Why is Email Etiquette Important?

What is Email Etiquette – And why is it so Important?

These are the top 7 industry Standards:

  1. Don’t bumble in an attempt to be friendly.
  2. Keep an eye on the rules in grammar
  3. Select your subject wisely.
  4. Avoid talking aimlessly (Target your language)
  5. Organise your emails
  6. Be prompt in your replies
  7. Match tonality with the situation

Don’t Bumble in an Attempt to be Friendly – Avoid talking aimlessly

Make sure you are succinct with the words you use. Don’t ramble on about things that are only important to you (others might not be that interested).


Do you know what the most exciting thing most people like discussing?


Next time you go out with friends or meet with someone new. Make a point asking them “entirely” about what they’ve been up to, where they purchased that lovely jacket. How beautiful their car is, etc. Do you get the point? “Warning“! Make sure you are sincere at all times. We all love it when people show an interest in us and our endeavours.

Did you know what I just did?

I was succinct in explaining a particular subject. And it captured your attention (maybe).

There was no “waffle”. (slang for “Bulls##t)

There seem to be differing standards regarding business and personal communication (I disagree), as it’s my prerogative.

Watch your Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation – Or confusion endures.

It’s hard enough in person when trying to communicate ideas etc. So when we use the written word, it’s essential to take the time and make sure we’re putting our thoughts across with all the right pauses, and full stops.

And make sure the paragraphs are spaced out, to make it easier for people to read. No one likes masses of text (it messes with your eyes).

Choose Your Subject Wisely – And Electrify your Readers (keep them awake)

This post isn’t just about email etiquette. It explains a myriad of topics that are connected. So when you’re reading the words, you can realise that time is never wasted. The mission of streamofmoney.com is to build your knowledge and develop your skills gradually. So that you can create your success online “FREE.” (Until you’re ready to inject capital)


Your success depends on capturing peoples attention to awaken their desires so you can help them find exactly what they want. I know that it may seem easy to do. But it’s quite the skill to listen when others talk so you can determine the things they need.

Some people would tell you if they had more money, life would be so much simpler. But what are they saying in that sentence?

To know the answer, you’d have to ask: In what ways exactly would life be more simple?

The answer to that question could be: I wouldn’t have to worry about the car payments, mortgage etc.

Now you know they worry about having enough money to pay their dues“.

You could say: I’m going to help you with your income and also reduce your payments alleviating the present burden. And it’s not going to cost you a dime. But you have to do something for me?

They would anticipate a catch, but the trick would be for them to change.

Stuck in a Rut


Ask them to make an effort in organising their affairs differently. Because no matter how much money they brought in. Their present pattern of behaviour in overspending would not cease.

The patterns I talk about are, in fact, “habits”. And they can be hard to break, only because they seem comfortable. It’s a bit like getting your wheels stuck in a rut. Takes a lot of effort to get out.

Organise your Emails

Life and all its variables can become chaotic if you allow that process. So start as you mean to go on, and organise every moment until they become “habit”.

Have you ever met someone who always seems frantic?

I’ll wager they aren’t organised. And I mean structured to a military standard. Some of the troop displays are exercises in extreme discipline and coordination.


And should be studied at length for anyone who is interested in business and all its nuances. The attention to detail is full on, and of course, is done for a reason. (It works).

Be passionate about organising your emails, because if you don’t develop this habit now, you’ll become like the person above, “frantic”.

There are many structures in organising your email lists. But it’s up to you to find out what works for you as you proceed. Taking action is far more desirable than reading about it.

Be Prompt in Your Replies – It Shows Enthusiasm

If you find it difficult at the moment actually to reply to your emails promptly. Get someone else to help you. It’s vitally important to be on the other end of a reply ASAP. Doing this shows enormous character and will strike up a relationship with the person on the other end.

Of course, it’s better to automate most of the processes that don’t need the personal touch. Although, never treat your community with robotic answering machines and the like.

We all need the help of someone who understands us at some point in our lives. So don’t let it be a machine that takes that role.

Match Tonality with the Situation

This can be quite tricky for some people. To change their composure regarding how they write in a given context. It’s similar to when you meet with a friend, and one of you seems a bit “off”. It’s just a mood mismatch.


You could have had a great morning, and your friend might have had the complete opposite. So it’s always wise to listen to your “audience” and match their mood. In other words, it’s an excellent choice to “create” rapport with them. And then maybe guide them to your blissful state. (But that’s another post)

If you’re sending an email requesting feedback, it’s best to give something of value first. To expect another person to give up their time for free can be considered rude (IMO).

There you are, a succinct explanation of not only why email etiquette is important, but also a myriad of links to other pages. And if you take your time and go through them, and apply what you learn. I guarantee you’ll experience the world around you very differently.

It’s all in the details!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you quick as a flash.


All the Best

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4 thoughts on “Why is Email Etiquette Important?”

  1. This is truly important in today’s electronic world. Technology abounds and knowing how to handle your email and how to compose and even organise your email box is a crucial point to take note of. Whether in email or in-person people do indeed like to talk about themselves, as a rule of thumb. 

    This article is a great lesson or even a reminder of how the importance of email is only increasing with each passing day. Thank you for a great post. I look forward to reading more from you. 

    • I’m glad you gained some value from reading my post about email etiquette, and how important it is.

      Feel free to look around the site at your leisure. You’ll find the information builds on itself. The structure of streamofmoney.com allows for a process of osmosis,(the essential principles will filter through) But you have to keep coming back for it to take effect   ;  )



  2. Concerning email etiquette, I read somewhere that one should not be employ sales pitch early in the email series. But I saw a group of people who do just the opposite. Right on the first and second email they send, you can sense they’re pushing something to you but then, they’re making money. Some experts say you can’t make money online that way, but the reality is, these guys are making money! So, how do you explain that? Or, are we just too cautious with our email etiquette?

    • Hi Gomer,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking an interest in streamofmoney.com.

      With regards to my post about the importance of email etiquette and respectively to answer your query concerning the money-making tactics of other marketers. I agree with what you’re saying. It is possible to make money with the first email and the second. It’s also quite easy to sell things on a street corner when people pass by. 

      The message I’m conveying in my post concerns those people who want to create relationships with their customers. There is “NO” right or wrong method to sell, only best ways.

      Would you like to gain a thousand friends for a lifetime or a thousand customers for a week?

      Hope this helps answer your question Gomer, get back to me with any other queries. I’ll be glad to accommodate you.




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