Step by Step to an Online Business

First things First
Create a Vision, Then Build a Plan

The steps to building an online business are simple but never easy. Consider this…

You’ve decided to venture into the online world of Business. You’re excited and can’t wait to start the ball rolling. Where do you look first to grow ideas…

After punching endless searches into Google, you’ve decided to create a website (yippee). Okay, where do you start, countless site builders are baying for your custom (choices, choices).

Which Direction?

Before you know it, half the day has vanished, and you’re no further forward. The whole process can be overwhelming if you don’t “first” set out your objectives. So, as it happens, here’s a step by step account to an online business. (you can thank me later ; ).

Having a Strategic Plan

This is the stage that’s mostly overlooked by beginner entrepreneurs. The excitement of a new venture can sometimes cloud our judgment. If you learn to slow down and take “one” step at a time. Progress will seem a lot more fun. And you’ll be far more productive.

So, what does “having a strategic plan” mean?

  1. Write on a notepad all the stages of Business. i.e., filling a need, sales process, design and building a website, SEO strategies,  marketing, etc.
  2. Work out the stages that’ll come first (for me it was building
  3. Build your brand.
  4. Get “noticed” through Social Media & YouTube (and many other sources, if you ask, I’ll provide ; )
  5. Email campaigns
  6. Forum involvement, etc., etc.

Once you’ve written it down, (there’s no right or wrong way to do this, have some fun) you can then decide the best way to go forward.

Maybe split your tasks up in hourly increments. There are 2,920 hours for the year if you work eight hour days. That’s a lot of production time (and keep in mind, when your business takes off, you can outsource the tasks)

Chess - Strategy

Note: Campaigns were initiated for the battleground, (Campaign meaning “Open Field”, from French). Strategies are similar to an overall chess game, with the tactics being the individual moves.

Your Business is your “army” and incorporates all segments of any “movement”. (Something to keep in mind).

Systemization – “How the Pro’s Work”

Systemise your Business now, so when you’re successful, life becomes more relaxing, not harder. If you want to systemise your Business correctly, you have to know what you’re building, why you’re making it, and where you want to take it.

Visualise precisely how you want your business to look five years from now, (take some time out now and give it some thought).

Tip: Think about how McDonald’s operates. They have a system in place that works in 34,000 locations throughout 119 countries.

One of the main reasons you should develop a systems approach is because when you want to sell your Business eventually. You can pass it on knowing that anyone who follows the “system” will reap the same rewards you have.

The 5 Steps to Systemize Your Business

  1. Identify Repetitive Tasks
    Take notice of all the daily tasks and processes you have in place. Open a spreadsheet with six columns labelled
    , Inventory, Automated, Manual, Hybrid, Time Saved, Status.
  2. Categorise Your Systems
    In the columns on your spreadsheet marked, Manual, Automated and Hybrid, check the category that explains the kind of system you will use to complete those tasks. Everything that can be automated in the automatic column. The manual column is everything that “can’t” be automated. And the combination of both in the hybrid column.
  3. Establish a Priority
    You first want to complete the tasks that are more likely to have the most impact on your businesses growth. Discover an approximate dollar amount the system will contribute to your Business, and add it to your spreadsheet. You can also establish priority by determining which tasks (that are repetitive), are taking up the most time.
  4. Create a Process
    This is the most critical step in systemizing your Business. You need to create a detailed process for each task. This entails listing out every step needed to complete the job from the first step to the last. The steps need to be as detailed as possible, in order to pass on the information to a third party, so they can execute the task without any problems.
  5. Track and Optimise
    To know how well your systems are working you need to have a way to track results. If you identify any problems in the process, you can begin to tweak and optimise them so that you can gain greater efficiency, sales, and profits.
    “Systemizing your Business will take a lot of effort and hard work upfront but will be well worth it in the end. Leaving you more time for living your life to its fullest.

Step by Step Online Business for FREE

When you click on this link >> FREE<< It’ll take you to one of my other posts.

This is the next step.

