The Best Business Builder Online?

Solo Build It Review- And this one “IS” non-partisan!


Name: Solo Build It (by sitesell Inc)


Price: $ 299 per yr or $ 29.99 per mth

Owner: Ken Evoy (founded the company in 1997)

Overall Rank: 85 out of 100 (no one’s perfect)

Best For:   Anyone who wants to create an online business.


Solo Build It (overview)

Solo Build it is a web-based business building system that offers all the basic principles in online marketing. The only real competition it has in terms of comprehensive training is Wealthy Affiliate

The Good

The main “good” points about this site are, the founder and managers don’t pepper the training or promotions with a getting rich quick ideology. Similar to Wealthy Affiliate in their honest approach and execution of the system. (it’s a shame that folk slander both parties in an effort to gain affiliate commissions or to win points).

That being said, as most serious business professionals are aware, any endeavour takes a concerted focused effort on the part of the trainee (most aren’t willing to make the effort involved). And of course, this is the reason for many of the statistics bandied around espousing the failure, or success rate by comparison.

So if you’re reading these words, get serious in your training or keep kicking tires all your life (that just got rid of 80% of the readers) haha.


The Bad

I personally don’t like to look for the bad in anything I review ( it could be a plus for someone else). So I’d just like to say, according to some, a portion of the material on the site is quite old “as are some on Wealthy Affiliate”. Which doesn’t mean the principles involved are out of date, as most principles we adhere to last a lifetime and really do work.


One of the processes I love that SBI uses is a system called “C-T-P-M” which stands for,

  • C content
  • traffic
  • pre-sell
  • monetize

Content being the eventual building blocks of your website eg: blog, graphics, style, video, etc.

Traffic is, of course, a must in any successful business.

Pre-sell to develop trust and build a relationship between you and your potential customer.

Monetize to actually create value and gain the monetary vote of confidence for your product or service.

These Principles are taught in depth on the site and take a persistently focused effort on the part of the trainee to get to grips with and internalise the teachings. The system in place is there to help benefit and expedite this process.

Who’s Solo Build It For?

You could be a Student who would love to learn a new skill-set and at the same time create a full-time income, or a stay at home mom, pensioner, traveller, writer, artist, a lorry driver, builder, sales executive, and the list goes on and on. The limit, as they say, is your own imagination. (Don’t ask me who “they” are, but it seems to always be in my lexicon). “Note to self”, stop bad habits!


Solo Build It- Tools & Training

The Team at Solo Build It have created a 10-day step by step (paint by numbers) system to properly introduce you into building a successful business online. It’s called “Action Guide

The reasoning behind the introduction is to slowly immerse your brain into the structure of the methodology without becoming overwhelmed and giving up. Most successful teaching systems have been structured for maximum efficiency and minimum loss of time (which is, in essence, all we really have), and Solo Build It caters to that professionalism.


Solo Build It

Solo build it has a plethora of relevant tools to help build your online business arranged in “centres” eg:

  • page manager
  • information centre
  • traffic centre
  • download centre
  • site builder
  • site designer

and more. These centres/hubs have many other tools associated with them in order to facilitate the smooth running of your business.

They also have a very good 24/7 support team to help whenever you’re in need.


My Summary Of Solo Build It!

As an overall package Solo Build It has everything you need to build a successful business online ( for an extremely reasonable price).

The company has been in existence for over 20yrs now, so it has stood the test of time. Although, some of the templates used are dated, as are some of the promo videos.

But as stated earlier “the underlying principles are timeless”.

Never forget, it’s never the tools outside of yourself that are at fault in moving you forward. Your due diligence in any endeavour will always win through the obstacles you try and put in your way!

In effect, USE what is available and be creative, garner your own initiative.


Solo Build It – Scam or Not?

Solo Build It is definitely a legitimate opportunity to grow you and your business from start to finish. Regardless of your skill level at the moment, you could have all the tools available to pursue your goals and dreams. All it takes (as in any new endeavour), is to really have a passion for yourself and goals to achieve your objectives. Which I might add isn’t easy, but I’m willing to bet you didn’t find it easy to ride your first bicycle?

And think about it, if it was easy, those statistics you hear about all the time wouldn’t be bandied around so persuasively. There is a high percentage of people who don’t have the motivation to pursue their ambitions, but I’m willing to hedge my bets in saying you’re not one of them (Just by reading this post).

So go over to Solo Build it, and have a gander. Take your time, relax and truly absorb everything they have to offer. There’s no rush, and you’ll thank me when you discover the unique abilities that are inside of you and share them with the whole world through said platforms.

Well that’s as concise and non-partisan as I can be, so if you have any comments, please leave them below and I’ll get back to you super fast!




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