What is F.E.A.R?

So, you think you know what F.E.A.R is?

You’ve no doubt heard of the acronym “F E A R” (False Evidence Appearing Real). And as with most things, it’s easy to give it lip service. But knowing the meaning and making use of it throughout your life is one of the most fundamental tools you could use for a successful experience.

Humans are distinctly different from animals – In that we can make “sense” of things in our environment (give meaning to it). Let me explain:

Innate ability

When an animal is fearful, it’s usually an innate “reaction” that keeps the thing from falling prey to its potential killer. They don’t ponder ideas as we do.

Don’t get me wrong; they work things out to a degree. But sitting around a table and designing the structure of a skyscraper is outside their realms of reality.

Yes, they have super-advanced senses compared to ours. But intelligently copying and recreating matter to its final stages (from thinking) is unique to humans.

Many ideas materialised in human society are copied from nature (nature being the “perfect” system).

 Get on With it Dedo…What’s that got to do with F E A R?


Well…similar to creating a skyscraper from just an idea in your mind. You also have the unique ability to create and then “RE create” certain emotions that aren’t innately REAL. That’s why they’re called “irrational fears”. Have you heard the saying ” the map isn’t the territory”? (it’s just a useful “tool” to guide you through the REAL)

 But the only problem is most folk start to believe their delusions. And this is the reason people go to great lengths to get rid of these limiting beliefs. Conquer these fears, and you will conquer “your” world. And make of it anything you desire (I think a great “thinker” uttered a similar message once upon a time).

Conquer Your Fears (Once and For All)

As you journey through life’s great adventure, you will pick up specific experiences: some “bad” and some “good”. The good and bad ideas are learnt and will journey through life with you and gather confirmation of your gradual “beliefs” in them (it’s a sliding scale). For example, I remember years ago (when I was younger and hadn’t learnt some fears yet). The excitement I felt just before getting on a rollercoaster was great!


Years later, this same excitement turned into “fear”. And instead of excitement, the emotion morphed into “trepidation”. So, in essence, my brain has told me it’s dangerous to my survival to keep playing on these rides (which is the purpose behind their design, “the rollercoasters”)

But I want to make money online.

And to make money online, you have to do the things most people are fearful of; here’s a list:

  • Boost your business by being in the limelight
  • Making videos
  • get involved with other companies (networking)
  • Being an all-rounder (Nothing’s outside your ability once you’ve decided)
  • Learn subjects you used to think you weren’t good at.
  • Accept that others will judge you and your methods
  • Deal with the legalities of business.

And the list goes on, but here’s the good news. These things can be contracted out to others (if you have the moola). But for most, this strategy will come later on when business starts skyrocketing.


As with any new endeavour, you’ll discover new learnings and perspectives. When delving into the “business” world, you’ll learn how to alter the way you see money/currency.

As a consumer, you’ll look at it with glee and want to spend it on all the lovely things advertised (new kitchen, holidays, fast cars, yachts, houses etc.)

Note: When I was a young firecracker, I came into a substantial amount of money and blew the lot on all the things I’ve mentioned (so that you know, I’m talking from experience : )

But as a producer/business person, you’ll want to “invest” your money, NOT spend it (there’s a subtle difference), but that’s for another post. Let’s get back to the fear thing…

A list of all the FEARS

I won’t list all the fears because I’d get bored writing them, and you’ll fall asleep reading them. So click on this link; it’ll show you a list of  “ultimate fears and phobias”, and there’s a hundred of them. I’m showing you this list because they’re “irrational fears” that are made real by their personal experience of them.

Okay, I agree; there are “emotional anchors” involved with these experiences, which are very difficult to overcome. But not impossible. 

Note: I’m not going to venture too deep into this subject; all you have to know is you weren’t born with the fears (they’re NOT innate), and they can be overcome.

let go

The best strategy for dealing with irrational fears is to face them and attach a “new” meaning along with some sort of anchor (click here for the definition of “anchor”, in this context). Mastering NLP can be an excellent way to fully grasp the multitude of ways to actually “listen” to your market. N.L.P stands for “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” and is the site I directed you to on the link above (I’m not affiliated in any way).

NOTE: If you want to discover a more in-depth explanation of the topics I’ve covered  >Click Here<

The Master

Interested in learning more about NLP, one of the world’s best mentors is a guy called “Kenrick Cleveland” from Max Persuasion. He must be good because he persuaded me to spend thousands of dollars on most of his products :  )

As I said before, spending money on learning is an “investment” for your future. And not the same as buying a new kitchen which depreciates over time and will eventually need replacing.

