Do You Want More Money? – Here’s the best way to earn it

If you’re reading this post, I’m guessing you’re in that category of wanting more moolah!

I mean who doesn’t right, no matter how much we’ve got (or not) we want more and more, To lessen our workload, go on more holidays, buy more toys (cars, yachts, planes etc.). But here’s the thing, and most folks don’t get this part.

Instead of chasing the white rabbit (money), it would be in your best interest to learn to create something most folks want and seeing as you are unable actually to print money (you’d get locked up). You can create something that would entice that very notion (creating something folk want).

What the F£$K is Money?

Currently, it is the use of coin and banknotes to facilitate the exchange of value

People mostly use this medium to purchase goods and services and depending on how much of it they have, depends on how much they can spend, or invest etc.

The problem being, as the years have passed we tend to forget what money is (in and of itself) I mean, there have been folk who have robbed whole trainloads of the paper stuff! YEP, paper.

Because that’s all, it is. Its legitimacy permitted by Government decree and universal agreement on our part. So, in essence, to chase paper is quite insane. I hope you can see this?

(The value of money is fluctuated by people who trade the money markets, “FOREX“). That’s another post!  ;  )

Bill Gates

I’m sure you’ve heard of him, nice guy, loads of money, gives loads away, helps others in need. And you’re most probably using some of the technology he and his team have “created”?

What I’m getting at is, he has never chased the white rabbit, all he did was think of a way to bring the world together (make it smaller). Now we can converse in an instant when back in the day it could have taken years to travel from one country to another and communicate the same idea.

At this point, you might be saying, yeah but, I’m no Bill Gates. And my reply would be, of course, you’re not, it’s impossible to replicate another person. But you are YOU, and you have the potential to think any which way you want. Which means, if you sit and think hard enough, and do your research, you “WILL” find something others need. And they’ll come banging on your door to get their hands on it and give you their money.

Be A God, and Create “Your” World!

I use a mentor who avails me with all the needed resources to facilitate my journey in creating value to you and anyone else who jumps in the stream. Of course, there is an essential process for building your business and making people aware of your presence.


I mean, you wouldn’t want to sell ice cream in the winter, down a dark alleyway at night time. You’d wait for the right time and make sure there are plenty of willing customers. Preferably during the summer at a fete, or concert, where there are thousands of ice cream eaters.

Have you ever heard of a guy called Martin Lewis?

Lewis created and ran the website (MSE), which was initially designed for a cost of just £100 in February 2003.[10] In September 2012 he sold the site to the group for up to £87m, while remaining editor-in-chief.

Yes!, £87m. That’s 87 followed by six of these “000000”. But as I’ve been explaining. It isn’t the money; it’s the value he added for all those people who were chasing the moolah. Martin didn’t help them create more value, he used his skills to explain how folk could save their money, and in effect, keep hold of it.

I know, he isn’t Bill Gates, but c’ mon £87,000000 ain’t chump change by anyone’s standards.

Time & Money

Have you ever heard of a thing called the subconscious mind? Well, most people have, and it’s a bit of a misnomer according to some neuroscientists. Most experts agree that perception and its ability to organise everything in our lives is a complete mystery. What they do agree on is the part of the mind that is designated to operating our automatic functions. And it’s a concept called the subconscious because we’re not conscious of it (obviously).

There is evidence that our brain predicts previous patterns of behaviour, it remembers from the past, and quick as a flash brings it forward to now. This pattern happens so fast; we think we’re making the decision right here and now, “of our own volition”.  (Creatures of habit comes to mind)

Yeah, but what’s that got to do with time and money you may ask. Well, allow me to explain.

Time is an idea we use to facilitate our understanding of entropy

Also, money is an idea to promote our ability for exchanging value. (give me a chance, I’m getting there)!  So, in effect, they are all meanings given, that we have taken for granted to live out our lives. They are “patterns” that our brains have utilised for the benefits of survival.

Now, just for a moment think about the ramifications of creating “your” own meanings (patterns), wouldn’t that be a thing?

Remember, in one of my earlier posts; I explained how I learnt certain behaviours early on in my life (consciously). If you don’t remember, ask me, and I’ll direct you to it.

The point I’m making is that ability is in all of us through the power of repetition and imagination.

No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself: Friedrich Nietzche

Making a Positive Change

If you haven’t noticed, the whole world is changing at a very rapid pace in terms of culture and technology. And if you don’t keep up with the flow, you will become stagnant. So jump in the stream and allow me to assist you in creating buckets full of value.

Start by finding a niche that would interest you, and you know others would “REALLY” crave it.

How you might ask. Well that’s in another post

To be continued…..



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