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Welcome to my non-biased review of the online marketing university that is “Wealthy Affiliate”.

I say non-biased, although that term is impossible to truthfully live up to (We’re all biased to some degree, even though we might think otherwise)

BTW, the picture to the left is the transition from monkey to perfection, go figure.

Some would say “it’s my honest review” implying it’s the truth, which is in and of its self, subjective eg: you could swear a product or service is fantastic, while my experience might be the complete opposite.

So, when I say it’s non-biased, it’s an effort on my part to sit on the fence and imagine a non-partisan perspective, although I’ve been a member of the company/community for nearly a full year?  (Did I mention “I like to challenge myself”)


Wealthy Affiliate Review

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website: wealthyaffiliate.com

Price: $49 per month if you pay monthly or $29.92 per month if you pay yearly (full year upfront) 39% off for the non-mathematicians. Or if you’re a bit tentative $0.00 to test the water!

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Product Type: Online membership site providing all the essential resources for building a sustainable business.

Summary: Wealthy Affiliate is an online community dedicated to helping one another reach their goals and dreams.

Overall rating: 9 out of 10 (Only nature is perfect), naturally.


The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The Good

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform, bringing together like-minded individuals and providing them with all the tools and resources to hasten their journey to success. 

Starting a new business can be daunting, considering the amount of information you have to process.

So being a member of a community of like-minded people makes all the difference when you find yourself bogged down with tasks and deadlines. It’s so easy to share your hurdles and get the help you need from experts with many years of online experience.

The method of teaching at Wealthy Affiliate is step by step (paint by numbers). So if you follow the training, and do not deviate until you’re up and running, success is imminent ( and that’s when the creative juices come into play)

step by step

BTW: Never think you can start a business that has been set up for you and is turnkey, ready to churn out thousands of $ per day, for little or no money down and has the backing of 100% money back, NO RISK guarantee! those phrases and slogans are usually a big red light for “SCAM”. And there are plenty out there. So be aware.  Or as the Latin term states, “Caveat emptor”

The Bad

Having taken part in communicating with the great folk at Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve not been witness to any bad apart from “IMO” a small minority who find it in themselves to argue with one another on the forum. Arguing is an attachment to one’s beliefs, and the inability to share perspectives, but that’s another story for a more in-depth, post.

The Ugly

I had to write ugly because it fit in with my western theme (forgive me), Ugly’s nowhere to be found on this platform.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?

The system at Wealthy Affiliate is geared up for, drum roll (this is a big list)

  • College Students
  • University Students
  • Retired Individuals
  • Middle-Class Populous (a large majority of US consumers)
  • Retired Veterans / Disabled Veterans
  • Disabled Individuals (who can work from their computer)
  • New Career seekers
  • Career Development/Advancement seekers
  • Laid-Off Employees
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • People with massive hospital/health bills
  • Low Salary Employees
  • High Salary Employees that Want More
  • Minimum Wage Workers / McJobs
  • Passive Income Seekers
  • Residual Income Seekers
  • Baby Boomers About to Retire
  • People Who Vacation Lots (like the freedom)
  • People with a mortgage
  • People that are forced to foreclose their homes
  • People with Undesirable Jobs
  • Office Workers
  • Computer Jobs and remote jobs
  • People interesting in computer programming
  • Residents at business and Internet marketing schools
  • People looking to get marketing, finance, or business education
  • Someone who wants to quit their job
  • Franchising/Franchisees
  • eBay Sellers
  • Summer Job Seekers
  • Part-Time Employment
  • People seeking any type of employment!
  • People seeking post-secondary education
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Online Surveys Takers

And I’m sure this list isn’t exhaustive. Basically, anyone who is prepared to change the way they currently do things and step up to the plate to make a real desirable difference in their lives.


Wealthy Affiliate “tools and training”

The tools and training at Wealthy Affiliate are highly sophisticated, especially when you delve deep into the “archives”. Imagine learning a skill and knowing that every day your knowledge is compounded, and there is no end.

Kyle, Carson and their team are consistently improving the tools and resources for the community, so nothing is out of date. (there is no need to go anywhere else).

I know! for an unbiased review, it’s reading quite the opposite. It’s very difficult to find fault in how the site is set up. I’ve spent a year there, working full time on my bricks and mortar business while dabbling, setting up my site, learning the intricacies of the online world, and meeting a few friends on the way, awesome!


The support offered at Wealthy Affiliate is unprecedented. The owners, their team and the community as a whole offer friendly advice and personal support whenever requested.

It matters not where you experience life, Pareto’s law will inevitably raise its head. So in effect, those that seek with intent will always find their space on the net. And those that don’t, won’t ;  )

What I mean in the above statement is: There are people who want entertaining, and those who entertain eg (Producers and Consumers) “read this”

So I hope you find this review helpful in making your decision and finding the place that most adheres to your style of learning.

Please leave a comment below and allow me to answer any questions you might have, that haven’t been addressed above.










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