Create my Own Website (FREE)!

How To Create Your Website for Free!

In this post, I’m going to show you step by step how to quickly build your site from the bottom up. All you have to do is follow the process and get your hands dirty.

Don’t just watch and be entertained. It’s entirely up to you how successful you become, but I can guarantee you for sure, if you don’t take action, nothing will happen.

Enjoy Yourself!

It’s a fun process if you get involved. So go and point your mouse over that picture below and click it, because it’s linked to a training video that will explain exactly how to build a highly sophisticated, top-notch website for FREE.

web-builder tutorial

That said and done I’m still going to explain step by step how to do it, (easy peasy).

As you’re aware, the website is the foundation stone for your business and has to be reliable to build something that will last. So here goes.

  • Choose the kind of Website / (shop you want to operate)

The free site is available for six months to give you time to evaluate the platform and its resources. By that time (if you’re serious about building your financial future) You can step up to the mark and venture into the place where real business takes place. And register a domain. The free sites are siterubix and are used mostly for training and getting used to the platform (we call them sandpits)

  • Choose a Domain (time to get real)

Now is the time to make it real and start earning some greenbacks. Finding your niche and creating a name/brand for your site that people will come looking for is paramount in this business. So make sure you do your research correctly. And if you get stuck, I’m here to give you a helping hand.

  • Choose a Design for your Site

Here is the place where you have the opportunity to choose from thousands of “themes”. Which are templates/style sheets for the structure of your pages? ( I know I didn’t get it at first).

If you can imagine a sheet of paper and block it off with borders, which are called sections, and these sections have panels inside of them called columns. And inside the columns we have widgets. Here’s a link to a demonstration of a plugin for WordPress, where the presenter explains the layout for you.

The Platform

The siterubix platform you’ll be starting with has one of the most powerful managed WordPress hosting on the planet. And has a mountain of sophisticated technology that allows for a healthy and safe environment for your business.

There’s no chance of hacking, spamming or any form of vicious attacks on your site. With an army of technicians on standby to defend against any unforeseen events, and provide you with around the clock support.

That’s a quick overview of the process involved. Having taken all those steps, you’ll now have a new site up and running. Although what’s the point of a shop with no goods or services on offer?

Now the Real Fun Begins!

You can begin to experiment with all the fantastic tools on the “backend” of your website, which looks like this: WordPress

Here is where you can play and have fun. (it’s the best way to learn). As with anything you persevere with, it’ll all become second nature, and you’ll be flying through the menu like a twenty-two stone sumo wrestler.


The thing that confused me when I first started using the menu is getting to grips with the fact that you’re working on the actual web page from the back. It messed with my mind for a while (I’m a bit thick).

Every part of the menu correlates with a different aspect of the site. For example, the media tab on the menu allows you to arrange any media you’ve uploaded to your gallery, which is amongst the many parts that are incorporated into WordPress (told you it was sophisticated). The Appearance tab allows you to alter how the site looks, e.g.:

  • What specific theme you want to install
  • How to organise the menus (on your location)
  • Customisation (altering size of fonts, layout, colour etc.)


I know, it’s still quite a mouthful. But like I said at the start, you have to dive in, have fun, and learn by doing. (Not just kicking tyres and whistling through your teeth).

And never forget, you always have the option of finding someone to build the site for you. But that wouldn’t be FREE, and the only reason you’re reading this is that you want to keep your costs down.

smart monkey

Slowly build your skills so that you can reach your goals much sooner than you ever expected.

And of course, boast to your friends and loved ones how smart you are.

Slowly, slowly catchy monkey!

Like I stated in one of my earlier posts, the trick is to take your time. Try not to get too excited (because you will). Learn one step at a time, and over the days, weeks, months ahead. You will find everything will gel, and learning will become fun again.

A Recapitulation (to recap)

Find a domain, search a place to get it hosted. Make sure it has all the bells and whistles (value for money). Because you will eventually pay to run your business, even though it starts free. Make sure you get proper mentorship (there are lots of charlatans out there).

As you become more experienced, the choices you make will be based on your new-found skills. A good foundation holds firm and never fails in its purpose.

K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid)

There you go, a concise explanation of how to build a free website and earn money anywhere on the planet.

All it takes is the willingness to learn new skills and develop a sense of fun while engaging your mind. I hope you had fun learning, and make sure you leave a comment below. I would love to know how I can help you with your success.


All the Best

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4 thoughts on “Create my Own Website (FREE)!”

  1. Greetings Dedo!
    Thank you for this informative post about how to create our website for free!
    I enjoyed the idea of how you explained the process with such ease and showing everyone how easy it is with proper learning and work.
    I agree with you that everyone on the planet can make money online for free, starting with a website and his creativity.
    Becoming better takes time, but with hard work, commitment, and patience, you can change your life through the internet!
    Thank you again for explaining how websites work and how to break it down with small steps(the idea, the domain, etc …)!
    Keep up the fantastic work!

    • Greetings Georgio,

      You’re most welcome, my friend. I’m so glad you found the information helpful, and I hope you will indulge your curiosity more. Whether it be through this site or another. Keep the fires stoked Georgio, all the best.



  2. This is excellent information on creating a site for free. I have personally used SiteRubix many times, and I believe it’s one of the best platforms to use to create a website with. If someone is looking to get their feet wet with building out a site, then that is a great platform to use. And you’re right, as long as someone has a willingness to try and have fun doing it, as well as being patient, then eventually they’ll be well on their way to building income online and a real business. 

    • Hi Nate,

      Thanks for leaving your thoughts, and sharing with us your experience with siterubix.

      As you’ve so rightly stated, it’s paramount for people to take action. (most think about doing stuff)

      Using the free platform is a unique way to test your business in the real world without any risk.

      Thanks again for your comment.




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