How to Start an Online Business for FREE!

When you hear the word free, you might be thinking,.. yeah okay, what’s the catch? (I know I would). But before I explain how,.. relax and allow me to tell you a short story.

About two years ago, (well 19 months to be exact), I ventured into the online world of business.

Not unlike most people attempting something completely new. I carried with me quite a few doubts and wondered if it was the thing for me.


Having a full time “Job” which brought in a comfortable income, I wasn’t that motivated to take the ball and run with it. But I decided, the hell with it, let’s give it a shot part-time, (two hours five days a week), and see where it takes me.

BTW, for the first eight months, I just relaxed and learnt the basics without taking any action. (that’s quite an everyday activity), NOT taking ACTION.

Tip: absorb the info’ on this site, and you’ll become an action taking hero/heroin

Taking Action

So this site you’ve landed on has taken me 11 months (part-time), and it hasn’t cost me a bean!

If I were to pay a writer to fill the site to where it is now (10/11/2019), it would cost me approx’ $2000 just for the content. And I’m paying about $1000 per year for hosting, education and various resources that help me organise my progress… (But you said it hasn’t cost you a bean! : ). I’m getting to that, but first, let me show and explain where it all started.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

There’s an old saying: ” Don’t try and reinvent the wheel”. Well, that might not be exactly how it’s expressed, but you get the gist. (What it means is, if you’ve got something that works, “don’t try and fix it”).

Caution: This isn’t the same as “re-positioning”, but we’ll get into that on another article.

When I was searching for a platform to discover “HOW” to build a business online, I didn’t need to be “sold” the idea. It was something  I’d planned to do before I started looking.

Bright Shiny Objects

But I had to find a reputable source. Someone I could trust. Especially online, with all the snake oil salesmen trading their wares, and fooling so many with their BSB’s (Bright Shiny Bull).

Caution: When you listen, watch or read someone surrounded by fast cars, mansions, and Sh$£ing mountains of Cash. You’ll know what I mean.

Lucky for me, I didn’t have to search very far. I just plugged in “the best online business builder”, looked at the results and found my mentor.

Have some Fun!

Have a go. Punch that keyphrase into Google and unveil your results. The key phrase is: “the best online business builder. You may not find the same mentor I use. But it doesn’t matter. What’s important is “YOU’VE” got to match YOUR fit. (Its’ a vital part of working with a mentor)

Once you’ve completed that little task, (which is called the “Discovery Phase”), you’ll want to do some research.

The only drawback in researching your chosen mentor is that most of the reviews are biased. Reason being, the reviewers, are mostly affiliated with the product or service. (That’s how affiliate marketing works).

Tip: Look around if you’re unsure of any terms or ideas expressed so far. There’s plenty of knowledge here waiting for you to bathe in.


Here’s the part you’ve been waiting for. How do you create all this for no money down? Well, it’s easy once you have the know-how. And I’m here to explain all the nuts and bolts, without charging you a dime.

There is a massive tsunami heading this way, of online businesses wanting people like you to write content for them, (including, yours truly). If I’d have paid someone back at the start to write for me, as I’ve stated earlier, it would have cost me $2000 (and that’s being conservative).

And before you say: But I don’t know how to write Dedo. Go and read this article, and then leave me a private message, and I’ll make an effort to assist in any way I can.

Baby Steps

Okay, the strategy is to learn the basics of content writing, (there are plenty of “almost” free courses online). And then start promoting yourself on some of the freelance sites that are available.

You can charge anything from $40-$220 per article (depending on how much research is involved). And when I say research, I mean for you to take the time to “thoroughly” search for the best nuggets of info’ that are available. (I’m going to do a post on research methods soon, so be ready).

baby steps

So, at the very least you could write one to three articles per week in your spare time. Doing the maths, we come up with $7800 per year @ three articles per week and $2600 @ 1 article per week. Not too shabby for a bit of part-time work in your spare time, (Better than binge-watching NETFLIX).

And of course, you can then plough some of the proceeds into your online venture. Making it, well, not FREE (your time is money/wealth). But adding more streams of money and rearranges your finances, allowing for new wealth-building projects for your future. For a bit of fun, have a search on Google at the “magic of compounding.”

The Fallacy of FREE

We live in a global system of cycles, and every part therein has a purpose to fulfil.

When it’s time has come, it transforms into another part to perpetuate the continuum.

