The Best Online Businesses For 2020

“Only For Serious Entrepreneurs”
The Best Online Business Ideas For 2020

If you’re serious about making money online. And you want to leave the tired old system of working a “job”. Then read on…

The enticement of “easy money” online is a fallacy created by slick, get rich quick gurus. It’s easy to fall for these types of scams – I mean, who doesn’t want to get rich in the fastest time possible, huh?

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But the reality has never been any different. If you’ve got the money to buy an existing successful business, that’s the fastest route to getting rich quick, (but you’d already been rich enough to buy into it).

So, what if you’re not that fortunate “yet”, and you’re looking to build a proper business from the ground up. Well here are several of the best online ventures you can start in the year ahead.

Note: Over time, your skills will compound, giving you more profits in the future. (focused time is never wasted)

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best “starter” business because your start-up capital is negligible. In other words, you don’t need a lot of cash. Just plenty of “time”. And there are thousands of products or services you could promote as an affiliate. Click Here to learn what affiliate marketing all about.

Just make sure you’ve built a website first, and have attracted plenty of traffic. (lingo for customers).

Starting your website nowadays is a cinch. You don’t have to learn code or any technical stuff – (if I can do it : ).

WordPress is the number one solution for business builders online. And there are thousands of themes you can choose to build from, (A theme is the layout of the site, usually formatted by a technician).

I use “generate press” for Go “Here“, and I’ll show you how to build a website for FREE.

Like I said at the start though – there are “No” shortcuts. You have to want to do this. And is one of the reasons you’ll pick a niche you’re passionate about. (Because over time (if you don’t), you’ll lose interest and want to start something else).

Have in your mind, a yearly plan, three years, five years and ten years. You’ll want to develop this venture into a long term exercise. And if you do, you’ll never become overwhelmed or stressed. And if you’ve already acquired the habit of stress “go here” for some relief.

Note: The other business ideas will later be incorporated into your business as it develops.

You’ll want to learn how to become a pro’ at copywriting, and write how you “speak” (not the way you were taught at school).

Selling Information Products

There are millions of dollars to be made selling info’ products. Especially “How To … ”  ebooks. The internet is where most people go to learn “how to”.

If you’ve just purchased a new set of fancy outdoor lights for your garden. And they aren’t working as you expect!. Google will have the answer for you. When you’re pondering over a right or wrong debate with a friend, “Google will sort it out for you”. (I think you get the gist)

People are always searching on the internet for instant answers to their “problems”. And as it happens, you’re just the person to answer their queries, (depending on your niche of course).

Solving problems

Tip: When you write a “how-to” product. Make sure you show the customer precisely, (step by step), how it’s done. Being specific is key.

It’s a lot of work to write up your products, but when you’re done, the rewards will send your business into the stratosphere.

There are plenty of sites similar to “”, where you can find ready-made books with resell rights. But make sure you read through the licence agreement first, before you sell them. (As with any  business venture, “due diligence” is a must).

Selling Digital Marketing Services

This is where you can use your skills to help promote businesses online. You might be a dab hand at graphic design, if so, and you haven’t got your foot in the door yet. Send some free examples of your work. Or help a friend promote their business for free, and use this as your first testimonial. It’s always a good idea to get your name out there before you start demanding fees.

Having set up an affiliate business, you’ll have learnt all about SEO and content management, (I told you all the other businesses would eventually work together). And there are thousands of owners baying for talented writers. You might just be that person?

When you’ve built your first website for your affiliate business, you can charge companies to make theirs for them. (And the money keeps pouring in : ).

Note: It’ll take some time to build traction with your business. But when it does, you’ll be ecstatic. There are so many ways you can leverage your “new” skill-set. But you have to start taking action, NOW. Keep in mind how much traction your business has gained in the past three years?

And will you be able to answer that question in three years with a big smile on your face?

Digital Marketing Arbitrage

This is quite a good business for you if you’re savvy about most of the digital marketing world. All you have to do is find companies that need social media help, graphic design, blogs etc. And then sell them a contract of said work, then outsource the work to freelancers. It’s no suitable for beginners in the industry. Although in a few years when your skills have developed, this is another “notch” to your belt.

Notch on your belt

As you can see, there’s a multitude of problems you can solve for clients, once you built up your skill-set. Start small, and then expand your horizons. One of the mistakes a lot of newbies make is trying to run before they walk. (I’m going to be looking for someone to do my social media soon). And I’m one of the thousands out there, searching for help in certain areas. The opportunity for you is massive, and it’s likely to get even more significant at time goes by. So make a start now, plant your seeds and nurture them carefully, ready for the big harvest.

If you’ve been taking notice, the other opportunity for you is to freelance the skills you have now to business owners, while you’re building “your” business. (Win-win).

