Adapting to Change at Work

Overcoming any Challenge – No matter the difficulty perceived

We’re creatures of habit, so adapting to change at work or in life can seem complicated.

I’m sure, like me, you’re finding these times of uncertainty testing. Change at work or in life can present many obstacles for us as human “beings”.

On the surface, it may seem easy, but “habits” can either be a blessing or a curse. The question being, are you willing to meet an even higher standard?

My “offline” business, like most out there, has taken a nosedive. And if I attempt to steer my thoughts over “old” ground, they’ll only create feelings of oppression and doubt.

Nose Dive

As a body of matter in the universe, our physical realm is built upon various experiential nodes. All of them report back to the “hub” for confirmation of the “real”.

In short, we become what we experience, which is great when life’s a peach. But when the shit hits the fan, all sorts of problems can arise.

New Horizons

Please remember this point, and your life will become a kaleidoscope of experiences, instead of being confined to just one or two colours. “Our ability to change and adapt is more powerful than all the stars on a flag.”

Holding on to the “old ways” is the only thing that may be hurting you at the moment. When we learn to erase these thoughts of the past and move on, (and it can happen in an instant). The turbulent sea becomes tranquil once more.


Imagine being born into the world at this precise moment. Any bias to be learnt starts from “Now”. Not in the past, “we haven’t had a past yet”. This is how to be born again.

A habit or bias is a neuro shortcut (routine), that our brain loops into patterns of behaviour – and at the speed of light, shoots back to the present, (Discover “heuristics” or indulge yourself in a film called “Groundhog Day”).

Note: I recall “learning” anxiety when I was a younger version of me, and now, understanding the process, I can “see” it for what it is. This was when the answer finally came to me, and later on in life re-affirmed to me by the neuroscientist “Lisa Feldman Barret”.


Usually, these shortcuts are useful – (imagine having to relearn opening a door every time you use it) – But they can harm if we’re unaware of the process involved – and then, “identify” with the idea or action, (Belief formation).

Real Lies (Realize)

Most people live their whole lives “believing” in the reality that is presented to them, (without question). This is all fine and dandy until something catastrophic comes along and disturbs that “world view”.

Keep in mind the culture you’re born into is only as “real” as the environment it perpetuates. If you moved to another part of the world, (different culture), would you become “home” sick?.

An excellent analogy is to imagine working in McDonald’s (a franchise “system”) and ignoring their processes – cooking Indian takeaways instead.

People would walk into the restaurant “expecting” burger, and walk out scratching their heads in confusion. This is what’s happening around the world as I type this message, (although slightly more sophisticated).


Peoples brains are constantly reverting to “normal” instead of adapting to the new.

If we want to flourish in the years to come, it may be wise to pull together and be brave in this “new” world that’s being presented.

So ignite that kaleidoscope within, and join with me in this exciting new journey to break through the flames of doubt, flying higher than you’ve ever imagined.

“From the ashes, a fire shall be woken, A light from the shadows shall spring…” — J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

This is a short article to help anyone who is battling with their thoughts in this time of confusion. I hope it helps as much as I intend it to do. All the best, and be safe.


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P.S: Be, Do, Have.







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