How to Change your Mind to Change your Life

Change your Mind using this Simple Technique
And it only takes 5 mins per day

Simplicity is Key.

I don’t know about you, but for me and thousands, even millions of people on the planet. Our lives become a spaghetti junction of tasks and must do’s. (Click Here to see a spaghetti junction).
Changing Your Mind.

Over the years, our brains take in all the associated memories. And put them into a basket called “Generalisations”.  (Look into the study of Heuristics)

What was once a simple life becomes an array of ever elaborate decision-making processes. All fighting for attention. No wonder folk are taking so many pills to counter their STRESS.

Five Minutes

As you might have read on my about page, I’m 54 yrs on this planet. And been conscious for most of them (ah-hem). And there’ve been many times I’ve found the walls of my mind closing in. So naturally, solutions were sought. (No toy puppies were harmed during this post : )

Anxiety and stress

Year after year, new methods were introduced. And yep… tried every one of them I have.

From meditation to visualisation and even wrapping new meanings around the problem. I’ve also spent years drowning in alcohol and other forms of mental distraction.

After all those years “trying” to escape the uncomfortable feelings inside, I came across a solution which is so simple it’s ridiculous.

Here’s a paradox for you: One of the most challenging things to do is the simplest.

Focused Attention (and it’s NOT what you think)

Two words, that’s all. Have a go. Sit for 5 mins and pay attention to one thing only. And don’t allow other thoughts to pop into your mind.

Owing to the fact I’m unable to speak to you directly, I’ll assume you couldn’t do it?

And if you did, I’m impressed, and you should move on to another page. Or better, contact me and let me in on your secret because I’ve never come across anyone yet, who can perform this task.

BTW: That’s not the 5 min “secret”.

I’m going to show you that one soon. But I have to lay the groundwork first. If only to help your mind make sense of things.

Free Will – Have you got it?

You may have noticed, (when doing the last exercise). You did do it?.

When thoughts pop into your head, you have no choice which ones will arise. They carry on regardless of your “willpower”.

Don’t get me wrong; if your intention is to think about pink elephants you will. But for how long exactly.

To guide your mind, every second of the day is an impossible task. (So attempt it at your peril).

The best method is to focus on one task at a time. And don’t fret about distractions. These things will happen whether you like it or not. Your job is to be aware of the distraction, but carry on with the task at hand.

Be Mindful of Your Thoughts

To be aware of your thoughts can be quite a challenge. As with most things, giving it lip service is easy.

The next time you’re feeling emotional. Be it sadness, happiness, fear or loneliness. Have a go at imagining you’re watching yourself from afar. In a sense, make an effort to detach.

letting go

Do this a few times. Attach, detach, attach and detach.

Get a feeling for it.

It takes a bit of practice, but what you’ll discover is fascinating and life-changing.

To learn the skill of detachment, (or “Mindfulness”), will embellish life’s journey. So have a go, you’ve nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Take your Head out of The Sand

When “life gets in the way”, is a term I hear all the time. And it’s so revealing. What people are saying is: “I’m being distracted by more important events, and I can’t organise my life more efficiently”

Life never gets in the way, we do.

Although we haven’t got freewill where our minds are concerned, we can direct the actions we take, regardless of our “Obligations”.

EG: I’ve set the alarm to get up in the morning, and that’s what’s going to happen. I “can’t” predict my thoughts when I get up. But I can predict the action of getting out of bed. “make sense”?

Are You Ready?

Every morning after you’ve woken up, (obviously).

Sit down on a comfortable chair, with your back straight.

Tip: Don’t “try” and do anything. Just BE

Now, take a deep breath, and when you’re ready… let it back out.

While in the seated position, carry on breathing as you do naturally. And take notice of your breath.

Just watch it

Notice your breath

In, and out, in and out.

Caution: When you’re focusing on your breathing, other thoughts will pop into your head. Just let them be. (Adopt the curiosity of a scientist, examining all the distractions from afar).

