The Wealth Effect – And How to Neuter the Bears!

Imagine having the ability to zone in on the behaviour of millions of people all over the world. Then help them make the right decisions when all hope is lost.

Wealth and How it can Alter Your Perception

There is a theory of “economic” called The Wealth Effect. It asserts that the wealth of an individual motivates the person to consume more (or less) depending on the perceived value of their assets.

E.g., If the value of your house were to double in value over a year, you would spend more.

This behaviour acts out oppositely when things dive.

Bear: Downturn in the market

Bull😕 I’ll let you guess

Keeping Up With The Joneses

Imagine watching a hamster chasing his arse on a running wheel. This is the insanity of people who are always comparing their situations with others. Which, in turn, motivates them to keep chasing their butts.

Endless Loop

Now don’t get me wrong, I do find it amusing sometimes, but then it becomes boring.

Entertainment is good in small increments, but to be fully absorbed in the activity 24/7 is equivalent to being sectioned.

(Too Much Entertainment is Bad for your Health) So Don’t do it!

The Route to Wealth and Happiness

The only “reason” the wealth effect theory is so successful, is because of an all invasive media machine that conditions millions of people. And this machine fashions peoples wants and desires. So wake up and don’t play that game, (or persist at your peril).

I’m explaining this to you only to make you aware of how things work, to give you an edge over those who will never think for themselves. And as you’re reading these pages, you’ll discover even more. Those that don’t “Won’t”, and sadly never will.

You’ll only ever realise what I’m sharing here if you’ve ever reached those dizzy heights. And if you have, you’ll know the reaching of the goals never “makes” you happy. The journey to accomplishing your dreams is what counts. So if you’re reading this article and you’re only in your twenties (you’ll already know what I am saying is bull, and move on).

That’s the mistake I made,  being an active, open-minded, spirited youngster.

Of course, I knew better?.

You can only lead people to drink the water; they have to decide whether to drink or not ultimately.


How many times in your life have you heard these phrases:

  • I’ve always been a worrier; it’s just who I am.
  • Or, I’ll never have any money it’s just not meant to be.
  • And, I can’t help it you make me so angry.
  • Or, no one loves me; I’m not like you.

These are beliefs about who they are, and actually, affect people profoundly (on an unconscious level).

These concepts and many more have enduring consequences in most peoples lives. And “positive” thinking doesn’t help (regardless of what you’re told). It’s just a short term fix.

When I said “Be YOU”, it was more of a trick for you to watch your “automatic” mind snap into place. If I were to share with you one of life’s biggest secrets (which I have touched upon in a previous post) Would you have an open mind, or would you feel more comfortable “being” YOU?


The realisation that you can “be” anyone you wish is quite the thing. But first, you have to realise and be aware of the predictions/biases your mind is pushing forward. And it does it so fast you always think “you’re” making the choices (in the moment).

You Have to Change Who you Think you are to Realise your Dreams. Or stay the same, and expect different results. (Madness I tell you)!

These articles you’re reading have a compounding effect on how you will perceive the world around you. (for the better). All your doubts will float away and be replaced with the eagerness of a butt chasing hamster. Although having consumed the ideas I’ve put forward. You’ll be much more relaxed, (No concern for who is watching) Reset your mind (break through that glass ceiling) and soar far above the limits of your current expectations.

Creating Wealth in an Ever-Changing World

When you make the shift from chasing  “Money“, and knowing that to solve problems for people is what’s important. And the idea of money is to keep a tally. So you can gauge how effective your strategies are in solving problems.


Bill Gates, Henry Ford and Elon Musk, to name a few have presented massive solutions to puzzles. And you can gauge their success by how many “counters/money” they have accumulated. I think you’ll agree, peoples votes reach into the billions.

A vote being a voluntary contribution of “money” in exchange for value.

Make sure you stay vigilant and listen to people moaning about certain situations. The internet is a great playground to be able to discern precisely what is bothering individuals. Join forums and “listen”. Read comments from news reports. Make an effort to hear what people are saying. And find a way of giving them what they want. Develop a habit of listening to moaning (but in a constructive way), with purpose.

Why are Dinosaurs Extinct?

Many businesses in the past have stayed in the past because of their lack of vision. And the inability to adapt to ever-changing circumstances.

Liken yourself to the chameleon and adapt to your environment. When I say adapt (I mean your business and your perspectives)

I’ll put my neck out and assume; you agree with the above statements because they make sense? And they do, but, giving something “lip service” and carrying out the actions are two distinct activities. I know plenty of people who use the same brands all the time (because they’re the best). This can be anything from clothing to electronics or automobiles. The list is endless.

What I’m saying is: Don’t shy away from using different products and services through your life. It’s the only way to know for sure if they perform the way YOU want them to.

Don’t be “BRANDED”; make sure you choose to graze on any pasture that suits your needs.

And there you have it, another short, concise article jam-packed with new ideas for you to assimilate and make use of.

Now it’s your turn, so leave a comment below so we can share our thoughts.


All the Best

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6 thoughts on “The Wealth Effect – And How to Neuter the Bears!”

  1. Very motivational and inspiring.  I agree with your approach since I’ve been a victim of negative programming for a long time.  For years I thought the only way to get rich was to chase money for the sake of it.  I know now, that’s precisely not the process to follow. 

    Satisfying a need out there like Gates and Musk as mentioned is exactly the plan forward now for me.  I know that spreading kindness, solutions, friendship, meaning full relationships is the way forward.  It helps to build a more positive mindset and frees you to think clearly regarding your mission…not the chase for the sake of the chase, so to speak.  

    Great wisdom.  Thank you for this article.

    • Hi Tim,

      I’m glad you stopped by and gained some insight from my post. That’s the primary purpose here at

      To supplant old ideas, to facilitate your journey going forward. Make sure you come back and build upon the ideas I’ve presented. You’ve nothing to lose, but everything to gain.



  2. Hi Dedo, this is a fabulous and motivational article from you.

    Being unconsciously programmed into thinking that the only way to make money is to chase it is a terrible approach to being wealthy. That’s the more reason academics degrees are limiting so many peoples potentials. I was once a victim of this for so long, thinking the only way is by working all hours to receive a paycheque.

    It was unfulfilling till I realised there is more to wealth than the money. Instead, “money” should be working on one’s behalf if the value to humanity is placed above self profit and gains. 

    Very valuable post. Thumbs up

    • Hi Darrick,

      Thanks again for showing interest in my writings/thoughts. 

      It’s my aim and purpose to provide cutting edge ideas and methodology for all my readers. And by doing so, we can begin to work together and eventually share different perspectives that build upon one another.

      The website is not meant to be stagnant; it flows like the river and gathers value on the way. And when it reaches the “SEE”, the light will be revealed.



  3. This really opened my eyes. The whole “be you” thing is something I think I’ve struggled with. I also like the idea of focusing on solving problems and only using money as a tally to gauge how well you’re solving these problems. Never thought of it that way before but it makes sense and takes the pressure off.

    Looking forward to starting the day with a perspective shift today. 

    • Hi Alex,

      Thanks for stopping by and gleaning some value from some of my insights.

      As you absorb more perspective when you jump to other pages, you’ll realise they’re all connected on some level. And the whole experience will compound and shortcut your learnings (building and excelling your knowledge base).

      Have a great day, and I’ll see you again soon.




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