What is Copy-Writing and why is it Important?

Copyrighting and copywriting sound the same but are two distinct ideas. We’ll be dealing with copy-writing in this post, and if the article goes viral, I’ll think about copyrighting it.

The Art of Guided Influence

All written works are a form of “copy” and have myriad functions. The purpose here is to show you what copywriting is (in business), and the four prime categories that are used mostly for the internet.

  1. Brand Copywriting
  2. Technical
  3. Direct Response
  4.  and Transformative Copywriting

All forms of written communication persuade at some level. Even when you’re reading a fiction book, the author aims to get you to picture the events in your mind (to make them as real as possible). It’s the same when talking to friends and works colleagues. Every word that is relayed has a purpose, although most people communicate “automatically” with no clear direction.

What is Copy-Writing and why is it Important?

Brand Copywriting

To write for a brand, you will need to promote the product or service continuously. Every day, week, month and years to come. Repetition is essential in building a brand (or identity) because the brain needs to develop synaptic connections to create “new patterns/habits”.

A brand denotes a following of people who will always (after being branded) justify their purchase/ownership, no matter the reasoning for not doing so. Some would say the followers become “radicalised”.

Brand repetition

For instance, I know people who have used particular products for decades, because they’re the best (of course ;  ). Here’s a small list of some of the more famous “Brands”:

  • Mercedes Benz
  • Apple
  • Pepsi
  • Coca-Cola
  • Mcdonalds
  • Levi

And the list could go on for some time. I bet you could picture the logos for every brand shown above. That is the power of repetition, as explained above. Advertising (IMO) is a form of psychic driving and eventually helps consumers make “their own buying decisions”.

Consider experimenting one day and count how many adverts you consume in 12 hours. Then multiply it by how many months or years you’ve been exposed to the same ad’, (you’ll find it interesting).

So, in essence, brand copywriting has more of a long term aim. And slowly builds upon itself, creating so much value for people; it would not be in their best interests to stay away.

Direct Response

To achieve a “response” directly is the purpose of this type of copy. You’ll find examples on landing pages where the seller is geared to motivate your buying decision quickly. This is achieved through the use of more “action words” and motivational pictures.

Psychic Driving

For example, the headline for direct response has to capture your reader’s attention. So they are guided to jump in and read the paragraph below it.

And every sentence would entice your reader to want to read the next, and next and next. Until the whole page has been consumed and the buying decision has been made. (with haste).

This is the power of convincing your readers to respond directly, right now!

It takes a great deal of practise and skill to be able to write copy that has this effect. (So keep practising).

The style of writing you’re reading now is not intended to convince you to take action. It is more passive and is how I would talk to you in conversation. With “Direct Response” every word counts and has to be able to move you to make the decision I want. (for your benefit of course)

Technical Copywriting

This style of copy is to transform the complex into something more user-friendly. For example: click through to “apple.com“, and you’ll discover how one of the most sophisticated pieces of machinery on the planet (the Mac-Book Air) is sold.

It’s pointless going all “technobabble” on people who only want to impress their friends with the latest gadgets and gizmos. (Have you witnessed the queues when a new  iPhone is released).

Transformative Copywriting

Trans = Change Thoroughly 

Formative = Serving to form something

This copy takes the reader on a journey. It’s usually in story form and is based on the events of the writer. Although with most emphasis on the reader (A symbiont journey). Imagine listening to Anthony Robbins speak, or the likes of Russel Brunson.


These guys both use the power of “stories”  to persuade and motivate action on your part. They have mastered the use of NLP and other skills so well; you could listen to them for hours. And end up frantically racing to buy their products and services.

As with most copywriting, it is best to use all forms, and integrate them when needed. The two men above have created powerful “Brands”, using all four styles.

The Importance of Copywriting – Dismiss it at Your Peril

The majority of business owners realise how important it is to make the public aware of their company. This process has many facets, but one of the most important is the use of persuasion “experts”. There are whole companies who specialise in this one area. The terms that you may be familiar with are Public Relations, Lobbyists, Sales Executives, Negotiators and many more.

Copywriting is all of these companies, and if used correctly, can institute a massive difference (positively) in company profits.

So, get practising, because if you start now and continuously learn and implement these teachings. The stream of money that will flow is going to gain momentum and push your success levels through the roof.

The First of Many

This is an introduction to copywriting at a fundamental level. Its purpose is to show you how important a skill it is to learn. So take your time, absorb the ideas and leave a comment below so we can add more perspective.


All the Best

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  1. Hello Dedo!
    The importance of copywriting is excellent that I have come to know from your article. We use a copywriting for online workings. But it has other places to do so I never thought. Moreover, you have described the process of this so nicely. The topic of copywriting can be done, the way it can be done all are shown very carefully. Brand copywriting, technical writing and others you have described will help to do more easily. Thanks for this helpful article.

    • Hello akborm,

      Thanks for stopping by and gleaning value from streamofmoney.com

      I can tell by reading your comment, you’re not a native English speaker, which is more the reason these articles would benefit you and your company significantly.

      There is so much to absorb on this site, now and into the future. So make sure you keep coming back, so you can grow your business more effectively.



  2. Thank you for such a well-informed and excellently written article.

    So many get stuck on writing about what THEY think is important that they forget about their audience and what they want or need.  You have set forth all of the pitfalls very nicely – along with what we should ALL be doing when writing.  Its the frame of mind we have when writing that will bring our readers to what we may want to sell or encourage.

    Without keeping our readers in mind, it all goes down the tube!  One must follow all of the points so well explained in this article to write those blogs that will attract readers and, hopefully, increase our sales.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Hi Darlene,

      It’s great this article has checked all your boxes, “I aim to please”. And also to create a site that is so full of value, you will keep coming back for “new” nuggets of gold/value.

      As you’re aware, the value comes from listening to peoples problems and finding solutions to them.

      Hope to see you again Darlene, and keep me up to date on your progress.



  3. Hello Dedo, an excellent article you have up here concerning copywriting and I must say, it is a very hot-in demand field of writing. I did a couple of copywriting freelance jobs some months time, and I realised how tasking and lucrative it could be.

    It requires specific skills, and if it is well delivered. It could skyrocket the conversion rate of one’s marketing business. Copywriting is given so much prominence by marketers and highly respected as a potent tool. Some pay to learn it. Thanks for providing insightful tips on it. Cheers


    • Hello Roger,

      I’m glad the article clarified a few points for you. I intend to keep providing up to date tips and methods to expedite your journey online. As stated in most of my posts, you would gain more advantage in using all the information here at streamofmoney.com. Because it builds upon itself, and in the process creates more potential for your future endeavours.




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