The Law of Attraction & Money – What the Experts Don’t say

The Law of Perspective

Yep, it’s no different to the other laws. The law of gravity, the law of thermodynamics, Boyles law, Murphies law etc.

Do not get these laws mixed up with the laws of a particular country. The general distinction is: One is man-made and the other is, hmm, “man-made”. Okay, let’s define this a bit better.

A scientific law is a way in which man/woman attempts to determine the natural laws of cause and effect. Not only through our own senses but using state of the art technology in order to deter any biased assumptions.

Now, here’s the crux. However, you perceive the world around you, in your mind you’re always right. Your mind is a collection of past experiences conceptualised through cultural conditioning. In effect, you look to the person/persons in your peer group to clarify your initial assumption. (Is why a toddler always looks around after committing  a naughty act, to find out if, in fact, that was the case).

The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is quite the elusive creature, especially in the way the idea has been “marketed”. Without going all quantum on your arses, let’s keep it simple.

If you all of a sudden lost your memory, and someone showed you a picture of who you were before. (but made it up), and told you that you were the complete opposite of who you were before the amnesia(gave you a complete description of a new you). Your brain would organise this in-formation in order to act it out in reality.

So, the point being, you would totally attract the things that would associate with the new personality. EG: If the description of the new you was cold, calculating, insincere, etc. Those would most likely be the sort of people you’d attract. Make sense?

The Quantum Science behind these behaviours is interesting, but I doubt anyone could actually bring to fruition anything like is stated in the “law of attraction movements” literature. If they can, please get in touch! ;   )

Money Makes the World Go Round 

Another fallacy, although a very handy belief system. As I stated in a previous post (click on the link) money in and of itself is just a token of exchange. Knowing this is quite the revelation, especially when it comes to the laws of attraction. Change your behaviour and those around you will reflect how you act it out. If you all of a sudden become extremely industrious, helping everyone around you solve their problems what do you think will manifest in your life?

Changing Your Perspective

Here’s an interesting slant. Imagine you’re really pissed off for some reason or another. You spill some black coffee on a white shirt just before you go out for a meeting of sorts. Now (in the moment), I bet you get really mad. Having to change your shirt, knowing you’re running behind schedule, rush, rush boom.


Some call it overwhelm, and some say it’s a conflict between what we can control and what we can not. It’s an internal state brought on by our expectations of a planned situation. And as you’re quite aware, plans have a tendency to be thwarted. So here’s a new tool for you to use (and it’s not negative thinking) if you know the worst case scenario and mentally take note, and how you would deal with it. It’s far more likely you’d be calmer if those circumstances did arise. Or during the same situation, you could imagine it was another person, and watch how that unfolds. (We tend not to internalise so much of other peoples misfortune).

Just keep staring at that box over there, and take notice how your brain is constantly trying to make sense of it, (putting it into a category)

Once the category has been established. A pattern has been formed, and it’s very difficult to alter this pattern through conscious willpower, as you’ve witnessed with this square. The key is to actually trick the brain with differing perspectives and the power of repetition. Not very easy, but the internal feelings and associations can be relearnt.

Are You So Stubborn, You can’t be assed to relearn?

We tend to think once we’ve completed the official route to learning eg: School, College, University, etc.  We become latent until something of great importance once again motivates us. There is wisdom in the words of an old sage, that state: The more I know the more I realise I know nothing. So realise you know nothing and every day will be a new day. Re-learn don't be an ass


There are many schools of thought on how to go about starting a new venture. The best strategy I ‘ve found is the one mentioned in the headline. You first have to change who you believe you are, what you’re capable of and put a new perspective around the old “you”. I say this because the majority of people I’ve been in touch with really have a hard time believing in themselves. And when this belief is staid (set in your mind) it’s very hard to budge. So first you have to BE who you want to be (in your mind), and then you have to DO the required actions in order to manifest the dreams you will eventually HAVE. All it takes is persistent effort every single day, and eventually, you’ll reap the benefits of your actions. The folk who don’t get where they want, actually give up on themselves, they stop learning how to ride that bicycle and never achieve the end result.

My Secret Sauce

If you’re reading this it usually means you’re interested in how to make the most of life and its multitude of experiences. I have recommended several ways in which to attain all of your dreams, but you must make the moves. You have to decide whether you want to make a commitment or be committed. Many folks I’ve communicated with have been overwhelmed most of their lives, not knowing which path to take, and staying in a “Job” they hate.

Choose your path

There’s a fork in the road, and it’s up to you which way your turn. So take action, whatever that might be, and have fun, I do.

If you ever want to reach out, just leave me a message and I’m more than willing to suggest a way that would most suit your specific personality. Not that I’m an expert in your affairs (you are), I just know what’s best in certain areas where I’ve had years of experience, not only chatting with like-minded people like you but also how NOT to do certain things. So on that note, I’m going to take a hike past the fork and into the sunset.


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