So there you have it, another super-duper concise explanation of an “idea” that is all too prevalent in today’s society.

Banish it from your mind and live the life you deserve. And of course, I’d love to hear what you have to say on the subject. So leave a comment below, and let’s have some fun.


All the Best

P.S. Here’s a link> Click Here< to something a bit more uplifting; it’ll set you on fire and get your juices flowing. All at the same time!


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12 thoughts on “What is F.E.A.R?”

  1. Hello there, thanks for sharing this excellent information. First, I must commend how you have broken fear down, and in truth, fear is indeed an illusion which can be crushed just by taking a step.

    There are so many people when it comes to making money online who have given up the zeal to go into business just because of some challenges they heard is involved in, but and this is wrong.

    I’ll urge everyone to train their mind not to see the problem in front of them but the more significant success ahead, and use it as motivation to beat their current issue. Nice being here.

    • Hi Dane,

      Thanks for your input, I appreciate it immensely.

      Make sure you keep coming back to build your knowledge further.



  2. Hello Dedo, fear is real, and only when we overthink things for too long, we start to see only the negativity in it and this will stop us from making use of the opportunity we have seen. 

    Fear may indeed be an illusion, but then, it sometimes helps us to take calculated decisions that would avoid us from being ruined. This is great, and I’m glad you have shared this with us all. Thank you so much for this post

    • Hi Rodger,

      Great to see you again, my friend!

      As you stated, fear is indeed “real”, but only from the standpoint of the “believer”. This is hopefully the point I’ve addressed in my article?

      Your “fear” of being ruined is a crucial place to start when thinking through the subject matter. So make sure you keep coming back. The more you read, the more new ideas will present themselves. Thanks, Rodger, always a pleasure to read your feedback.



  3. Dedo,

    This is an essential post. To me, It is not about being reckless with fear, but it is about abandoning fear totally that is holding us back from doing purpose-filled work. It takes a stiff backbone; it takes a step forward; More than this, it takes heart, and it also takes supportive friends and colleagues.
    Thanks for outlining excellent ways to address our fears and how to make money online.

    • Hi Jordan,

      Thanks for stopping by, and it’s great that you have found value in the article I’ve shared.

      As you’ve stated, there is nothing “out there” that stops us from accomplishing our dreams, (It’s the silly ideas we’ve internalised and learnt to believe that hold us back). 

      Make sure you keep coming back to “relearn” new and exciting ways to accomplish the things you really want to do in life. All the best Jordan,



  4. To see a person write about fear itself is a courageous thing. I’m happy that you have put this all together. Honestly, I have some fears myself, and I am looking to conquer them. Some people have lived with their fear from a young age, and some picked them up. You have explained this discourse with so much detail and clarity. I hope to see some more from you. Thanks!

    • Thanks for stopping by John,

      It’s great to write about these ideas. Because most people start to believe them. (and you know how strong beliefs are).

      Irrational fears might seem silly to some. But to the person involved, they are incredibly “real”.

      The ideas I’m presenting are to alter folks perspectives. And in doing so, can alleviate future suffering.

      Thanks again, John, and see you back soon.



  5. Fear is the only enemy we have as humans because it never allows us to move out of the caged box that has been limiting us and is still limiting us to date. Life is undoubtedly filled with struggle and risks, but when it comes to business, that is another thing entirely.

    This is great for me to know concerning the concept of fear and your perception of it. We are actually in line concerning our understanding. Great post

    • Hello Ramos,

      Great to see you here again, and I’m glad we strike a similar chord regarding our perceptions.

      Make sure you keep coming back to streamofmoney.com and learning new and exciting ways to accomplish your goals in life. There’s a mountain of further information on this site, with loads on the back burner waiting to be shared! (So make it one of your “go-to sites”)

      All the best to you Ramos,



  6. Dedo, this was an exciting read start to finish, and I love the acronym for fear you chose. False Evidence Appearing Real. As suggested by your post if you let them fears can be debilitating.

    I know this first hand as someone who suffers from social anxiety up until a year ago, I spent the last seven years as a virtual hermit. I had a nervous breakdown and went from outgoing and jovial to shut in afraid of public ridicule. Facedown the fear though and you can start coming out the other side a champion.

    • Hi Andy,

      Thanks for stopping by, and I’m so glad you found the article to your liking. It’s my intention to provide you with cutting edge ideas and perspectives to help in your journey towards making more streams of money.

      And the right mindset is critical to developing a sound business going forward. My hope is to share my learnings here, so you can benefit from them in all you accomplish throughout your life. Thanks again Andy.




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