Step by Step

I purposely didn’t give you all the steps in this post, because you’d read them and not take action. The simple “process” of clicking a link motivates your brain to become proactive. And slowly but surely you’ll develop a new and productive habit that’ll make you unstoppable.

As with any effort, the sooner you develop it into a regular routine. You’ll develop a habit, and the “hard work” will become easy. (Ask anyone who’s mastered a specific skill).

Take your time and read through the articles on And over time, the information will eventually alter your perspectives and show you the way to the stars. But only if you take specific actions.

Looking at a chessboard without making any moves is pointless. And so is living life without a process in place to make your dreams come true.

So there you have it, another concise, action-packed article for you to consume and start paving your own road to riches. I hope you’ve found this post informative. And if you have don’t forget to take some more action, and leave me a comment below. All the best for your future, and keep in touch.




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PS: Keep taking the steps, no matter how small. Because eventually, you get to your destination, “Guaranteed“.

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6 thoughts on “Step by Step to an Online Business”

  1. Dear Dedo,

    This is a terrific site that I have found today. It’s beneficial to me as I am in the early stages of planning to set up an online business.  I think your checklist is useful. Thank you.

    I like the references to being a child and wanting something. And I am tempted by this description”; or getting away from this… “Waking up in the morning to face endless queues of traffic, or battling thousands of commuters for a few seats on the train”…. Come Join Me, And let’s Have An Adventure Together”… I’m tempted.

    However, before I take the next steps, and leave the relatively secure income that pays my mortgage and I sign up to something like this… What are the key things you think I should do? Or Consider?  How realistic is it to make the sort of money you describe? How much time will I need to dedicate to it?  What commitment is required from me?  How much of my own money do I have to invest? & what are the main lessons you have learnt as you have developed your online business? Answers to these questions will help me with the next steps I need to make.

    But overall, I have to say; your site is motivating me to take action with my dream of being independent. Thank you, I’m thinking seriously about joining you on that adventure.

    Best Regards,


    • Hi Trevor,

      What a fantastic comment and I’m glad you like my site.

      As for your well thought out questions… 

      Here’s a short story:

      Once upon a time, there was an older guy who decided to go back to college. His heart was set on becoming a doctor of medicine. When in class, he heard some of the younger students snickering behind him.

      Reaching around, he looked at them and asked them why they were so jovial.

      They asked him how old he was. 63yrs old, he replied.

      They said he’ll be 70 when he qualifies.

      He replied: I’d still be 70 if I don’t.

      My point being, no matter what stage of life you’re at. You can start every single day again. 

      This doesn’t mean folding your hand. Especially with the wisdom you’ve gained up until now.

      It seems to me you’ve already answered your questions, Trevor. And I wouldn’t dare guide you (not knowing “who you are”).

      As with any serious businessman, you wouldn’t expect to push a button and in an instant, receive the glory of unbounded wealth. 

      The time it takes entirely depends on your dedication, motivation, desire (and business smarts), to succeed.

      The best lesson I’ve learnt online is to respect other peoples beliefs and behaviours.

      RE- Spect: SPECT meaning to SEE.

      To RE LOOK :  )

      I hope this helps Trevor and good luck with your decisions.



  2. When it comes to creating an online business, there should always be a detailed plan before any implementation.

    Of all the steps you have listed, I especially feel that creating a step by step process is one of the most critical aspects of building a business. 

    Only through a proper sequence, one can build his business in an orderly and more timely manner.

    Thank you for such an excellent article.

    • Hello Cindy,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a great comment.

      And make sure you keep coming back to “glean” some useful ideas for your business. All the best for your future Cindy.



  3. Thanks so much for this excellent post, it’s come at the perfect time for me as we are in the midst of restructuring some parts of our business that need to be improved.

    It’s so easy to waste time when you’re creating your online presence and site, and I’ve now set up an actual guide, system and plan. Things are already looking clearer, and I can see that we will be much more productive in moving forward. Thanks again!

    • Hi Judy,

      It’s great to know my article has inspired you to make strategic moves for your business growth.

      Make sure you keep coming back. There are a plethora of new ideas to be gathered here at So learn and RE use.

      All the best for your future Judy.




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