EG: A seed is planted, which grows into a tree. The tree bears fruit that feeds other life forms, so they can ingest the seed, and plant it again (after excreting it) — creating a cycle of endless energy.

No part of this “energy” is FREE. Whenever one piece has been expended, another portion is given life.

So when you look at the “idea” of FREE, remember it’s only a persuasive tactic to entice the energy-saving brain to take “Action”. If we could lie on a beach all week soaking up the sun. Or be at work being stressed all day. Which choice would you make?

Yep, the more comfortable option is almost always triggered first, (it’s how our super-efficient brain operates).

So yes, you can operate a business online for FREE, but only if you expend “some” energy, (your choice).

To Be Continued…

So there you have it, another concise article packed full of tasty links for you to gorge on.

Make sure you leave your comments below, so I can improve my service to you.


All the Best, Dedo




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10 thoughts on “How to Start an Online Business for FREE!”

  1. Baby steps are so important. I feel like I rushed into starting my website, and it is not until now that I realised that I did. I wish I would have taken the time to relax and take baby steps. 

    Just learning how to write can be tricky. We all know how to write, but now you need to write for “money” there is a difference.  You do offer some great advice on the subject of how to start an online business for free.

    Anything is possible if you just put your mind to it and stay positive.

    • Hi Alexandra,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the effort to leave your comment.

      I agree it can be difficult to “relearn” how to engage people with your writing. The best way is to make an effort just to write how you talk. (not something we were taught at school)

      There’s skill involved, but once mastered, it can elevate your earnings exponentially. Have a read through this post “The Devils Pen.”



      P.S I’m going to write some more posts on “copywriting” once I’ve mastered the art. So make sure you keep coming back to

      As always, I intend to share my knowledge and hasten your journey towards the dreams and desires that are most prevalent in your life.

  2. Hi Dedo,

    Thanks for posting this article! I’ve been struggling with too many “BSB” objects as you call them. How did you know the mentor that you found was not just going to sell you a bunch of useless, outdated info products? I’ve had so many experiences where I opt into a free product, and all I get is an endless stream of sales pitches — no real help to accomplish anything.

    • Hi Greg,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your feedback.

      I didn’t know my mentor was going to be any good until I delved in and made a commitment. Although, I will say this: There’s a distinct pattern that arises when you come across “BSB”. And it’s mostly what I described in my post.

      Tip: TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! :  )

      As with any business, it takes perseverance and a little bit of sweat equity (hard work).

      Thanks again, Greg, and make sure you keep coming back to fuel your fire. The waters here at are crystal clear and full of goodness.



  3. Taking a more in-depth look at what you have discussed here, I figured out that they are all blunt facts that we should all give considerations and thoughts too when talking about getting started online and making gains from the established business online. To make money, there’s a need to know all these and even more. This was worth reading

    • Hello again Rodger,

      I always appreciate your feedback and no more than today. 

      As I suggested to Henry, if you have a look at the “Home page“, you’ll find a quote by a gentleman by the name of Frank Lloyd Wright.

      In essence, he states that the more “knowledge” we acquire. The more we can house the successes that follow. (We first have to “BE”, before we “BEcome)

      Thanks again Rodger.



  4. Hi Dedo! I like the way you convey your message. And I agree with you. Nothing is really free. It’s just a marketing strategy that has proven effective in these recent years. But, anything takes effort to make it work. And when we enrol on one of these free courses, it will take us time, energy and even money to get rolling online.

    • Hello Henry,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment for me, ( I appreciate it very much).

      If you look at the article MONEY, it will explain the “idea” of this particular medium of exchange. So when you “spend” money, all you’re doing is exchanging a chit which was given to you for an exchange of sweat equity.

      E.g., you worked or provided “value” for someone, and they gave you the appropriate “chit”.

      Thanks again, Henry, and make sure you keep coming back to build your knowledge. And remember the quote on the bottom of my home page: Home



  5. Up to this point, I have been stressed about getting started online with my own business. But you have calmed me down. Our first step must be soaking as much information on affiliate marketing as we possibly can. And after some months, then we’re in a condition to start taking action. 

    • Hi Ann,

      It’s great that you stopped by and found my article “calming”. 

      When you explore the topics on, you’ll find many more ideas that may help you experience life and business in a more exciting and successful way.

      All it takes from you, is to take the courage in walking “new” paths. The old ways have become deep and rutted, which is why most folks find it difficult, changing “their” habits.

      Discard the past for the new, especially if the old isn’t working as it should. All the best Ann.




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