collecting emails and created a guide and a free course. The emails afterwards just promote one of the best programs that I have found that would work for my audience. But after that, I draw a complete blank.

    What would be the steps that I would need to take to create a sequence?

    Like, do I write a email a day and add it to the sequence as I go along? Or do I create a bunch of emails, add them to the sequence to be sent out once or twice per week? Is there some robust training that you can recommend for email marketing? 

    That would be very helpful!

    • Hi Reyhana,

      All the training in the world will only explain certain principles. YOU have to tailor the concepts to your own particular audience (get inside their heads). 

      Once this is achieved, you can either spoil them with multiple emails or keep them hanging (one mail per week, or less) It’s entirely down to your discretion.

      Always keep in mind, it’s never a good idea to push your offer, create an environment where the offer becomes irresistible.

      As far as robust training, I would recommend you take a look at one of Meera Kothands sites 




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