Why can’t I make money online

The Top 10 Reasons You’re Not Making Any Money Online

Before we start with the reasons, you’re not making any money online. Have a look around at someone who is. Then ask yourself if they’re doing the things I’m about to explain. These are the facts and can’t be disputed. So if you’re looking for a quick fix, go elsewhere : ).

This site is for serious entrepreneurs, and when I say “serious”. I don’t mean with a frown on their face.

The people I’m talking about don’t walk with their heads down, hands in pockets kicking stones. No siree, these people have fire in their bellies. And are motivated to keep going until they get what they want.

These people are the “Real Deal”…

These people are YOU.

That’s got rid of the tyre kickers. Now we’ll begin…

You Keep Buying Every Product You Come Across

This is one of the signs of a “wantrepreneur”. They love the idea of becoming a business owner but are afraid to take any real action, (I fell “victim” to this pattern in the past). It’s like the person who has all the gear, and no idea. You know the type. Has all the top fashion accessories for sport or pleasure. Just so they look good in front of their friends and family, (yep, me).

Don’t get me wrong; we’d all love to snap our fingers and in a flash, develop the skills we need to succeed. But that isn’t living in the land of the “real”.

Pretending to swim out of the water helps build your muscles, but you have to be prepared to get in and submerge yourself eventually.

You won’t win the first time around. But through practice and perseverance, your obstacles will fall like dominoes.

You’re Not Taking Action

If you’ve read any of my previous articles, you’ll know how much I push this simple but effective “Idea”.

There’s “action faking”, and Action Taking. The latter is the one we’ll be addressing. Here’s a shortlist of some of the essential tasks you must do to start your business online.

Taking Action

  • Business Plan
  • Build a Website
  • Decide the product or service, (find your niche)
  • Learn SEO
  • Learn Copywriting
  • Set up Autoresponder for email
  • Market your business
  • Accounting

This is just a snapshot of the essentials for doing business online. And there are many “sub-categories” to consider. The point I’m making is, it isn’t a quick fix, gets rich, sits on your arse and do nothing approach. YOU have to take “Action”.

Note: There’s a reason “learn Copywriting” is in bold, can you guess?

It’s no different from any other business. The “ONLY” difference being, capital outlay is minimal, (not a lot of money to get started). Which leads us to the next reason…

You’re Frightened to Invest in Your Business, (Spend Money)

During my time online, the most infuriating thing I keep hearing from beginners is: How long before I make some money.

These guys are mostly skint, (haven’t got the price of a hotdog), and “need” to make money instantly, (never be needy) Their mindset is ideal for the tricksters out there peddling BSB.

Note: BSB = Bright Shiny Bull

No matter how much folk make others aware of the scams online. Some will never listen to sound advice. Which is good in a way, (the school of hard knocks is an excellent leveller). The information on streamofmoney.com is “Sage“. And comes from many years of learning, doing and achieving. Although it’s always wise to do things “your way”. The principles never change, but the positioning of ideas and actions can still be personalised.

Note Russel Brunson and ClickFunnels, which is just a sales funnel marketed by a brilliant team.

The point I’m “sharpening” is to make sure you alter your mindset and strive to always invest in yourself.  Become a producer while consuming expert knowledge and wisdom. Learn and do at the same time.

Spend some money.

You’re Looking for a Magic Bullet

One of the members at “Wealthy Affiliate” reached out for help in making money, (she’s only just joined). One of my suggestions was to purchase the book “cashvertising”. Read it, and then go out and market yourself as a copywriter.

I know a guy who did the same thing, and although he screwed up a few times. Eventually, he started earning good money. His philosophy is to earn while you learn.

As the old saying goes, “you can take the horse to water”. (I don’t know yet if she’s taken the advice, but will keep you posted).

Magic Bullet

Balls of Steel

The reality is, there’s no magic bullet. Even the strategy above requires effort and balls of steel.

The trick is to expect the worst and still go for it. Challenge yourself, feel the fear and laugh.

BTW, that book is an excellent reference, if you want to dive headfirst into the world of persuasive writing, (copywriting). Buy it.

You Quit Too Soon

I remember an interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was asked how he managed to become so successful.

He rubbed his chin and said: I’m not afraid…

Not afraid to faint when I’m working out in the gym. Not afraid of what people will say if I fail. Not afraid when people poke fun at me, etc. (NOT AFRAID).

Okay, not those exact words, but along a similar vein, (artistic license prevails: ). The point being,  “fear” is the main wall between you and your dreams. Once you’ve smashed through them, your horizons become limitless.

Tip: Being afraid “needs” your permission. 

Giving up is different for everyone. Some might think they’re not worthy of such “unrealistic” expectations. There are those who, after a set amount of time, concede to the “idea”, they’re never going to be good enough, (echos of past learnings ; ).

The point being, don’t be afraid of those voices in your head. Or the emotions that are connected to them. Push through, and all will be well. The past is the past. Learn from it; don’t drag it along with you, allowing it to become a burden. The extra weight can slow you down immensely.

You’re Not Committed

When you’ve faith in yourself for a while. The idea soon “fashions” itself into a belief. And as you’re aware opinions are sturdy “walls”. They can save you from outside criticism, but lock you inside of their boundaries. Leaving no room for other “perspectives”.

The best strategy is to create “new habits”. Those that’ll benefit the “new” you.

Tip: if you keep doing the same, (behaving like you always have), you’ll NOT achieve different results. So “change” (throw the old you away), and become the person you’ve always dreamed of being.


This type of commitment can become tiring. And those who’ve not got the stamina and persistence, lose faith and give up.

The sad part of this is, they’re usually so close to the finish line. But don’t see it.

