How To Focus in Life – and make your dreams come true

What is Laser Focus

With the ever-mounting distractions that bay for your attention every single day, it’s a wonder any of us accomplish much in life. So it’s up to you to actually dig deep and make sure you finish the tasks you set for yourself.


Just make sure you don’t start off with an insurmountable objective and quickly become overwhelmed. Start by doing something really small, like take the bins out at a set time in the morning or writing your tasks first thing before your usual habits.

As you’re most probably aware, old habits can be quite difficult to overcome. So replacing them with habits that are favourable makes the transition easier. What will usually happen while you’re attempting these new challenges, is your mind will fill with all the other things you could be doing (funny that), and the voices in your head will be so convincing and automatic, you’ll almost feel a sense of overwhelm that you’re not obeying the familiar actions.

The trick is to begin small (complete a task that only takes about five minutes) but do it every day. Then build on the little successes, and over time it will become much easier. If you’re not used to completing or finishing tasks, don’t ever fret about it. Just start anew, every day is a new day and doesn’t have to be unconscious routine.

As was stated in a previous post, start off by taking a whole week or month thinking and planning what specific actions are required to reach any goal that is important in your life. Could be going on holiday, having a nice meal with your spouse, treating the family to something special, etc. To actually start the planning process is key to creating new habits. And as time progresses, you’ll become masterful.

Baby Steps

If you’re feeling a bit anxious, never forget you’re not the only one who is going through this process. it’s quite a normal activity believe it or not. Even the most successful folk feel a sense of overwhelming at times, but they usually use that feeling as a motivator to push on.

take your time

Now it’s your turn, just change how you use the feelings. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your dreams are worth the time and effort to bring them into reality (I hope).

Don’t Pressure Yourself

I know so many people who start enthusiastically with a new venture only to burn themselves out because they needlessly put pressure on themselves. So don’t be a numpty,  calm down, take things nice and slowly. The speed will come naturally when you’ve developed the new skills needed, through repetition and practise.

Believe in Yourself

Yep, this is quite a common dilemma. Most folks have learnt through various social conditioning that they’re not worthy of certain things in life. So when it comes to actually moving towards those objectives they tend to not believe in themselves and their abilities. Maybe you’re not as skilled as you’d like to be. So learn! It all takes time. A little trick for you. If you hear a little voice in your head telling you you’re not up to scratch. Challenge it, and be firm. Never let it keep telling you. BTW, these are all distractions that keep you off the road to success and divert you to the path of mediocrity. Those voices of doubt have taken a lifetime of practice, and now it’s time to re-wire those connections and surge ahead.

You’re Not Alone

As I stated on my front page, my mission has been and is to nurture latent ability in those that are close to me and are willing to make the effort that is required to manifest their ideas/dreams, ( whatever they could be).

Love making Mistakes

Have you ever watched a film and the Director shouts “CUT”! What they do is a RE-TAKE of the MIS-TAKE and go again, sometimes over and over until they get it right. That’s what life is about if you think about it. We will always make mistakes until we get it right. So in essence, never give up. Get back on the horse and ride that MoFo till it gives. Striving for perfection isn’t a bad thing, but you’ll only achieve that medal by actually making mistakes. So go for it, and love making them.

Source the Tools You’ll Need

Now that you’ve thought through and drawn up the plan to reach your goal/goals. All you need now is to source the tools needed to expedite the process. There are many professional people in all areas of business that could facilitate your journey, so make a list of anything that could possibly make life easier. I can guarantee there is someone out there that can help (And if there isn’t, wow, “what an opportunity”) Again, if you are unable to think of anything immediately, just give it time. The thoughts will eventually flow like a natural fresh stream of water.

Be Flexible

Bend with the wind, don’t be stubborn and become anchored in old ways. We all make decisions and find the need to justify them. But being aware of this fact can help enormously in how flexible you can become in most any situation.

Be Flexible

And that doesn’t mean you’re backing down (that’s an old useless pattern), it just means you’re open to new ideas and processes. Which in turn opens the doors of many new opportunities for your future success.

Have a plan A, plan B, and however many plans you wish, in order to make it to the finish post. The idea is to never give up. Make it a lifetimes ambition to reach any goal you set for yourself. Always remember, there is no rush. Although you may have been told at school about winning in sports or getting the best marks in your particular subjects. That was then, this is now, and the idea is to become the best “YOU” can in any endeavour that takes your fancy. So switch off the TV, and start entertaining yourself in the best ways to reach the stars.

No Excuses

Make sure, when you set yourself a task, you set a due date and a finish date, and never ever deviate from those times. It’s a very good habit forming exercise that will build your competence for years to come. As I’ve stated before, the idea is to eventually replace old useless habits with empowering habits. Steven Covey wrote a classic book called 7 habits of highly successful people, click on that link and it will take you to a summary of said practises.

So, there you go, lots to think about. So start planning for tomorrow, because now has already happened.


All the Best

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you in a flash!

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