How to be Successful Online – Step by Step

Discover Peoples Desires – And Amplify Them

If you’re reading these words, it’s my guess you want to be successful online.

There’s only one little problem that tends to get in the way of these desires and wishes. Guess what it is?


 Yep, the most powerful word ever created, more potent than “FREE“. If you want to succeed in this game, you’ll have to put away all your past limiting beliefs and discover a new path. A path that will lead you to all of your desires (wherever they’re hidden).

Amplify Desire

Lets you and I find them?

Whatever stage you are in life, you’ll want to lessen any burdens that are weighing you down at the moment. Unhook those needless obstacles that keep you on the ground and fly higher than you ever thought possible.

When you go through the processes, I’ve laid out for you on In time, new ways of thinking will take over. And you’ll act in a way that will catapult your journey into space. A new and improved space full of fun and freedom.

Freedom from all the chores and headaches that people associate with “life”. But I’ve got good news for you, life and the way you currently think about it can be improved upon.

And the more it is, the more accessible everything will become. Just make sure you do one new thing every day, only one step, consistently. And the seas will part for you, and guide you to your destiny. Go for it!

Write copy that sells – And Never Worry About Money ever Again

If you worry about money, it usually means you haven’t got any. Have you ever met anyone rich (I mean REALLY”RICH”)?

They’ve no idea what it means to actually “worry” about not having enough. If you were to talk with them about your money problems, they would most probably be embarrassed. (Only because they wouldn’t be able to empathise with you).

Note: It’s hard for most people to understand, (NOT having a comprehension of being poor)

Perpetual Abundance

I remember hearing an interview with Prince Andrew (of the UK). And the reporter asked: What was it like for you growing up in Buckingham Palace?. He shrugged and said: That’s all I’ve known. I’ve got nothing to compare to. (Or words to that effect).

It’s the reason I said earlier about investing your time in discovering new habits to focus on. If you don’t, you’ll be trapped in the windmills of your mind. And forever be stuck in a “Rut”.

Click Here, and find out about THE spell, or go more in-depth with the “Devils Pen“.

Design and Build an easy to use website

This is when things get exciting. A bit like launching a magnificent ship on its maiden voyage. But for a ship, it would take years to construct before the champagne hits the bow.

You’re lucky because, in only a few hours or so, you’ll be celebrating your release to the world of the fantastic site you’ve just created, (if you take action).

Inaction = Failure

Action    = Success

When you’ve designed the layout of your site, you’ll have to fill it with “content”. (Articles like you’re reading here on This can be done by you or contracted out to a third party. And there are plenty of freelance writers out there biting at the bit, waiting for your instructions,( for a reasonable fee)

Success Online

Or if you’re selling digital/info’ products, you could design a landing page/Sales page to help people make the “right” decision before they go elsewhere and make the “wrong” choice.

There are many ways to design your website; it just depends on what your objectives are and how you want to be known. For Instance, is the “Brand”, and Dedo is the sole publisher and owner of its content (for now).

Sharing is Caring

My strategy for this site is to discover the best ways to make money online for you, and any resources you might need to help your online business flourish.

I know for me, the challenge in organising all the tasks and goals I set can become overwhelming. So through the years, I’ve discovered the best ways to trek through the mountains of extremes, without becoming discouraged. And I want to share them with you.

Tip: Brainstorm all your ideas onto a notepad. Then edit them into Goals and tasks onto your computer. Then forget about them until the time comes, step by step. Don’t wing it and think you’re efficient, (you’re NOT)

Fact: The mind can only take in, seven plus or minus 2 bits of information at any moment in time. So either 9 or 7 “bits”. So don’t overwhelm your brain by cramming more than it can handle. You’ll go MAD.

How will people Discover your Creation

Once you’ve established your “site”, the next move will be to promote it and let the world know who you are and what you’re offering.

There are of course many ways to do this, although the one you might want to consider at first is SEO, (Search Engine Optimisation). You could hire an “expert” in such things, or you could learn the process here at for FREE. (Well, not exactly free, it will take up some of your “time” to learn)

Start at the begining

But as I’ve suggested, make sure you start at the beginning and go on ’till you come to an end.

Tip: One step at a time compounded creates “A story”. An avalanche can ruin it.