And what’s worse, is they’ll form a loop/idea of “failure” in their minds that will carry on for the rest of their lives, (a perpetual groundhog day).

Learning from the Wrong People

This heading implies there are “Right” people to learn from. And there are, but that depends on your business intentions. What I mean is, if you want to be continuously entertained and “need” to consume large amounts of information before you take action. Fine, but you won’t get anywhere fast.

Jump off the cliff, (with a parachute), and learn everything you need to know on the way down. Not leaping is, in essence, fantasising about the jump.

Note: I’m learning how to write copy, but I have to practise before I become any good at it. (it’s what I’m doing now : ).

So take my lead, and be bad at it, and in time things will get better. It’s a natural progression.

The wrong people are those that fill your head with fantasy before you’ve even attempted the “jump”. It feels good, but you won’t make any “real” progress.

You Have Unrealistic Expectations.

This is a follow on from the persuasion tactics of those “wrong” people.

If you’ve expectations for your business. Make sure you keep them real.

You can earn a substantial amount of money online, but it’ll take time. Especially if you’re new to this game. Most people I’ve talked with who want to change their lifestyles have been fed so much bull, that they either don’t take it seriously. Or they’re in the other camp that can be led to dreamworld in exchange for the price of a $27.00 ebook.

The reality of any business is it takes work. And lots of it, either by you, or those you hire. Don’t fall into the trap of expecting too much too soon. There’s no rush, and if you’re in a hurry to make money quick, apply for a job.

I know that’s not what you want to hear, but it’s just how it is.

Note: Business fact. If making money becomes easy, the market soon becomes “saturated” extinguishing any further gains. The law of supply and demand

Lack of Belief or Confidence in your Abilities.

This is a funny one. Only because most people say, they have belief and confidence in their abilities.

But if this were the case, everyone would be successful in business. The lack of belief shows itself when times get tough. This is the “true” gauge of someone’s grit and determination. Most will falter at varying stages of growth and decline although the true champion will alter their mindset to deal with the unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances. Nothing is set in stone unless we choose it to be, (including our perspectives). So even when we admit a sneaking doubt in our abilities. It can have disastrous consequences when times get tough, (I know, I’ve been there, and am going through it right now). Times, they are a-changin’.

They’ve no idea what Internet Marketing Really is

This is quite a biggy, only because there’s so much involved. And if folk knew at the start how much work it takes, they’d be much more determined to keep working the 9-5 existence. It’s why so few make it to the top.

Persistence and consistency are powerful actions that lead to the desired results. But As I’ve kept harping on. There are very few with this intense tenacity (staying power). Are you that new breed? Can you break the mould? If so, prove me wrong and take action. Use these ten reasons and counter them at every twist and turn. It’s what’s keeping you away from your dreams. Be that next success story.

Well, they’re the top ten reasons folk don’t make it in this game. I hope you’ve found the information enlightening. Use it to shine the light on any problems that come up in the future. All the best and keep safe in these times of uncertainty.

Make sure you leave a comment below, and I’ll get back with a reply ASAP.



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P.S: Make sure you counter these 10 steps and you’ll be on your way to a better future, (if that’s what you’re looking for).



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  1. This is amazing. 

    This article said it all. So many people think that earning money online is just to sign up to a Portal and then see money dropping in their Bank Account with no effort. If it is that easy no one would have been working for someone else. I like the Copywriting factor. 

    This is a significant factor that many of us failed to learn, and at the end thereof, there is a lack of originality, making Google crawl many site or post. Excellent, thanks for the Publication.

    • Thanks for taking the time, and leaving a comment for me KingKing.

      Make sure you dive into the other articles I’m sharing. You’ll find plenty of golden nuggets to use for your business and in life. All the best



  2. Hi

    There are so many reasons why you fail in not making money, and I think you have highlighted all of them. It is a mixture of impatience, not putting the effort in, listening to too many people or the wrong people or being too indecisive. 

    You must not be afraid to fail, as with failure, you learn what does not work and guess what you will not repeat it. I think in general people give up to quickly and become disheartened. Still, you should continue as this is the most significant opportunity, as others would have given up by then, therefore opening the door. The world likes a trier, so try.

    Doubt is the biggest motivation killer, so what are your tips to overcome them?



    • Hi Antonio,

      Thanks for your comment.

      And I’m glad you found the advice agreeable. The question you ask about doubt is hugely significant along with all the reasons for “failing”.

      Uncertainty is “fear” based and prevents folk from taking action. The best way to defeat this fear is just to do it (taking a note from Nike).

      Not taking action is the primary precursor to the “feeling” of doubt.

      Or you could have “failed” before and used this as a benchmark for how you’ve justified you’re lack of action.  To blame the past for your future endeavours is one of the main roadblocks to your future success.

      I hope this helps Antonio. All the best.



  3. This is an insightful post, and I am sure that this article will be of great help to so many people just as it has been of great help to me.

    This is an excellent article on making money online. these ten reasons that you have given are common in our everyday life, and it affects us a lot

    • Hi Benny,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.

      As you’ve rightly concluded, the ten tips for failure aren’t “only” about business. But also apply in everyday life.

      I’m so glad you found the article useful. Make sure you keep coming back because there’s so much value here if you take the time and absorb the information provided.

      All the best.



  4. You are right in spit with this post.

    Very many at times we tend to get pissed at our inability to make money online while unbeknownst to us we are the reason we don’t succeed, we get too caught up in so many things that end up just leaving us worse than before or making a little amount for us. Thanks so much for sharing this eye-opener

    • Hello again Rodger,

      I’m glad you’re making the most of my articles, and it’s nice to know you’re gleaning “new” perspectives on business, and life. 

      All the best in your future endeavours, my friend.




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