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The Stepping Stone to Massive Success
“Online Arbitrage”

Let’s Review Betslayer software, one of the many players out there.


When I read headlines like this one, I think (yeah, right). Massive Success, who’re you kidding. But what I’m going to divulge is something I’ve been thinking about for quite some time. Online Arbitrage is the key.

Only because, beginner entrepreneurs are usually low on funds to start with. These folk tend to gravitate towards the scam artists who promise riches beyond their wildest dreams, using slick sales strategies.

Wealth of the Ages

“Only by purchasing the secrets unveiled inside this hidden vault. (Which was discovered by a world-renowned archaeologist in Eygpt, under one of the great pyramids). “YOU TO CAN ATTRACT THE WEALTH OF THE PHARAOHS”, blah blah”…

Caution: He who’s Needy is devoured by the Greedy.

What is Arbitrage?


Arbitrage has been around since betting began, and now it’s online… It’s a way you can place a bet and guarantee a win. This is how it works…

You can make a guaranteed profit from sports betting by placing surebets. Surebets is placing individual bets on every possible outcome with different bookmakers on a particular sports match or event. Because all results are backed with a mathematical advantage, a win is guaranteed. The winning bet will cover all losing bets plus a profit.
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One of the main bugbears with surebets (before the tech’ age), was, it took an age to find the right arbitrage. But now with smart software used at You can’t go wrong.

Betslayer Review

Max Feller is the guy who initiated the idea of “Betslayer”. He started back in 2014 after graduating from Cardiff University.

He began by making himself money from arbs’, but soon got his friends and family involved, (helping them earn money on the side).

Eventually, Max teamed up with his developer friend Matt, so they could scale the business online. After a few years ironing out the bugs, by 2017 Betslayer had developed into an “ARB” community, ranging from Pro’s and novices alike.

We’re now in 2020, and Betslayer is continuing to push the barriers. Making it one of the best services (of its kind) online.

Getting Frozen Out

Caution: The only drawback to any successful betting system, is making sure the bookmakers don’t freeze you out. There’s nothing illegal about the system. But as with any enterprise, the service the bookies provide is weighted by their discretion. (Meaning, the management decide whether you can keep playing with them or not) It’s no different if you continue making a profit at the casinos. Eventually, you’d be asked to leave (politely of course ; )

What’s in it For You?

One of the many advantages of using Betslayer, is they allow you 7 days to test run the service, for free. And when you decide to commit to the service, they’ll make sure you’ve got another 14 days to discover if the system is for you. And if it’s not. They’ll guarantee to give your fee back to you, (looks like they’ve covered all the bases).

You’ve got three weeks in total to make your decision, (Quite the cooling-off period).

Note: Similar to any business endeavour you decide on. Making money, although guaranteed with this system. Takes focus and determination. It doesn’t happen by itself. You have to be “Pro-active”.

There is no complicated software to download. It’s all provided online, with a user-friendly site. And they’re plenty of arbs to choose from every day. So it’s a great way to make money in your spare time.

Massive Success?

The reason I’ve reviewed this service for you is to provide an opportunity to earn money. So you can multiply the profits you make, (with Betslayer) on other ventures.

Being an entrepreneur entitles you to branch out and compound your money with the time you allocate. This won’t happen over-night. But it will happen. Some folk are faster than others. It’s all down to how dedicated you become.

Pop over to, I’m not affiliated with them. So like I said, my research is solely for your benefit.

Just For You

Note: I don’t bet on Arbs, because my time is focused on this site, my other work, and Forex. So, I’ve no spare time to take advantage of this particular opportunity. But, as I’ve said, it’s a good place to start if you’re a bit low on funds. (It’s recommended to have at least £250 to invest in this venture).

Caveat emptor – “Let the Buyer Beware”

The above headline isn’t there to scare you. It’s a common-law principle, meaning, the onus is on the buyer of services, products or real estate, (You’re to blame).

When you decide to become serious in your profit-making adventures. Due diligence on your part is a “must”. A high percentage of people will cry, and blame others for their lack of focus. But at the end of the day, as I’ve said in many posts. It’s entirely up to YOU.

Even when I show you the way, you’re the one who has to take the steps. Taking action is the only way to discover your true ability, and build powerful confidence.

Sitting on the sidelines is passive, and will only deflate your self-worth. But that’s another story…


Surebets/Arbitrage are guaranteed “NO RISK” betting systems used by The only risk is if a bookmaker refuses to put on the other side of the bet. But there are ways to get over this. Max and the team will explain.

  • The site is user-friendly and doesn’t take an age to navigate, (freeing up more time to make money).
  • It’s cheaper than most of the competition.
  • No downloads
  • Free Trial – And money-back Guarantee.
  • It ain’t hard, you don’t have to be a maths genius to make money.

Money Tree

There you have it, another concise helpful RE – viewing of a money-making opportunity. So have a look around the site, and you might discover your true calling.

If not, come back here, because I’ve many more juicy opportunities waiting in the wings.
And keep in Mind: Time waits for no Man/Woman.
Take Action Now“.



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PS: Always use a percentage of your profits to grow your business. From a tiny acorn, grows the mightly Oak.

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6 thoughts on “Online Arbitrage”

  1. I never knew online Arbitrage before until I landed on your website, I learnt it a sure betting. But for I to achieve success online today then I have to follow my passion. Yes, that is the only secret in attaining success. I would encourage the visitors to take action on every information your site.

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment, Daniel.

      And you’re bang on! Follow your passion and reach for the stars.

      All the best for your future.



  2. Hi – is Sure Bets something like matched betting? Because I’ve recently reviewed several betting sites but didn’t come across this name. I am looking for websites to be affiliated with – seems like there’s an excellent opportunity for growth in this niche. You mentioned free trial, but is there a minimum fee involved? Thanks!

    • Hi Cathy.

      Thanks for stopping by and showing interest.

      You’re right, matched betting is the same as sure betting. They both use arbitrage to glean profits. There’s no minimum fee involved. But Max’ does “recommend” you start at £250 to make it worthwhile.

      I hope this helps, and all the best for your future Cathy.



  3. A nice review. I heard about the arbitrage before but more n the context of financial instruments, like forex or crypto. 

    However, I will probably start my free trial now – can you make bets only for football and soccer games or are there any other sports available? On the first side, It looks very promising, and I think It is worth a try if you have some extra bucks to spend.

    I was trying to make some bets on soccer squads when I was in college. The first bet I made I won some nice money, but that was pure luck. After that, I made like ten more bets and didn’t earn a single dime. 

    Hope you will continue doing fine with your business 

    • Hello Alex,

      I’m glad you found the review helpful. As I’ve said in the article, it will take time and focus on building substantial profits,(that you can compound). The only real hurdle is organising your bets, so the bookies don’t limit you.

      Years ago, I opened a few accounts, (was getting advice from tipsters, “for a fee”). After a few months of profits, the bookies drastically limited my bets. So, I’m talking from experience in this regard.

      As with any endeavour, the more you use your brain. The better the outcome.

      All the best for your future Alex.




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