Once you’ve got a handle on SEO, you can move on to the next step with your promotions — either social media or any multitude of methods to share your ideas or products. Just take your time.

The best thing about this business (I. M . O), is when you’ve found a successful model/system. You can then scale it up. Or sell to an investor who will usually pay you on average 20 to 40 times your monthly earnings.

Ideas are useless without Action!

Here’s a small list of some of the business ideas that are being implemented as we speak. So when you read them, make sure you plan your action and then do it.

Promotions taking off

  • Blog
  • e-commerce site
  • self publish a book on amazon
  • Create a digital product or course
  • Become a Youtuber
  • start an app.’
  • Learn Facebook advertising
  • Learn and Master SEO
  • Become a copywriter
  • Skype Coaching
  • Buy and flip domains
  • start a podcast
  • Dropshipping
  • Freelance pay per click consulting
  • Sell Products on eBay
  • Web Developer
  • Invest your time in graphic design
  • Build niche sites
  • Start a consulting business
  • Assist with lead generation


There you go, another concise, step by step approach to becoming successful online. Make sure you read all the links incorporated throughout the article. Because they’re designed in such a way as to build your knowledge so you can be more confident in taking action.

And leave a comment below, so I can improve the way I serve you. All the best.


All the Best, Dedo


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    • Thanks for stopping by John, and leaving your comment.
      I’m glad the article has given you new ways to organise your path to success with actionable ideas. ( Now all you have to do is take the initiative).
      I intend to help you the best ways I can; now it’s up to you.
      All the best, my friend.


  1. It’s always good to know how to be successful online, and I appreciate your step by step guide here. I agree that the problem can often be from the self.

    I think many people can relate to the windmill in the mind effect at least once or twice in their lives. Inaction indeed leads to failure, and it can be difficult sometimes to find motivation when one does not succeed or encounters adversity.

    I think the important thing is to keep pressing onward no matter how difficult it seems. Brainstorming ideas on paper can be an effective way to break through this lack of motivation.

    This is a superb list of business ideas. I will bookmark your site and share it with some people I know who are looking to get into online business. Well done and keep up the excellent work!

    • Thanks for stopping by and utilising the available resources. 

      The solutions you can find on “” have taken many years of trial and error. So as a wise man once told me: “learn from others mistakes”, it’ll short cut your journey towards success.



  2. Dedo, 

      Your post is inspiring and motivation to take ACTION. It is very accurate that you have to put forth the effort to make things like streams of income happen. And it is true the more you become paralysed by the lack of funds, the harder it is for your mind to be open to actions to make it happen. Focus on that end goal and helping others. Your post is an excellent resource for others to get started. Way to go! 

    • Hi Jane,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my article. 

      It’s always my intention to explore the problems people face making money online, and providing solutions.

      Make sure you keep coming back to build the knowledge that is required to help make a smooth transition from where you are to where you want to go.



  3. That’s a great blog!   As a newbie, I needed that to gain some perspective.  

    I like the layout of your site and the look too, so much so that I’ve bookmarked it to keep coming back to for more idea and your content!  I don’t mind being reminded of how much I don’t know and what is possible, so I’m glad I found your site.

    Did you write that blog from your thoughts at the time?  I ask because I think if I’d produced something like that I would keep coming back to it whenever I felt like I was struggling as it is so well written!  

    Well done and keep up the excellent work!

    • I’m so glad you found the site to your liking. It’s always my intent to deliver the best techniques and methods in aiding your journey towards success.

      So make sure you keep coming back and invest the time to discover new perspectives etc. The ideas will catapult your business to a new level, all the best, my friend.



      P.S Yes, I usually write from memory unless I have to research certain products etc. Which I haven’t yet. So all the articles I’ve written come from my life’s experiences so far. Sort of a “trial and error” thing.

  4. Hi, 

    Thanks for sharing your guide on how to be successful online. I do agree that we are often the ones who keep us away from being successful! Finding motivation is a great starting point. 

     Could you go into more depth on how to design and build a website? 

    Overall, an informative article to help people to be successful online. 

    All the best, 


    • Hi Chloe,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment, (I always appreciate the feedback)

      If you click “Here”, you’ll find a great explanation on how to build a website for FREE. So don’t hesitate, go now and do it. It’s in your best interest, all the best Chloe.




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