Your Passion

Do what you love. Because it’s a recipe for success and as stated in a previous post, (you’ll never work another day in your life).

Start off building your website, and over the months and years ahead. You’ll be surprised how much knowledge you’ll pick up, which will catapult your success, surpassing all the dreamers out there. If you do nothing, “No Thing” will change. So, baby steps, every day and your future is “guaranteed”.

Your future is “NOW”, don’t wait until tomorrow.

Make sure you dive in and leave me a comment below, to help others find their way. (Not everyone is as confident as you ; ).



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PS: The businesses I’ve shown you above will be part of your ongoing knowledge. But only if you make it happen! Keep reading the articles here at Because they build on one another. The code is scattered in amongst the words you’ll read : )

BE >> DO >> HAVE.

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8 thoughts on “The Best Online Businesses For 2020”

  1. My passion is letting others know the benefits of making money online. I enjoyed reading what you have to say here, I will be sharing this with my friends and family. I genuinely see the internet as the way to creating residual long term income. 

    My family has a hard time accepting this, but the more I read about online money articles such as yours, the more I become convinced that I can’t go wrong when working online. I feel affiliate marketing is the most reliable avenue yet but will look more into selling information products. So many people are looking to buy information to make their mark online. Great post. 

    • Hi Eric,

      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate the feedback.

      It’s understandable folk find it hard to believe that you can make money online. I think it’s a change in paradigm, that’s getting in the way. People forget the statistics of earning money “offline”, in business. The numbers are similar to online marketing.

      The mistake that’s made is, it’s assumed there’s an “easy” option online. Which is why slick sales-people scams so many folks.

      The reality is, “Business” has never really changed, offline or online. Discover problems and solve them.

      If you’re a mechanic, “you fix machines.”

      If you’re a doctor, ” you fix people.”

      If you’re an affiliate marketer/entrepreneur, ” you solve problems.”

      I hope this helps Eric, all the best for your future.



  2. Hello Dedo – This post is very informational and inspiriting.  I am involved in affiliate marketing for almost a year now.  Haven’t made a dime yet, but I will!  I have used WordPress to build my sites, and I agree that it is great for building websites.  However, I’m curious as to why you use generate press instead?  Also, how significant of a role does comments on a blog play regarding SEO? If comments are increased significantly would that improve the ranking for that post?

    It is so true when you say, “there are no shortcuts.” When you have a website, there is always work to do. 

    Thanks for this opportunity!

    • Hello Nathaniel,

      Thanks for making time to leave a comment, (they’re always appreciated)

      Generate Press is a theme for WordPress. You can get them free or pay for them.

      A theme is a collection of “style sheets and templates”, used to define the appearance of a WordPress powered website.

      The comment section of your site is a continuation of your articles. And also allow us as business owners to “listen” to our readers, enabling us to find better ways to improve the ways we serve.

      Regarding SEO, have a read of this article >> Click Here

  3. I agree with you; if you’re not passionate about it, then it could become worst than an 8 to 5 job. Anything related to selling would most likely also link to Affiliate marketing (as most of the services offered online have their own Affiliate Markets on-going).

    Digital Marketing Arbitrage is an animal of another kind, with its advantages and disadvantages. The greatest thing about affiliate marketing is its possibility to become a source of passive income. It is a well established “industry” and has very well defined paths to follow and become profitable. 

    Never expect it to be easy. Everything from the Niche selection to continue publishing high-quality content to it could be considered challenging, especially if you’re new to creative writing and re-writing, but rewarding.

    Thanks for a great recommendation post!

    • Thanks, Juan,

      I always appreciate people like yourself who take the time to comment on my efforts (it makes it all worthwhile).

      As you’ve stated, there are many things to consider when venturing into the world of online business. Unfortunately, the lure of easy money, fast cars and Mansions on the beach seem to do their “trick”.

      The naivety of people has always been “capitalised” on in the past. And there’s an endless supply of vendors to supply them with false hope and dreams of great wealth.

      I’m glad you’ve found the right path here at

      Again, thanks, Juan, for your feedback. And make a habit of coming back, there’s tons of information waiting to be released for your benefit. Remember, all it takes is one “BIG” idea.


      P.S: Consistent, focused effort will always guarantee you’ll arrive at your destination.

  4. Your article is not long and not difficult to read. I like reading articles that deliver information that helps. You have linked a lot of other details within your article.

    I am bookmarking your website as I see you have a lot of useful materials. By the way, your article is enticing enough for newbies to take affiliating marketing seriously.

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking “action”.

      Yes, leaving a comment is taking action, and can become the first step in building an exciting future for yourself.

      I love your feedback, and I’m glad has bee useful for you. Make sure you keep coming back, to glean the ever-growing amount of new information that’s being published.

      All the best




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