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There are many ways you can make money online using your writing skills, and you can achieve them anywhere in the world. Are you in?


This form of writing will be your numero uno place to start making money online. You have a few choices in how you go about starting your website in order to publish your writings. The most popular by far is “WordPress”, as an open source Content Management System (CMS). Here’s an inexhaustive list of the benefits in using said software:


  • Manage your website from any computer (anywhere on the planet)
  • Custom made to your own designs (100%)
  • Build out your blog immediately
  • Hundreds of plugins (increasing the site’s efficiency and functionality regarding your own specific criteria)
  • You have total control of your site (it’s your baby, nurture it).

It needn’t be overwhelming choosing a platform from which to operate. Have a look at the “All in One“, package I use. It’s quite the resource and costs next to nothing over the course of a year for the value it provides.

The great thing about blogging is it allows you to really express your creative side, and share your passions with the whole world, (once you make friends with google)

Google is the internet superhighway conductor, and it has the ability to show others where to find you. As long as the content you provide is relevant and genuinely answers the questions people ask in the search bar


S.E.O – The Secret Sauce

First and foremost, when you start writing content on your site, you need to be aware of the initial search parameters that Google uses in helping people find with accuracy what they want. It’s pointless spending your time writing if no one is able to discover your brilliant prose.

Another great offshoot from learning SEO strategies is you can offer your services to like-minded individuals (for a fee of course).

Writing Articles

You could write for other publishers, and of course, depending on the quality of your writing, (there is no limit to what you’d be offered). But the average fee charged or offered is around $150-$300 per 3000-word article. Here’s a list of companies willing to pay for quality content.

  • Metro Parent                                                 
  • Michelle Pippin
  • Link-Able
  • Strong Whispers
  • Wow Women On Writing
  • Watch Culture


Do you know the difference between copywriting and content writing?

Copywriting is what I did just then, by asking you a question and leading you onto the next sentence. It’s more persuasive. And Content writing is really to entertain, educate and inform your reader. Top copywriters can earn incredible amounts of money (depending on their skills in persuasive writing)

I remember years ago landing on a particular sales page (Written by Kenrick Cleveland’s business partner “Jared”) It was so skillfully written, I couldn’t get my money out quick enough to buy the product. That’s the persuasive power of good copy. There are some great courses written by a guy named Lex Deville, look him up you’ll be thrilled.

Anywhere – Anytime

The great thing about writing online is you can start right now. Open up google docs, and start writing. It’s usually best to actually have a strategy e.g:

  • What to write about
  • How to structure the page/pages
  • How to lead the reader from one sentence to the next
  • How to grab attention, hold their interest in order to create a desire etc.

But the best way is to just start writing, you’ll find the thoughts will just pour out, as long as you keep those fingers moving (It doesn’t matter if the writing doesn’t make sense, “just START”). It’s actually quite a good technique if you decide you’ve got writer’s block, (and yes, it is a decision you make)


Procrastination is a decision we make to NOT do something right now. To beat these demons all you have to do is make a start, “just do it”. And you’ll find the brain will engage in your chosen direction.

There are plenty of books elaborating the virtues of planning your time etc, but first, you have to actually do the tasks you set out for yourself every day. Get into the habit of planning your next day before you go to bed. And you’ll know exactly what needs to be done.

Another fantastic plus to writing online is you’ll be leaving your legacy to those who follow and appreciate your style for all time. There are books in my library that are over a hundred years old (authors passed on long ago), but their message lives on. So will it be for you, no matter what you write about, or how famous you become?

So start writing now, and as the hours, days, weeks, months and years pass by, your legend will grow. If you don’t, it won’t.


Write email campaigns for people and their businesses. You’ll find the more successful you become, the more you will have to outsource the tasks that need to be done, in order to run your empire.

So as you’re just starting out, you’ll become more aware of how crucial it is for great writers like yourself to facilitate the goals of those around you. We all need help at some point, be it on the way up or on the way UP!

The point being, there are differing levels of assistance you can help with. If you’re reading this, you might be advanced, but lack the confidence in your ability (click here). Or you could be quite new and want training. (click here).

Either way, there is always, and will always be a need for those who have the ability to communicate specific ideas to clients, friends and family.

So, now you know how to find some of the myriads of opportunities online, that will steer you onwards towards your vision. Here’s a great quote that you’ll find inspiring:

Find your passion

Through passion, you’ll gain strength

Through strength, you’ll gain power

Through power, you’ll gain victory

Through victory, your chains will be broken

I hope you enjoyed this short introduction to the online money making world of writing. If you have, leave a comment below, so we can share stories.


Yours Cordially

All the Best




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6 thoughts on “Make Money Writing Online – Anywhere in the world”

  1. Hi Dedo,

    I have been researching into earning money online with writing. I already write blogs for other people, but I was wondering how you can get in to copywriting and is it lucrative? Although I already write blogs, it is probably a slightly different style to a copywriter. So, is there a recommended course to help me write in a persuasive style?

    • Hi Tom,

      It’s great that you’re interested in improving your writing skills ( it shows a lot of character). I did mention a guy you could learn from. His pen name is Lex Deville, just google him.

      As you’re most probably aware, to learn any form of persuasion, be it from putting words on screen or paper. Or speaking to people. It’s a skill that takes a lifetime of learning and improving upon. When I say “persuading”, I mean to encourage people to follow your dictates. 

       We’re essentially persuading all the time, (even though we’re not aware of it). The idea is to craft your message consciously, which takes time, persistence and patience.

      One step at a time Tom, I hope this helps.



  2. Hello Dedo,

    Thank you for this article. Writing is my passion, and now I have found the way to turn my passion into profession. I like the way you describe everything in simple words. I love the sentence ‘’Just do it.” The procrastination is the root of all undone works. I will like to start my blog as I have a passion for fashion and a modern lifestyle.

    I hope that by sharing my view and exchanging ideas with others will change my perception as well as other perception.

    Moreover, you have shared the sites that will help me to earn money using my passion. I think when you work at things you love, your life becomes more beautiful. And last, of all, I love your quote.

    • Hello Khobayer,

      I’m glad you found the article interesting, and I hope it inspires you to strive for your dreams and passions.

      Delve into the rest of the site, because it’s structured in a way that will expedite your journey, and make things a lot more fun in the process.



  3. This would or should inspire any person who likes writing to think about earning a living by writing online seriously, and you have highlighted the essential parts that the would-be writer needs to pay attention too, also given some possible contacts.

    All in all, a most excellent introduction to enable someone interested enough to make a decent living either full or part-time, from writing.


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