Unleash The Pressure!

The main objective of this site and all who join in (That’s you, my friend), is to eliminate one of life’s greatest fears…

The Fear Of Making “more” Money?

I know this title seems counter-intuitive (but bear with me). We all want to make more money, or we wouldn’t be in business.

Ceiling of Wealth

But the thing is, most people get trapped mentally under a glass ceiling of earnings,(caught in a web).

If you’ve been earning $50,000 for five yrs, and someone told you you could earn 10X that amount. I can guarantee a part of your mind would doubt it. And when you “attempted” to strive for this goal, the routine part of your brain would keep sabotaging your efforts.

Take the Plunge!

Dive into streamofmoney.com, and you’ll find a systematic approach to counter these demons, (And have fun in the process). There are ways to earn unlimited amounts of money online, and some of the methods are explained here on this site. So jump in, take your time and fully absorb the knowledge presented, You’ll thank me later ; )

Most people prefer to start new adventures in groups when testing a new idea,(it can be daunting going it alone) Although there are a brave few who do in the beginning. (Although eventually, they learn that building a team is more efficient ; ), and more fun!

We all have our ways of expressing who we are and what we want in life, but to share ourselves with others can be so cathartic (Soothing). So look at that clock and melt away those needless emotions

The name and logo for this site are quite apt, although at first glance you might think not.

Stream Of Money

The stream is a constant flow, and I love Merriam’s definition: a smooth, uninterrupted movement or progress.

And money being: something generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or a means of payment

So, my definition of the site is a movement of ideas and action to create value.

let it be

I’m Alive!

I’ve noticed when learning from other sources about blogging, making money and building websites, that it can be so overwhelming. The amount of information you will absorb is mountainous.

So I’ve pledged with myself to speed up the process for you as much as is possible. And suggest specific tools you may need on the way,(to make things flow).

And keep in mind, it’s much better to share your ideas, (So I can help you execute them). And as you progress through the site, make sure you take notes of anything you find useful and utilise the material to improve the plan you’re building for a more successful life.

Dive in and join with me, have fun (and secure your future).

letting go

Here’s a great quote:

No stream rises higher than its source. I learned that whatever I might build could never express more than I was. I could create neither more nor less than I had learned of life when the buildings were built. And so it is true of any endeavour we undertake. To do more, we must first become more.Frank Lloyd Wright

And as you progress through this site, not only will I teach you how to make streams of money. But also how to turn the streams into rivers that will build upon themselves naturally.

So keep in mind, a drip forms a trickle that turns into a stream, which builds into a torrent of everlasting rivers of wealth. (This is the “Reality” of what I’m about to share with you)

Yours Cordially,


Make sure you leave comments so we can share stories.


PS;  I almost forgot, here’s a link to my secret mentor, but don’t click on it just yet (Believe me you aren’t ready) Have a stroll around this site and make it a point to get to grips with some of the learnings. To some, they might be a bit confusing (and in that case ask me to clarify) I’m here to speed up your processes so that you can make better use of YOUR time.





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