Make Money Doing Surveys Online?

Yes, You Can – But is it Worth it?

Let’s Review

Gold Opinions sales page

  • Work at home and make money anywhere in the world
  • Choose from thousands of High Paying Surveys
  • Receive payments via PayPal, cheque or wire transfer
  • Redeem exciting rewards and gadgets from Amazon, Apple, Samsung, Sony and more!

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Make Money Doing Surveys Online

Quite enticing so far, let’s do a little digging…

Firstly, I like the intro’ claiming they ( are a conduit to “fast” and “easy ways to make money online, (RED flag territory). They also remove the “hassle”, so you can focus on giving your opinions and getting rewarded.

And by joining, you’ll:

  • Get Paid “up to” $5  for 10-15 minute surveys.
  • Earn up to $30 per hour on focus groups and panels
  • Make up to $15 – $30 for 30 – 45 min’ surveys
  • Profit up to $50 for premium surveys
  • Flexible working hours, work when you want to.
  • Work from home, make money anywhere in the world.
  • No experience needed to join!


So looking at these figures, your earnings average around $30 per hour. And for premium surveys, you’re weighed in at $50 per hour.

My research points at a slightly different picture…

Click Here, to discover a case study by Chris Guthrie. He goes all out to show you the realities of earning money with online surveys. What you’ll uncover is the effort involved (especially when you’re starting), might be better used elsewhere.

Two hundred dollars per month ROI (Return On Investment), “the investment is “time spent on it”. And that’s someone who’s taken the time to maximise efficiency with survey writing. Chris looks for survey opportunities in a linear fashion. 

I don’t know about you, but for me, time is precious. And every moment should be utilised for the best possible returns.

Note: Those with limited skills could benefit from giving their opinions with surveys. Just make sure you use the opportunity to increase your knowledge base, catapulting your potential through sound business management. Make an effort to get yourself out of the rut you might have found yourself in. (Spinning your wheels in the same spot for a prolonged period creates a rut). And it’s usually tricky to get out. is not a survey site, although it might seem that way at first glance. What they are, is an intermediary, (middle man). They’re affiliated with survey sites you’re directed to. That’s how make their money, (and by charging a membership fee of $27).

They’re a database for most of the survey sites available, (making your time more efficient).

What does membership do for you?

For starters, there is a no-risk entry fee of $1 ( for 7 days), which is guaranteed by Clickbank. So you can have a look around before the seven days is up, and see if it’s for you.

>>Having had a look around, I think it’s a helpful central hub that’ll save you time searching for your own surveys.<<

Gold opinions membership page

Although, as I’ve stated above. This method of earning money is time-consuming (with no real ability to scale).

There’s an upsell that allows you to access their top database, which provides you with “premium” surveys ranging from $50 – $200 per survey. The premium service was originally $499, with a massive discount of 85% reducing the fee to a mere $27.oo for lifetime access. state the average earnings for their members is £700 per month. And the top achievers earn $5000 plus, per month. The top earners are definitely “full time” if they’re making this much.

<< To the left are the click-through buttons directed to a multitude of resources found on the site.

For the initial risk-free investment. I’d say it’s a no brainer for someone who has a lot of spare time on their hands to look around and get a feel for the site.

What are the Red Flags?

There are no “REAL” red flags as such, (considering the maximum investment is only $55 in total). The owner of the site “Paul Parker” seems fictitious. And some of the testimonials might be fake. If they’re not then hey, I’m wrong.

But the layout of this site is a template for other websites that are in operation. EG:

Writing Jobs is now for sale, hence “no clicky”.

Wind flag (showing direction of flow

As I’ve said, the amount of effort constructing the site so that you can find relevant surveys and research studies can’t be overlooked. There’s a massive database of opportunities at one specific location. So the “value” you’re getting for becoming a lifetime member is something to look into more thoroughly.

Note: If I were to focus on making money doing surveys, I’d gather all the resources I could. (And for the least amount of money).

It does seem the owner/owners of the site have used flagrant sales tactics to promote their wares. So to err on the side of caution is a must. But for the money, there could be an excellent opportunity here.

Tip: Compounding resources is paramount when scaling your business.

There’s a common law practice in the UK called “caveat emptor“, (buyer beware). So make sure at every stage of your journey, you “stay awake” and determine exactly what you’re purchasing.

Is Gold Opinions a Scam?

There are some folk out there saying Gold Opinions is a scam.

Although the marketing tactics seem negligible, ( I’d say for the initial investment; it isn’t a bad shout, Meaning: (dip your toe in and test it). To sit on the fence and shout SCAM at every marketer who doesn’t “fit” our norms’, is equivalent to staying in a rut. (We become comfortable with our own “fashions”)

Note: To be fashioned, or be fashionable, is to be moulded by cultural norms’.

For me, having integrity is paramount for a healthy, successful life.

But I’m not everyone”. And there are those who would disagree, and argue that cunning and boldness is more virtuous.

Live the 10 commandments (or not), it's up to you

What I’ve come to realise, is we all have our own choices. And no-one can live “our” lives for us. So if you fancy a stab at writing your opinions for money, have a go. You’ve nothing to lose (apart from fifty bucks), and everything to gain. Meaning: experience and bucket loads of knowledge.

On closing this review of, I’m saying it not only has its merits (regardless of the owner’s lack of integrity). But you might find using the site for your own research could be a goldmine of opportunity.

Note: Keep in mind, you’ve got seven days to test run the site, and take notice ; )

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief re-viewing of If you have, make sure you leave a comment. It’s the best way I can improve my service to you. All the best.




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