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It’s an acronym for, “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”. So, even though this post is about easy ways to make money online, the process of making money takes time, so it’s more suited for those who have plenty of that resource. (Lucky You)!

The first method is to become a mystery shopper. What that entails exactly, is firstly arrange with the company you want to shop for (Warning!, Never pay money to a company to see their list of jobs) There are inevitably scam artists out there jumping on the lucrative nature of folks need to make easy money.

Sign up with the company, and if your registration is approved, you can search their website and select the jobs you want to do. Here’s a list of some of the companies I’ve researched for you that are legit.


This One Could Be Fun!

Make Money Searching The Web, yep, might as well earn money doing what you’re doing right now.


This is a great site that rewards you for your opinions, your searches and your purchases. It earns you money in real time, and you can cash in with “NO” minimum payout! But, be warned it’s a useful tool for searching the web (Doing what you’re doing anyway), although it’s not really worth the time and effort if you want to make some serious moola.


There are far better ways to notch up the pennies.


Become a V.A (Virtual Assistant).  Yep, this can become quite the lucrative deal if you set it up right and look for the right opportunities. Here’s a short list of ideas to start the grey matter bubbling

  • Bookkeeping
  • Email management
  • Keyword research
  • Creating sales pages
  • Content research
  • Lead generation
  • Website design
  • Project management
  • Editing and Proofreading

And the list goes on. Basically, anything that can help a thriving business (Time is Money), and most up and coming businesses need to outsource their workload in order to scale out the organisation. I remember when I was a child, and knocking on doors to clean cars, mow gardens, anything that would save people valuable time.

It’s no difference in the business world, especially nowadays when opportunities are global, and more and more folk want to expand into other countries remotely (virtually).


The SKY’S The Limit!

Trade the foreign exchange markets. Earn money when the market goes up (bull), and make money when it goes down (bear). The key to this money making profession is to relearn the perception of time, and how you deal with it “mentally”.

Let me explain.

There are nine separate trading time frames, ranging from the 1 min right up to 1 month. In essence, every candle or bar on the trading chart either takes one minute to form, to one month and everyone is trading on different strategies using each time frame.

I know, I just re-read that and it’s very difficult to explain to a neophyte, So, I’ll explain a different way, first here’s a picture:


Chart GBPUSD, W1, 2019.02.11 20:23 UTC, IFCMarkets. Corp., MetaTrader 4, Demo

Okay, above is a weekly time frame, it takes one week for a single candle to form (those red and green things). Now remember there are eight other time frames with people trading those either individually or in unison with other time frames (which is a better strategy)

Those red lines are just for my amusement, they’re from other time frames and are based on resistance and support positions.

Anyway, it’s a nice way to play with your money and increase your bank, if you have the inclination to learn and keep a cool head! BTW if you want to learn more click here, I’ve created a more in-depth explanation.


Become A Film Star!


Yep, folk are doing it on YouTube every single day (you might have noticed)! Go here,


There are plenty of ways to monetise these videos, but the least lucrative is to “Try” and become a star. And when I say least lucrative, I’m weighing up the statistical analysis of actually hitting it BIG.

A less risky venture is to use YouTube as an “add on” to an existing business. For instance, you have started a website to advertise your new Virtual Assistant venture. Incorporate a YouTube video as a marketing tool in order to market yourself and business along with the content describing what you’re about.

If you want to learn how to go about starting a business online go to my mission page

Click on my secret mentor, it’s how I’m learning all this stuff!


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