Do You Want To See A Pretty Pattern?


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There you go, I didn’t disappoint! Okay, some of you might disagree, but allow me to throw a question out there. Do you know what it is, the shapes, the colors, the concept? Does it speak to you?

I’d be surprised if the pretty pattern conveyed a meaningful message to your brain, apart from, yeah, that’s a segment of frickin’ wallpaper!

Okay, enough already! What is this all about you might be asking. Well, I’m going to explain.


Have you ever heard of personality profiling? I’m guessing you have, and I’m also guessing you’re quite up to date on who you think you are.  What I mean by that is:

  • what’s your name
  • what do you do for a living
  • how old are you
  • are you dark or light skinned
  • do you like eating fish
  • are you a man or a woman

and the list goes on, I’m sure you get the point.

Finding Nemo!

Well in the film it all works out okay for the little fish (REALLY!, TALKING FISH)?

Moving on swiftly, the idea of personality profiling is to determine a distinct set of behavioural patterns, in order to categorize YOU. It’s really that simple.

While growing up and experiencing the world around us we build generalizations/shortcuts of our experiences eg: We Know what a door is, although there are many variations

Which are in and of themselves very very efficient. The only problem with this model is, we live in a world full of synthesized data brought on by the media and other institutions in order to manipulate our “beliefs” (That’s a whole post on its own)!

I’m not saying that’s a good thing or a bad thing, it just depends on how you look at it :  )

The point being, to be “aware” of the tools, we have much more of a chance of using them, not the other way round (steer our own ship).

What Do You Mean?

Have you ever questioned your perception of things when someone has explained another way?

It’s similar to watching a magic show, and the magician amazes you with his sleight of hand and ability to misdirect your attention. All he/she is doing is altering your perception. They don’t actually perform magic per se, but they do know how your brain operates, and how to fool it.

Now imagine this,…  You’re walking along a beach on a sunny day listening to the waves crash against the rocks, as you clamber over slippery seaweed and feel the cold of the winter bite into your face.

Okay, the start of the sentence was quite pleasant, agreed? Nine times out of ten the sun and the beach brings up sand and heat!

In effect, our brain uses shortcuts until we give it context. And it does it all by itself! This is where, if we’re lazy in our thinking, we can easily be duped.

If you remember in a previous post “Think your way to the stars“, I touched on the concept of generalisations. Here’s a better explanation, you ready?

Wow That’s Amazing

Imagine this, you’re about one year old and you’re sitting on the couch waiting for your mother to feed you. All of a sudden you see her appear, having walked through the wall. As you keep noticing this pattern, you realise she is pushing through something. You become even more curious and watch with intensity until the next visit.

When you’re alone you crawl over and investigate, to your amazement you realise there is a fine gap around the part of the wall your mother pushes through. You can actually feel the draught blowing across your face. You push and pull, but the “wall” will not budge. So you crawl back to your couch and patiently wait. (We don’t know it’s a door yet)

She comes through again and this time you notice she has a grip on something when she’s pushing. For some reason, she has to push down on this thing she is gripping to enable the “wall” to open up.

Now to cut a long story short, we go to school and learn that this opening in the wall is called a “door”.

And from that point on, it becomes automatic. We don’t need to consciously think how to open the door anymore we can just do it. (Bit like catching a ball when someone throws it at us)

What A Beautiful Story

We all love stories, I mean, we grew up listening to them, and then watched them on the screen, we read them in books. Stories are all around us, and the funny thing is, we don’t actually see them as stories. They become meanings, then they form into beliefs. And according to how aligned the story is with our lives, determines how disparate things in our lives become.

Having just read an email from a guy called “Jon Street“, I thought I’d add a few pointers from his philosophy.

He starts off by asking “What’s your success question”?

Rather than go through the whole story, I’ll cut to the quip and say, it’s all about how we project things on to the outside world, the world we can’t totally control. Which in and of itself causes us heartache and some form of stress.

A better way is to change our question so it’s internal, something we’re totally in control of (well, eventually, through persistent training). Jons question has boiled down to “How far can I go whilst still having fun?”

So in essence, keep asking yourself questions until you get an internal question eg:

you can’t say, I want to be a millionaire, that’s an external state. A better question would be. How would it make me feel not having to worry about money?

Try this exercise and let us discuss how to develop your mantra.

Wow, that was a bit heady!

I’m not going to write any more on this post, there will be plenty to think about and discuss. So make sure you comment below, even if there is something you don’t quite “get”. If I can explain it then not only am I learning but so are you.

Win/win and that ain’t a bad scenario!




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4 thoughts on “Do You Want To See A Pretty Pattern?”

  1. Interesting take Dedo. Very true though there is a big competition out there, mainstream media pushing hard, with politically correct, smiling talking heads feigning shock and horror at some of the antics playing out on social media.

    Social media not really giving two hoots about what the mainstream says, and moving on to the next “antic”

    Caught in the middle are the ‘lovers’, one or both working 9 to 5 or in some cases 6 to 6, trying to make ends meet, being responsible, doing the best they can for their kids and the future of their family, only to find brick walls blocking their path whenever they deviate from the traditional and resist conforming to the new rules laid down by the governing masters.

    People who try to deviate away from the rules laid down by the rulers and are dismissive of the politically correct, smiling talking heads, and not really caring about the unreality of social media and are labelled with unkind terms for wanting to break away from the things controlling them.

    However, If they succeed they are looked upon as Lucky. Hard work and diligence never played a part in allowing them to walk out the door to freedom.

    • Hi Michael.
      Thanks for such an engaging comment, I feel honoured that you have found the time to discuss these matters. Although I tend to shy away from biases, (if I can, but knowing it’s quite impossible). The brain functions on this very premise. But to be aware of said phenomena is quite the thing.
      As you quite rightly state Michael, the post is merely a message to instil a new way of developing ones thinking habits.
      Thanks again for your wonderful input.


  2. Dedo aka David, I love these twisty kinds of posts. And I see people living their perceptions with no leeway for discussion. Their perception is the only one.

    You mentioned doorways and the potential for differences. Here is another one. Someone is out somewhere in a crowded space. Something happens so evacuation is required. What happens? Everyone tries to get out the same door at the same time.

    Well, one of my colleagues tried an experiment. He put a column just clear of the inside of this door. Centrally located. The result; people then had two options – right or left of the column. The final result; space cleared much quicker as the directed traffic moved easily outside. Thinking laterally or outside the box.


    PS keep writing twisted articles.

    • Hi Helen,
      Thanks for a beautifully worked out comment. I love the options test your friend installed.
      My take on it is if we have more choices we tend to live out life more efficiently (if that’s the right word to use) I compare it to a tool belt, the more tools, the better equipped we are at dealing with unforeseen problems.
      Thanks again Helen



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