The How To’s of Online Marketing

Fundamental Truths for Online Marketing

There are certain guiding principles in life, and if you follow them, your journey will become far more enjoyable. This is how to “Market Online”.

Truth No #1: You’re responsible for your success

Shocking, isn’t it?

(Excluding war-torn countries and things outside your control)

Everything you’ve achieved “or not”, up ’till now is down to you. This also includes how you feel in every passing moment. Once the realisation of this truth has dawned. It can almost take your breath away. To be “able to respond” to every act, rather than RE-Act the same loop, is life-changing. The past isn’t the future or the present. But a tool to reorganise.

If we fail in the past, we tend to carry it with us instead of learning from it to build a more successful outcome. We become “Stigmatised by our Stigma”.

The mark of a great person is to take responsibility for every moment in their lives.

Become that destiny, be that person.

Access to Achievement

Truth No #2: To unlock the door to success, you have to do what you’re good at.

Follow your passion, and you’ll never work a day in your life. So when you’re deciding on the niche for your business, make sure it’s something you’ll love doing. The only things that will become chores are repetitive tasks. Which if you’ve read my previous article. Can be systemised and put on automatic.

Imagine two people starting the same niche. One of them is doing it for the money, the other because they enjoy it. Who do you think will be more successful?

Passion, drive and energy are contagious. People will “feel” you.

EG: If you’ve ever really laughed out loud, watch how many folk join in ; )

Truth No #3: If you’re not improving, you become stagnant. (flow like the river, be a stream of energy)

Follow your passion and make sure you learn at least one new thing about it every day. In time you’ll become the go-to person in your niche, “THE EXPERT”. Your so-called competition will become obsolete and wither in your wake.

Truth No #4: Ignore the fallacy of perfection, and make a start. You’ll become good or if you’re dedicated… “Great”.

When you start marketing online, don’t hinder your time with perfection. Get your products or services out there for all to see. In time you’ll be able to tweak precisely what your customers “want”. (You don’t know yet) — test, test and test.

Feedback is vital in this business. So you’ll want to fail a lot. This is where you become the go-to “expert”. (We learnt to ride our first bicycle by falling off many times). 

Tip: Take action >> fine tune >> take action >> Reaccess >> test, test and test.

Truth No #5: To achieve any success, You MUST believe in yourself

To test this philosophy, tell yourself you’ll make a million dollars in five years, and watch what feelings and doubts spring up. These little devils are what we call your “limiting beliefs”. We’ve all got them. The trick is to stop denying them (sticking your head in the sand). Realise you have these little tricksters and do something about it.

The formula is: BE – DO – HAVE.

Meaning, first, you have to believe in your abilities (BE). Then you have to take action (Do). And this is when you manifest the things you want to appear in your life, (Have).

Million Dollars

Making a million dollars in five years might seem beyond your capabilities at the moment. But if you dare to take the first step now. And continue every day with consistent action. The acorn will grow…

And the possibilities will only be hindered by your conception of them.

Note: I built my own five-bedroom detached house on a fifth of an acre plot of land. And it only took me two years from wanting to do it, to completion. With limited funds and a lot of hassle. Anything can be done with the right attitude and mindset. (I’m only telling you this, so you know I walk the talk). BTW, this was after a bitter divorce from whence I cometh with only my underpants and alimony of “pittance”. ; )

Truth No #6: Giveth to Recieve.

Change your mindset to always wanting to help and add value to those around you. Dedicate your “being,” to finding ways of improving your customers’ lot in life, and solving their problems.

Quote by the late great Zig Ziglar: You can get everything in life you want if you help enough other people get what they want.

Truth No #7: Success leaves a Trail.

There’s no need to “reinvent the wheel”. Or to clinch another cliche, there’s nothing new under the sun. Meaning…

No matter what you decide to do. You can bet your bottom dollar someones done it before, and been successful. So the trick is to learn from the masters. Not necessarily the exact steps. But find out why they were successful.

Once you’ve discovered the why’s, you can adapt to almost any situation and accomplish similar results. This is what I’ve done with my mentor. And it works!