Sit in silence and keep focusing on your breath… Allowing all other distractions to take place.

Tip: Don’t attempt to control.

Do this exercise for five minutes every morning, or evening. It’s entirely up to you. (Just Do It)

The Secret
How to Change your Mind Forever

When you’ve taken part in these exercises for at least a month. Something amazing will happen.

You’ll be able to “notice” the feelings and thoughts as they pass. And not get attached to them.

When you’ve reached this stage. You’ll realise it isn’t the thoughts and feelings that can stop you on your journey to success. It’ll be your actions.

It doesn’t matter what level you’re at “academically” or how old you are. The actions you’ll take always dictate how successful (or not) you’ll become.

Once you “GET” this idea I’m presenting you with. You’ll never look back.

Only forward to the steps, you’ll be taking every single day of your life.

Tip: Have a look through some of the posts in the “mindset” section. They’ll help you get a foothold for this method. And help speed up the process.

There you have it, another “Dedo” secret. One that’s taken decades for me to learn,(I know, I’m either a slow learner or ‘kin stupid; ). So, if you’ve any questions. Or you want to leave a comment.



All the Best, Dedo

P.S: When you learn this technique. The streams of money that have been eluding you, will come in torrents. One trickle at a time. Click Here for an explanation of the miracle of compound interest.

Tip: The knowledge here at builds on itself and has a compounding effect. So keep digging in, and taking the steps.

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6 thoughts on “How to Change your Mind to Change your Life”

  1. Thanks for a very heartfelt article Dedo! I love anything to do with mindfulness, mindset, self-awareness and meditation. Someone said to me a few years ago that it’s not that we don’t have time, it’s that we don’t make time, because we always make time for things that a priority!

    One question – how would you recommend getting children involved in being conscious of their mindset?

    Thanks again, Lee

    • Hello Lee,

      I’m happy you found the article to your liking. It was written as part of the mindset series. So make sure you look into the rest of the site, (you’ll thank me).

      As was stated in the post, I’ve experienced many “ways” and spent thousands of £’s searching for answers.

      IMO, the journey and realisation are cumulative, There’s so much pumped into peoples minds nowadays, through various media sources.

      People now believe their thoughts are “reality”.

      This is the reason such a simple process can be challenging (but pay dividends when accomplished).

      Your question about children. Hmm, it’s a difficult one. 

      I remember when I was a child, there was no “real” connect with my thoughts.” I’ve more or less come full circle.”

      . Children nowadays are bombarded with so many devices. Like I say, it’s not an easy solution. Their “self-image” is installed much earlier in today’s society.

      Thanks for stopping by Lee, and all the best for the future. 



  2. I struggled with horrible thoughts running through my mind daily for many years.

    What finally worked for me was learning to distract myself deliberately. If I was driving and a torrent of horrible possibilities was raising its ugly head in my mind, I’d quickly turn on the radio and start singing uplifting music. 

    Memorising uplifting biblical verses and affirmations also helps to distract the flow of thoughts. It took conscious effort at first, and it worked every time. 

    • Hey Annette,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave this excellent comment.

      The technique you use to focus your attention is something I use. It’s a brilliant method to direct your attention consciously. 

      Thanks again Annette, I know others will find your advice helpful.



  3. Nice post Dedo

     I agree with your sentiments; it’s our thoughts that mostly impede our ability to take action.

    If we can get out of our way and avoid the “monkey mind” distractions, we’ll free up the clarity of mind,… the energy of spirit to get what we want done, DONE. 



    • Thanks for your sentiments Rui,

      You’re spot on with your explanation of how “our” minds can impede our actions.

      The most difficult things to overcome, are the “beliefs” in the fears we tend to associate with any given activity.Have a look at my article What is F.E.A.R?. It’ll show you (amongst other things), over 100 irrational fears.

      Also, look at one of my most recent posts How to Change your Mind to Change your Life. Which may help counter these demons. Hope this helps all the best.



      P.S: First get your mind “right”, and then the money will flow.


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