Start a Small Business Online Now

Here’s what you should do to start a small business online

For Beginners – Step by Step

Step 1. Learn how to set goals that best suits who you are. What I mean by this is…

Imagine sitting in front of your computer. You’re looking at the screen and pumping in the tasks and goals to be accomplished. The time is ebbing away, and you suddenly get a phone call… Just before you answer the phone, there’s a knock at the door. You get up and make your way (ignoring the phone). And as you approach the door, there’s a loud BANG from the kitchen, and you realise the cats just knocked your prize ming vase off the window cill. AHHHH!

Distractions - Focus

Okay, this scenario is imaginary, but…

There are many distractions in a working day. And according to Gloria Mark, it takes on average 23 mins and 15 seconds to get back on track. So if you were distracted say, ten times a day. You’re not going to get much done.

Tip: Working half an hour and then taking five minutes to stare out the window. Is a far better strategy than trying to cram two hours of solid work. (make the distractions work for you).

So, in essence, manage the processes more efficiently, (It’s impossible NOT to be distracted)

Caution: Time can’t be controlled, but the actions you take in any given moment can be.

Be Specific – Or carry on drifting?

(And I’m speaking from experience here). How long have you journeyed through life just winging it? If you’re like most people, you’ll do whatever needs doing but in no exact order. And at the end of the day, the routine of comfort will set in. Meaning, you’ll grab a drink, have dinner, switch on the TV and relax, then get up and go to bed. Waking up to begin the whole process once again.

Here’s where the idea of goalsetting comes into play. Are you ready?

First Goal: Starting a Website

The idea of setting goals has been around for an age. But the critical thing to remember is to nurture a system that works best for you. We all work in different ways. So what works for one person, could be contrary to how someone else operates.

I tend to go hell for leather and write loads of ideas into a note pad. Then edit them onto Trello. This helps me to visualise the process.

As time goes on, I will fine-tune my methods and strategies.

Fine Tuning

We’re all different, and what works for me won’t necessarily work for you. So take your “time” and get it right.

So… getting back to our first goal. Click on this link, and it’ll take you to another post on  Building A Website.

I prioritised this step first because it’ll only take a short time to set it up. Once you have taken action and completed this initial step, you’ll need to think about how it’s going to look. Consider the advice I’ve suggested on that article and make the first step.

Caution: There are many ways to set up your shop/website, but as stated earlier. Make sure you do what feels right for you. (And keep in mind, if you need any help, ask me).

When you’ve set up your website, take some time to familiarise yourself with the layout. And if you’re setting up a business. Make sure you keep this in mind before building your site out,(filling it up with content).

Hub of Operations

I use a platform called Wealthy Affiliate. Only because it simplifies the whole process. And it’s outstanding value for money. (Have a look at my short review).

But as I keep stressing. Always look for what works for you. You might not be ready to jump in and build a full-time business straight away, which is fine.

Many successful businesses started as hobbies. And a hobby’s something you do because it’s fun, (Never lose sight of this fact).

Second Goal

(Find a Solution to Your Clients Problems)

Some would say “find a need and fill it”. But that advice is wrong and misleading.  If I were to ask you: Do you think human beings are rational?

Of course, we are you’d say.

So why do people eat chocolate knowing it’s bad for them, has no nutritional value and makes you fat.

(Maybe because it makes you “FEEL” good)?…

Feel Good

The best way to fill a need is to discover what your people want and how to satisfy their desires. This my friend, is what your website is going to be all about. You’re going to carve out a great little niche.

When you do, you’ll structure it in such a way; your people will be falling over themselves to cure their hunger. And hunger is an emotion; it’s a feeling you get that “motivates” you to eat.

People will buy from you based on “emotion”. And then they will rationalise their decision with “Logic”.

Your goal is to uncover their deepest most desires. And the only way you can do this is by listening.

When you search through, you’ll find a few articles that touch on this topic. The skill of “listening”. And it’s not about hearing the sounds that come out of peoples mouths. It’s about listening to the “undercurrents”. The real reasons behind the facade we all operate behind.

And you can discover all these secrets here at (No Charge).

Third Goal

Learn SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Here’s the best way to understand SEO.

Imagine looking for a new camera to buy online. Firstly you’ll no doubt punch a specific camera you’re searching for in Google. I’ve just hit in “canon camera”. And Google has presented me with the top websites using this particular term (Canon camera).

Have a go and see what I mean…

Next, you might have a budget in mind. And the first cameras that came up for me ranged from £289 – £1,289. So, say you want a mid-range camera. You’d most probably punch in (£400 canon camera).


What you’re doing is attempting to second guess what your potential customers are looking for by using the “search terms”, they’ll most likely use.

And those terms are called “Keywords”, or “Key-phrases”.

Googles search algorithm will crawl the web, hunting out these specific terms. And the most relevant website will be presented on the first page. When I say “relevant”, I mean the site that can help the searcher the most.

So, your job will be to fill your “space” with the best content possible. And by doing this, Google will send you unlimited customers.

In a nutshell, that’s what SEO is. Click here for an article I wrote on the topic.

Playing in the Sandbox (Having Fun)

If you search for (sandbox for kids). You’re most likely find a range of novel shaped sand containers that children can play in. These are places young people can learn and have fun in the process.

Having Fun

Anyone beginning a new venture will automatically be excited or nervous in some way. So instead of diving in and becoming overwhelmed. Start slow and have some fun learning.

You did when you were tiny. But for some reason, you may have forgotten how enjoyable the process was.

There are loads of posts on that’ll help you get back to how you were. Have a look around the “mindset” section.


There you go, just three tiny steps to take you to the next level. And when you start taking action, you’ll consistently make progress, day after day, (Guaranteed).

The only thing ever stopping you from reaching your true potential is you. So make a habit of staying on course, every single day. The sky is the only limit. So take off and fly to the stars. I’m with you every step of the way. All the best, and don’t forget to take action and leave me a comment below.



All the Best, Dedo

P.S Learn a new and fascinating mindset. Go “here“, and discover how to supplant old ideas with new. And ultimately serve yourself the best way possible.

PPS: The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

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  1. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article.

    Starting an online business can sometimes seem impossible. That’s how I felt while trying to start mine, I paused so many times, and I experienced drawback. Some of the steps you have highlighted here are what really helped me pull through 

    • Thanks for stopping by, Benny.

      It’s great that you’ve found inspiration in my article. And I hope your site is going swell.

      Make sure you keep coming back to learn all the other gems I have in store.

      All the best for you future endeavours Benny.




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