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I Command YOU !!

Listen, I’m not one for ridiculing a story, I love them the same as you do. We were brought upon them, and they hold our fascination.

I mean, who’s to say I didn’t meet with God and receive instructions to pass on to you guys?

There was a very good reason I had to climb that mountain so we could discuss things away from prying ears, But regardless of truth or fiction the story was good and the rules and laws worked (No matter from where they cometh)


My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad


Have you ever been fired up, and really wanted to learn a skill but found it hard to find the right coach or teacher. It  can become quite the quandary, especially with so many folks wanting to fill the breach

(I linked breach because I had to look it up after I typed it).

There are so many review sites out there espousing “their” particular opinion on any given subject, I thought it would be fun to paint a slightly different slant on the whole review process.

Risk Management

I don’t know about you, but when I’m about to spend money on a particular item (be it a service or product). I like to cover all my bases in regards to:

  • Will it do exactly what is promised
  • Is the promise what you really want
  • Will you be emotionally satisfied after the exchange
  • Were you before the exchange? hmm.

and on and on it could go (we all have our own unique decision-making strategies). But basically, it comes down to a pieceful mind. And the only person who can give you that is,…. “wait for it”… YOU!

So, in saying that,. it’s important to make comparisons with other peoples experiences, but ultimately we have to jump in and experience it for ourselves. We are OUR own best judges, or not, whatever the case may be.


Come On Lets Go For A Swim

“You”, will decide when to swim, when to jump, when to eat, basically everything you do is your decision. Which is why it’s pointless trying to copy other folks. Or model them, as some coaches might suggest.

If you go back to the mission page of this site, you’ll find a guy talking about teamwork and how every action is individualistic but to really excel, it needs more that one person, which is why “HE” encourages you to step up and join in the fun (And it will be).


Well, he didn’t “exactly say that”, but I’ve got a good imagination, so deal with it (I chuckled when I wrote that, so I’m leaving it in).

The main reason I started writing this post is because of the little battles that are ongoing between certain businesses for loyal followers.

This site is dedicated to you, “NO followers Allowed”, and your comments reflecting my posts! In time, these posts will exponentially grow from yours and my perspectives.  This is an “Ideas” site (ideas to make money/ create value) and we will steadfastly encourage continual growth in that area.

I read an article from a Blair Warren site in which a guy paid $100,000 to glean some advice from a guru.

Here’s an excerpt from said article written by Blair Warren:

“The ideas I learned from this man changed my life because I actually put them to use. Virtually everyone else who learned the same things I did failed to implement a single idea they’d learned. The truth is, they weren’t there to learn. They were there to be entertained.


Learning Will Be Fun Again


We loved learning and exploring when we were young, but for some reason or other, it became a stressful undertaking. There seems to be a strange dichotomy going on inside our brains where we continually want to grow, but the pain of learning seems to slow our progress, and in some cases, halt it altogether.

So, baby steps are key!

I remember learning to touch type years ago, it took about ten hours in “five-minute” increments. And it actually seemed effortless. Now try and do that same exercise in a straight ten-hour stint!  It’s the same in any endeavour, just take your time and be patient (Baby Steps)


The Best Till Last


The best business advice I ever received was to “Always Do Things Your Way”. Reminds me of a song by?

I mean, folk can explain the first steps to riding a bike for example, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you automatically adjusted the riding to suit your own style. The same applies to most things in your life. It’s great to share ideas and techniques etc,. but the execution of a said plan is ultimately down to yours truly. And it’s a great thing to get caught up in another person’s excitement once they’ve reached their particular goals and achievements.

So lets share and help one another in our hopes and dreams, and never let outside ridicule, bad advice,  or negativity hinder your progress !!

Here’s a wormhole to my secret mentor

As you may have noticed I haven’t actually reviewed any particular product or service per se,  but in effect, given you a signpost to make “YOUR” own decisions based on your own particular strategy.

So, join in and leave a comment, let’s share !!





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