Affiliate Marketing – My Secret Mentor

Ideas are the cornerstone for any successful organisation, and just for you, (when you’re ready) I’ve decided to share with you, the hub of my operations.

(warning: Don’t join me at the hub until you’ve consumed most of the learnings here at

Turn Passion Into Wealth

Affiliate Marketing

It’s where you can select a topic you’re passionate about. And grow it beyond the realms of your imagination. (with help and expert guidance, “of course”)

Realms of Imagination

I recommend reading through thoroughly before you decide to embark on this journey.

Because there’s a high percentage of people, who haven’t got what it takes (mentally) to become successful. So make sure you prepare yourself. (I wish I had “me” when I first started;  )

Imagine waving goodbye to the unfulfilling drudgery of a dull, thankless, low-paid, seemingly endless routine. (goodbye traffic queues, crowded trains, and polluted cities).

And building a highly successful life that fills you with excitement and joy!

This, my friend, is not only possible but “GUARANTEED” (as long as you follow the “processes” that are laid out for you step by step (at my hub of operations). Don’t go there unless you’re ready…

Learning Anew

Think about the first time you learned how to ride a bike. I can guarantee you either watched someone and copied them or were taught.

It might have taken you a lot longer if you discovered it on your own. Also, you could have picked up some “bad” habits (which would hinder your progress). And this is why it’s always wise “not” to try and re-invent the wheel.

Learn the empowering habits and vital steps that will (without a doubt)  push you forward through life, leading to success and wealth.

You will gain an attitude of gratitude for all the mentors that are waiting in the wings to show you the way. (Including me, of course ;  ).

And considering the rapid change today’s “Global” society is going through, it could be in your best interests to start learning these new skillsets (Right Now).


As you’re probably aware, it’s much easier for “most people” NOT to do anything. And this is the main reason for their misfortune. As for you, you’re still reading this post.

So that puts you up there amongst the top ten per cent of the population (The proper habits make all the difference).

Here’s a secret for you: If a little voice in your head says you can’t do it, “KNOW” you can. And when that demon called doubt keeps raising his head, dive into to arm yourself with the tools to defeat this persistent gremlin. The power of repetition will always win over (and you can take that to the bank).

warning: STAY AWAY FROM BSB (Bright Shiny Bull)

 “Competition” is over-rated, As long as you know how to “position” yourself.

There are over a million “select” niches that you can choose. And all have the potential to make you very rich (if you put in the time and effort) A niche is a small subset of an industry or service. EG: Growing flowers is the primary industry; selling them in bouquets for mothers day, etc., is a niche for that category.

And selling the paper or vases for the flowers is yet another niche.

And on it goes…

Build your very own profit ready website in minutes on state-of-the-art platforms with highly sophisticated and ultra-fast, secure hosting.

Positioning is Key

Spin Dr

To “re-position” a product or service is to put a “new” spin on it. Or, in layman’s terms, to alter people’s perspectives.

Let me explain…

When you sit down at a Starbucks and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. Have you ever wondered how the company have re-positioned their Coffee Brand to change how people experience their drinks during the day?

Well, they made the “experience” of drinking a coffee different from how it was previously. There have always been places to order the sacred brown liquid, but what Starbucks did was develop it into a social “trend”.

When you next visit one of their shops, look around and see if you can spot the “lures” and particular seating arrangements.

So now you know the concept of “positioning” in marketing. You’ll be able to discover your particular “niche” so it stands heads and shoulders above anyone.

(Did you think of shampoo when I just said Head & Shoulders.”)

Proven Strategies that Attract Streams of Traffic

Having a “Brand” is useless without being able to find the customers with which to “Brand” (Think of cattle)!

Disclaimer: I’m not suggesting you should compare your customers to the bovine species. I’m saying, once you’ve attracted customers and they follow you. They will share the “mark” of your brand using “word of mouth.” 

Word of Mouth

You’ll be shown the most effective ways to attract particular customers to your specific niche. (Trying to attract “everyone” is a recipe for disaster). Of course, I’ll endeavour to show you the best ways here on, but my resources are limited at the moment.

On the other hand, my secret hub has endless resources to feed your insatiable appetite.

(make sure you finish your starter here before you move on to your main). And never forget, “Gluttony“, is one of the seven deadly sins, so don’t overindulge (you could burst).

