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A Step by Step Approach to Banish your doubts and increase the Streams of Money to your Bank Account, Building Bridges To Wealth.

Unleash The Pressure!

The main goal of streamofmoney.com is to show you easier ways to build your wealth. And during this exciting ride full of new opportunities and discovery. I’ll be holding your hand every step of the way. So there’s never a chance of losing your way.

The Fear Of Making “more” Money?

I know this title seems counter-intuitive (but bear with me). We all want to increase our wealth and make more money, or we wouldn’t be in business.

Ceiling of Wealth

But the thing is, most people become trapped under a glass ceiling. (they can see the sky, but are unable to push through their mental barriers and reach their goals).

If you’ve been earning $50,000 for five yrs, and someone told you you could earn 10X that amount. I’ll bet, a part of your mind would doubt it. And when you “attempted” to strive for that challenge, the unconscious part of your brain would keep you in routine mode and sabotage your efforts. (In the name of efficiency).

Earn While You Learn!

Dive into streamofmoney.com, and you’ll find a systematic approach to counter these demons, (And have fun in the process). There are ways to earn unlimited amounts of money online, and some of these methods are explained here on this site.

So jump in, take your time and fully absorb the knowledge presented, You’ll thank me later ; )


Stream of Money is structured in a similar way to Wikipedia. In that most of the links are internal, (which means: every link you click on is relevant to whatever you’re reading, and will enhance your knowledge at every step, catapulting your success to the stars.

Smash Through Your Limits

Breakthrough any mental blocks that seem to hinder your progress in life. And build your success from the inside out. First “BE”, then BEcome”.

Tip: Be like a stream of water, and overcome any obstacle. Always finding the path of least resistance. And never compromise your future success with “imagined” hurdles.

Stream Of Money

The Stream is a constant flow. Merriam’s definition: a smooth, uninterrupted movement or progress.

And Money being: something generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or a means of payment

So, the site is defined as “A movement of ideas to Create Value“.

let it be

I’m Alive!

I’ve noticed when learning from other sources about blogging, making money and building websites, that it can be so overwhelming.

The amount of information you will unveil is mind-boggling.

So I’ve pledged with myself to speed up the process for you as much as is possible. And suggest specific tools you may need on the way,(to help the flow).

Keep in mind, it’s much better to share your ideas, (So I can help you execute them). And as you progress through the site, make sure you take notes of anything you find useful and utilise the material to improve the plan you’re building for a more successful life.

Dive in and join with me, have fun (and secure your future).

letting go

Here’s a great quote:

No stream rises higher than its source. I learned that whatever I might build could never express more than I was. I could create neither more nor less than I had learned of life when the buildings were built. And so it is true of any endeavour we undertake. To do more, we must first become more.Frank Lloyd Wright

And as you progress through this site, not only will I teach you how to make streams of money. But also how to turn the streams into rivers that will build upon themselves naturally and form rapids of wealth.

So keep in mind, a drip forms a trickle that turns into a stream, which builds into torrents of everlasting rivers of wealth. (This is the “Reality” of what I’m about to share with you). So, take action.

Yours Cordially,


Make sure you leave comments so we can share stories.


PS;  I almost forgot, here’s a link to my secret mentor, but don’t click on it just yet. Have a stroll around this site and make a point to get to grips with some of the learnings. To some, they might be a bit confusing (and in that case ask me to clarify) I’m here to speed up your processes so that you can make better use of YOUR time.

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Thank you for the empowering words. I almost lost my enthusiasm for online marketing after losing thousands of dollars, good thing I stumbled upon this empowering blog post of yours about online marketing. I think this has helped me regain my enthusiasm.


Dear Dedo,

This is a terrific site that I have found today. It's beneficial to me as I am in the early stages of planning to set up an online business. Thank you.

Best Regards



Thanks for a very heartfelt article Dedo! I love anything to do with mindfulness, mindset, self-awareness and meditation. Someone said to me a few years ago that it’s not that we don’t have time, it’s that we don’t make time, because we always make time for things that a priority!

Lee McQueen

Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article.

Starting an online business can sometimes seem impossible. That's how I felt while trying to start mine, I paused so many times, and I experienced drawback. Some of the steps you have highlighted here are what really helped me pull through


Up to this point, I have been stressed about getting started online with my own business. But you have calmed me down. Our first step must be soaking as much information on affiliate marketing as we possibly can. And after some months, then we're in a condition to start taking action.


This is the best I've seen In a long time; it's scarce to find sensible content like this online these days.


Wow! This is an entirely different approach to life that I have seen here. Often, I wonder why my beliefs often antagonise the things I genuinely believe in.


Wow, this is more than just an article, it's a whole book of truth embedded in a few lines. Knowing one's destination is a good move, but what determines it all how to get to the destination.


That's a great blog! As a newbie, I needed that to gain some perspective.

I like the layout of your site and the look too, so much so that I've bookmarked it to keep coming back to for more idea and your content! I don't mind being reminded of how much I don't know and what is possible, so I'm glad I found your site.






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