How To Slow Down Time And Get More Done !

The Tortoise Laid Bare

That’s a play on words BTW (Tortoise and the Hare), how fickle are folk. Some fables had powerful messages.

Have you ever sped to an appointment, missed it and arranged for another. Or tried to peel a potato, and cut your finger. Or tried to cram a whole day into half an hour, completing your goals, feeling utter, hmm. Exhaustion! (I nearly inserted another word, but thought better of it)

These tasks and obligations seem paramount in today’s fast-paced overworked systems (okay, maybe not the peeling of spuds).

  • We have to work harder than the next guy to get ahead
  • No rest for the wicked
  • A rolling stone gathers no moss
  • bags all packed and ready to go
  • Get on the bandwagon
  • Blah, Blah, Blah!

Total PONY !!

The best way to get anything done is Too            Slow        Down.

That’s a little secret your boss doesn’t want you to know. And with good reason. His/her main objective is to turn you into an asset, as opposed to a liability (As stated on the balance sheet).  Oh, BTW! Pony is cockney rhyming slang ” Pony & Trap”.

It’s quite the trick, to get you to believe that moving through time quickly, quickly actually makes for a better more efficient producer of goods or services (the 10x phenomena)!

Don't Go!

But actually, what these pundits fail to explain is that going at that pace will cause all kinds of problems, physically and mentally.

Like all training, it is wise to start slow and steady, and then build up momentum. The brain works in such a way that through repetition and persistence habits will form, and in turn, speed will increase naturally.

Lottery Winner Loses $100,000000

It’s headlines like this that capture our attention because we live in a world of instant gratification, and to think someone was lucky enough to win and careless enough to lose such an incredible amount of muula is a fascinating story. Have you ever imagined winning this amount before I wrote it on the screen, and if you did or are, right now!

Can you realise all the things on your wish list? And do you know the time frame and logistics involved to manifest that outcome?

I can guarantee you one thing; it’ll take quite a long time (and that’s if you already HAD the money)

How To Live Forever!

The great wall of China took 2000 years to complete. And other magnificent structures still standing till this day have taken many decades from start to finish.

live forever

The architects and builders of these magnificent buildings never lived long enough to witness the completion of their designs. Although their legacy lives on forever, you could start planning today by clicking through this private portal and be whisked down the rabbit hole into a world of fascination and knowledge.

Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey

I remember building my own house back in 2002, and the process was no different from initiating any endeavour. First, we think about doing it, then we put pen to paper, plan the steps involved. Then we share the process with others.

There are four steps to forming a habit (we’re creatures of habit BTW). The first is Cue, then craving, moving to response, then reward. In summary, the cue triggers a craving which motivates a response, which in turn provides a reward.

All told it took me over two yrs to complete the build, from thinking about it to initiating the whole process. And I’ll have to admit, I gained some useful habits along the way, but also picked up some not so valuable routines. Which I hasten to say, I’ve overcome.

The crux of the message is, time doesn’t stand still, it keeps on moving. And we either do something productive, or we let life and all it’s opportunities slip away. Don’t rush through, baby steps!

Okay, The Finale!

This piece is going to blow your socks off literally!. Okay, have you ever practised meditation and quietened your mind? If you have, then well done. If not, you’re not missing anything.

I know, those of you that do will condemn me for not at least trying to share the benefits of said practice. Please allow me to share a different perspective with you about such things.

There is a new school of thought that proclaims our brains to predict our future based on our past experiences. In effect, we don’t at first actually experience anything until we attach a meaning to it. (Well, we do experience it), but we can’t correctly put our finger on the experience itself until we have the concept or action explained: “put into perspective”.

Put another way, when you cry, is it out of sadness or laughter? And can you remember where and when you first learned to copy those behaviours? Because that is what you’re doing!

Our brains are (amongst other things) meaning-making machines, and unless we explore ways to attach our meanings. Someone else will do us the honours.

Anywho, there are countless in-depth books, etc., out there for your consumption. Or if you feel a bit more adventurous, you might want to create your ideas?

And it’s entirely appropriate at this time, that a film has just been released all about an author called “Tolkien.”

He invented a whole new language, or languages, and so many other concepts. “Interesting guy”.

Well that’s it for now folks

To be continued…….


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