Streams of Money – Everywhere

When I hear people rant about how there’s so much competition “out there”, it’s so hard to make money (I have a little chuckle to myself). And not out of malicious intent (far from it).

I snigger because “they” listen to the statistics bandied around. And have complete faith in “them”. (Due Diligence is a beautiful thing). What I’m suggesting is for you to ignore “statistics” in this instance.  And realise why most businesses “Are NOT competitive”.

For example:

  • Is their customer service up to scratch?
  • Do they “listen” to their customers?
  • Is their website “user-friendly”?
  • Do they strive to be the best?
  • Are they complacent?

And the list “could go on forever”. If you were to look at a company that could be your future competitor, look and see if they fill the customer’s needs. And if they don’t. Hey Presto! you’re in business.

And get this…

I suggested, “never try and re-invent the wheel” earlier. Just improve upon it. Read around, and listen to the complaints. And get a general theme of their mood.

Your customers will “tell” you what they want and don’t want.

Make your Dreams a Reality

There you go, a whole article on “Affiliate Marketing”, including my “secret sauce“.

I wish you the very best of success in all your endeavours (whatever you decide to do). Just make sure you “just do it”. Lethargy has no time for high achievers


All the Best

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8 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing – My Secret Mentor”

  1. Thank you for a very insightful article! In particular, I appreciate the mention of the “bright shiny bull.” In my perspective, that shiny bull rears its head in so many forms, from the allure of quick get-rich schemes to the missing of opportunities due to negative thoughts in one’s own head. In terms of positioning, can you offer any strategies for new affiliate entrepreneurs in terms of taking a niche and running it through the “re-positioning gauntlet?”

    • Hello A Jaynes,

      It’s great that you’ve found my article insightful, (I aim to please ; )

      And as far as the “re-positioning gauntlet” goes, my suggestion would be to look at your particular niche. And see if you can find a way to stir those creative juices with ingredients so powerful. The resulting food of thought would become irresistible. 

      Have a look around for some recipes. You’ll be glad you did!



  2. Repositioning is indeed the best way to make an overly competitive market to become very narrow just for an individual. Creating a reliable platform out of the competition and being unique. I like the way you presented affiliate marketing up here and the best ways to achieve success in it.

    Also, I will check your secret mentor out too soon. But to be honest, I enjoyed reading every bit of this article, and it has succeeded in improving my mentality, and I feel more positive vibes towards affiliate marketing than I have ever felt. Great article, Dedo

    • Hi Ramos,

      Thanks for stopping by and using the information I provided. And I’m glad my writings have had a positive effect on the way you think about things (as is my intent). 

      Make sure you keep coming back so that you can reap the full benefits of what has to offer.



  3. Your article is most inspiring, and I can assure you that before I decided to research more on this affiliate marketing, I was and is still willing to do all it takes to be successful. 

    l love your concept of repositioning, and one can genuinely take the same things others are doing and position it in a different way that gives people a better perspective, thereby standing out from the others.

    I love your ideology and will be glad to be mentored by someone like you, in this secret hub of yours.

    And just like you said, I am taking the time to fully assimilate the wealth of knowledge here at Stream Of Money (Knowledge).

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Hello Queen,

      It’s so gratifying for me to know my work has an inspirational effect on you. As you may have read on my home page, it’s my overall intent to create cutting edge ideas for people like you to improve the way you do things in life and business.

      Keep coming back, Queen, and leave a comment. If something doesn’t quite make sense to you, I’ll do my best to steer you in the right direction.



  4. Thanks for a great inspiring article. I really enjoyed this. Couldn’t agree with you more that success is possible in any niche with the right applied effort. At the end of the day, it takes work, and there is no such thing as getting rich quick. Or shiny objects that can take the place of work. 

    You’ve given some great ideas on proper positioning here, and I’m planning on implementing some of them. Thanks again, and I’m looking forward to reading and learning more on 

    • Hi Judy,

      I’m glad you found this article inspiring (it inspires me, that you’re inspired).

      Make sure you keep coming back and learning new, state of the art “ideas”. Because, as mentioned on the home page, it’s my mission to share my life’s learnings on, so we can all make the necessary changes. In order to make the most of our time/wealth




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