Learn Affiliate Marketing with Surgical Precision

Learn how to create value with surgical precision and open the doors of wealth for eternity.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Definition of Affiliate: To associate as a member

Description of Marketing: The process or technique of persuading the market what they’re “really” searching for, and helping facilitate their best interests.

Affiliate marketing is a partnership you form with a producer of goods or services to promote their wares.

Affiliate Marketing at its Best – Discover How it’s Done

There are many places to learn affiliate marketing, some are good, some not so. But how do you know which is the best option?

Allow me to take a leap for you and explain the criteria involved in formulating that process, (How to get there).

  1. You don’t want to take any chances with your time (waste not, want not)
  2.  Gain actionable knowledge
  3. You want up to date reference material.
  4. The training works as it’s supposed to
  5. The tools you use will be the most sophisticated on the planet
  6. No hype
  7. Integrity is a must
  8. The teachers/Coaches are experts in their field
  9.  Your success is guaranteed (As long as you don’t skip lessons)

There is a formula that works every time.

Your Time is Important

I remember hearing a story years ago about an old guy who took a painting to an expert to have it valued. The guy (let’s call him Vivian) put the art on display for the expert and asked his opinion. And explained his five-year-old grandson painted it.

waste not, want not

The art expert began his examination with gusto. He was explaining the delicate strokes and deep understanding of the subject matter, especially for a five-year-old. After about 20 minutes of exciting praise and elaborations, the expert asked Vivian if he would mind bringing his grandson to the Museum and meet some world-renowned specialists in the field, to discuss the little man’s prosperous future.

Vivian turned away, masking a glum expression and announced to the expert that he didn’t have a grandson. It was Vivian who painted the picture seventy years ago but gave up on the venture because he didn’t want to waste time.

Don’t be like Vivian and waste decades of your life squandering your time. Use the gifts you have and nurture them to their full potential. Be the best you can in any endeavour and leave this world with no regrets. Make it a pledge to yourself because you’re worth it, many times over.

Take Action – That is proven to work

When learning a new skill, make sure your time is used efficiently. So developing routines that move you forward is paramount to making the best use of your time.

For example, I remember learning to play squash and paid for expert coaching, to expedite the best use of my time, engaging in a game I intended to win.

The best place of learning has to have a pragmatic approach aligned with expert coaching, which enables a sure fast guaranteed, focused and regular curriculum.

In other words, your speedy success relies on an efficient “M.O” (Modus Operandi)

My Secret Mentor

I’ve created streamofmoney.com so you can learn some of the essential skills you’ll need when starting your business online. And at breakneck speed.


You’ll find topics on training your mind for success, best ways to earn money online, affiliate programs to join, how to build websites for free and many other ideas.

And all it will cost is your time and dedication. Although as you proceed, you’ll discover the need to add specific resources to your business to facilitate the best use of your time.

Creating Value

When starting your affiliate business, your best course of action is to discover a niche that you have a passion for. If you pick something you’re not “REALLY” interested in, the business will become a chore. And you will more than likely give up on it, and drift off into some other space.

And this is not my “opinion”, I’ve witnessed it many times over the years, both offline and online. If you choose to follow Dedo(me) down the rabbit hole, make sure you’re ready to learn and complete all the tasks that are set. And your success will be guaranteed! (be patient).

Holding your hand

I’ll hold your hand every step of the way (metaphorically speaking, of course)

Once you’ve decided the niche that is going to get you excited, you can make a start on your website and begin writing some exciting posts “like the one your reading”.

Here’s a list of niche products that are doing well this year :

  • Cool socks
  • CBD products for pets
  • Smart backpacks
  • Reusable food wraps
  • Craft drinks
  • Organic beard oil
  • Baby clothes
  • Etc, etc.

That list could go on forever, but as I stated earlier (waste not, want not, “time is of the essence”).

There are thousands of affiliate programs wanting people like you to promote their wares on the internet for a commission. So it’s in your best interests to start A.S.A.P.

Laser-like Focus with surgical precision

Once you have your web site up and running, you will need to help people find your website. One of the methods of doing this is to write about the things people are searching for in your niche. For instance, if someone was looking for baby clothes. You could write a post on “funny baby clothes“. That’s what’s termed a “keyword”. And keywords are what people type into the search engine. And as long as you strategise your SEO campaigns the correct way, traffic will flow.


There are many ways to create a successful business online, and all of them are going to be shared on this site for you to learn and put into “action”. Like I explained, take your time, and everything will drop into place. A year from now you’ll be riding high, and thanking me for all my help ; )

All I ask is for you to keep me up to date with your success so we can share experiences.

Baby Steps

I aim to keep these posts relatively short and concise so that you can absorb the information one bite at a time. The best way to learn is through repetition and persistence (not overwhelm).

So make sure you keep coming back (it’s in your best interests).

And leave a comment so we can share perspectives!



All the Best

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6 thoughts on “Learn Affiliate Marketing with Surgical Precision”

  1. I think the most important thing to do is pick a business niche one has interest in. It’s so much easier to get up and get to work if one has an interest in their niche. For me, even if there were a niche that made money faster than most, if I had no interest in it, it’d be a tough going for me to get anything done. Things that I naturally liked to research made up the beginnings of my niche, and ultimately affiliate marketing.

    • Hi Todd,

      Thanks for stopping by and confirming the ideas in my post. And I’m glad you’re already up and running with your website. If there is anything I can help you with in the future, ask, and I’ll be at your service.



  2. Dedo,

    I am glad I ran across your site. There are so many excellent tips here!

    I especially appreciate how yo break down the need to chose a subject that is exciting to maintain interest and motivation. I will be bookmarking your site so I can refer back to it as I work on y own site.

    Thank you so much!

    Gwendolyn J

    • Hi Gwendolyn,

      I’m glad you ran across my site. I love meeting with like minds, so keep looking around and adding new tools to your perspective “belt”.



  3. Hi Dedo, I’m glad I finally come across someone willing to help out without the motive of just converting sales alone. I’ve been encountering lots of problems concerning how to start affiliate marketing and blogging generally. I can’t seem to wrap my head around a particular niche. My area of interest appears to be endless, and I can’t seem to handpick a particular one. 

    I’d be glad if you would be willing to help me out in getting things started and figuring what and how to go about affiliate marketing. Thanks

    • Hi Darrick,

      Nice to see you again. 

      I do have a vested interest in helping others  succeed in life and business (It gives me a nice warm feeling inside : )

      And I’ll be glad to assist you in your endeavours, send me an email stating your strengths and weaknesses. And some of your niche interests. My email address is; david@streamofmoney.com

      If you haven’t already read my post “The Best Way To Make Money Online“. As with all my posts, they are condensed tutorials (in story form) and are meant to be absorbed “peace meal” (step by step)

      Keep reading Darrick, cause there’s gold in those hills!




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