Truth No #8: Focus your efforts.

When you set up your niche, make an effort to discover who exactly your customer is. Learn about them, their habits, their likes, dislikes, age, demographics etc. When you’ve done this, you’ll realise you’re talking to a specific person. Focus on this goal. Don’t try and talk to everyone, only your ideal customer. Become their friend (genuinely).

Quote by John Lydgate: “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.

And Finally…

Truth No #9: You are the force for your destiny

If you’ve watched a film called “THE SECRET“, you’ll know what the law of attraction is all about. Rhonda Byrne, (the author) compiled a fantastic piece of marketing with the story she created. It ticks all the boxes for those who haven’t reached their true potential. When I say all the boxes. I’m referring to “The One-Sentence Persuasion Course”, by Blair Warren. 

Power On

The 27 Words to Make the World Do Your Bidding

People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions and help them throw rocks at their enemies.

That’s the sentence, and if you study it (and you’ve watched the Secret), you’ll discover the boxes I’m talking about.

The reality is…

You “CAN” become what you think about, but only if you take consistent “action”. The more consistent you are with your actions. The more likely you’ll form or alter old “limiting” beliefs. And at the same time, move forward towards your destiny. This isn’t speculative on my part. It’s a well-known “secret”, that’s instilled in many self-improvement literature.

To manifest your destiny is to BE, Do and then Have. If you want five million dollars in five years. You won’t get it binge-watching the latest Netflix offering, or chatting all day on Facebook. But don’t take my word for it. Try it out, and come back in five years to celebrate how many millions you’ve got in the bank (or NOT).

The Seeds of a better life

When you’ve fully absorbed these seeds (The how to’s of Online Marketing), you’ll have positioned yourself supremely. And marketing online will take on a whole new light. Don’t just remember these truths. Make them a part of who you are. When this happens, you honestly will know the “Secret”.

I hope this article helps you see things with different eyes and brings you closer to “Your” destiny.

All the best for your future and don’t forget to leave a comment below. When you do, I’ll know how I can improve And also get to know you more.



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PS: Have a look around The information on the site builds upon itself, so you can improve in ways you’re not yet aware. Being consistent is “Key”.

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4 thoughts on “The How To’s of Online Marketing”

  1. I like that one-sentence persuasion course. So obvious, and yet how seldom do we consider its truth. People, excluding narcissists, usually feel indebted to whoever makes them feel better.

    If you’re not acting for yourself at the moment, do something for someone else. Always be “doing”; we can’t ever wipe off our hands and wait for someone else to finish what we started.

    • Hi Cathy,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. 

      It’s fascinating that you say the “one sentence Persuasion course”, is so evident once it’s been shown to you.

      If you’ve perused Blair Warrens site (the one I linked to). He states precisely the same thing. Once the magic trick has been revealed. It tends to lose its appeal ; ). 

      Something to consider maybe?

      Thanks again, Cathy, and I hope you do well in the future… NOW!



  2. Thank you for the empowering words. I almost lost my enthusiasm for online marketing after losing thousands of dollars investing and promoting an investment platform dealing with a cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. I almost give up with that experience good thing I stumbled upon this empowering blog post of yours about online marketing. I think this has helped me regain enthusiasm. 

    To avoid losing money again, I need to be wary of programs that I join. Can you suggest to me a good program wherein I can maximise my potential as an online marketer? If I find one, I will apply these principles that you’ve taught in this blog of yours.

    • Hello Gomer,

      It’s great to know you’ve “gleaned” some useful knowledge here at

      To suggest an excellent platform for accelerating your marketing expertise. I’d recommend a site called “Wealthy Affiliate”. They have mentored me for the last two years. And this site, ( is mainly due to their involvement in my education. I could go on forever (but I won’t) 

      Jump over there and have a look. There’s no obligation and plenty of freebies. BTW, that link will bring you to one of my articles explaining what W.A is all about. And if it takes your fancy, click on the links there.

      All the best for your future Gomer, (I’ve had a look at your website, it looks tops ; ).



      PS: Keep coming back, I’ve got some cutting edge “knowledge” coming out soon.


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