Conjuring Money with the Magic of Spells

Do you wish you could wave your magic wand and conjure up all your desires?

Well, you can, and like Harry Potter, you first have to learn specific spells, for particular results.

Learning to Spell (Writing copy that Sells)

When you were a child learning to write, your teacher,(most probably) sat you down, gave you a note pad, pencil and told you to copy some patterns. These patterns would eventually turn into letters and then be strung together to form words.

Learning the Spell

The words would be associated with pictures so you’d learn their “meaning”. These meanings had to be the same for everyone to communicate the specific ideas associated. E.g., “The Cat Sat on the Mat”, or “The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat”. (Stay with me, it’s going to get heavy : ).

As the years have passed and you’ve grown into an excellent young adult, these words you use become automatic, (you don’t consciously think of them anymore). In essence, you cast your spells “unconsciously”. Here’s a short story to make a point, and it also plants ideas that “persuade”.

Event Association

One of my friends, when she was young, went riding with some of her friends in one of their parents’ cars. Everyone in the vehicle was underage and didn’t know how to drive. The car crashed, and the driver and the kid in the passenger seat were both killed. My friend told me that the driver could have avoided the crash by steering hard right, but he just hesitated, not knowing what to do.


It pays to know where you’re going and how to get there, and while you know where you’re going, my job is to help you get there before you lose the opportunity.

(Courtesy of Kenrick Cleveland, Magical Objection Mastery)

Warning: Don’t use these tactics in real life; they’re not nice!

This is an example of a not so lovely “spell” of convincing someone to follow my proposals. It’s a “SPELL” used with lots of “spellings”. It Informs your mind, conjuring a detailed picture of events that are connected “unconsciously” to following my ideas (and if you don’t, there are consequences).

These are when words can be designed with sophistication, and not just spewed out willy nilly.

Note: I’m not advocating negatively using words, this is just a powerful way of getting a specific message across, (So you understand the power of the “Spell”)

The Magic of Copy- Use with Care

Like I said at the beginning of the post, it’s hard to remember when the words we use became “automatic”. You use them to “just” communicate. If you can eventually train yourself to use all of your terms with purpose and design, then, my friend, you’ll have mastered the skills of the “Spell“.

It’s harder to communicate face to face in this manner, but to put words on paper has the advantage of “time”. You can sit back and adequately construct, (with precision), exactly how you want your prospect to feel in any given moment. This is, in essence, the art and craft of copywriting.

Learn To Spell

Ideas = Consequences

I was recently flicking through Quora for some ideas when I came across a comment that made me stop in my tracks. The Question on this particular post was along the lines of: How can I make $1000 per day?

A person, ( I won’t mention any names), replied with conviction, stating how “impossible” it was to make this kind of dough online. And only those who were foolish enough to believe in these pie in the sky earnings, blah blah blah. (you get the gist).

Well, as you can guess, I sat there shaking my head, thinking about this poor person and their limiting beliefs. He’ll carry these ideas for the rest of his life, and will make it his mission to “infect” all those within reach.

Warning: Don’t let that person be YOU

Fact: It’s mathematically impossible to “NOT” make this kind of money if you’ve got the right resources in place. Simply put, you most definitely can if you know-how.

The trouble is, a large percentage of the people have no clue how to do what they “don’t believe in“, (Quite the Paradox).

The Choice is yours – A blue pill or Red pill?

I’m fortunate enough to have stumbled across a great university, which caters for most of my needs “Online”. But my passion for words/spells comes from decades ago when I was a lot younger. The importance of them, (as you might be “re-learning”, is fundamental to your guaranteed success going forward.

Decision Time

The red pill symbolises harsh knowledge and brutal truths, (which most folks steer away from). And the blue pill represents “blissful ignorance”, which is why the silky promises of easy money so quickly disarm many people. (although it does become easy once you’ve mastered the basics)

Note: Go to the “Mindset” category on, and you’ll find articles that will improve your self-esteem (if that’s one of your many limitings beliefs). We all have them; it’s just you have to be honest with yourself,(Know thyself).

So make a list of things you “hope” for in life once you’ve completed this task. Read every word you’ve listed one by one. And feel the internal “reactions” as you go through them. For instance: if you were to write, I want to earn $1000 per day. Watch what comes up, “internally”.

You might get a similar reaction the person above received, and if this is the case, you’ll understand where your beliefs lie. This exercise is not only essential to learning how to listen to yourself. But also, is a direct line into how others operate as I’ve explained about the guy above, (I know precisely his beliefs, based on his projections/thoughts.

Note: Learning the behaviour of your market is paramount to “how you serve them“.

Be that Master!

There are countless books and courses on mastering the art of the “spell”. Just make sure you focus in on one subject at a time. Once it’s been absorbed is when you move onto the next. If you make an effort to take 30mins per day to learn the art of the spell, in one yrs time, you will be well on your way to receiving the praise you deserve, (and of course, pots load of money).

There you go, another concise and actionable article you can consume. But don’t eat up too much in one sitting. And as always, leave me a comment below, so I know how I can improve how I serve.



All the Best, Dedo


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8 thoughts on “Conjuring Money with the Magic of Spells”

  1. Beautifully written article here. Honestly, I really did enjoy every part of this. Like that person who commented on Quora, I also used to believe that it is impossible to make so much online, but I have moved away from that for a while now.

    Your post is filled with so much inspiration, and now I understand how to conjure money with the magic of “spells” — nicely done!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed reading “Conjuring Money with the Magic of Spells“. And when you read the other articles on, you’ll find the information will build upon itself and provide you with all the essential tools you’ll need,(to make streams of money) going forward.

      So make sure you keep coming back, there are plenty of new articles in the pipeline that will further enhance your skill set and knowledge. All the best.



  2. Wow! This is an entirely different approach to life that I have seen here. Often, I wonder why my beliefs often antagonise the things I genuinely believe in. 

    The things I want are not the things I get, and the things I usually count as normal are the usuals that come back to me. The power of the spell is, and reasoning alongside it has opened my eyes to the fact that believes often play an integral role in whatever we believe in to do. This is great, and I like it a lot. Thanks

    • Great to see you again Rodger,

      I’m so glad you’re finding your feet with all the different perspectives here on It makes my writing so worthwhile when people like you gain so much insight from the experiences and ideas I’m sharing. 

      Make sure you keep coming back, because as you’re aware, the more you learn, the easier it gets,(creating value en masse).



  3. How unimaginable the things that could be achieved through the use of the power of the spell. So simple as it is, it has powerful messages imbibed in it that I am not sure I could ever learn from another place again.

    Our “inner” influences the outside and whatever thought to be impossible from the inside would be close to impossibility on the outside too. In all honesty, I’ve learnt so well by reading this, and I must surely change my course of beliefs. Thumbs up

    • Hello, again my friend,

      I’m so glad you’re taking the time to soak in the information here on By now, you should have learnt a few different ideas that will help you on your journey through life and business.

      Keep coming back, as I’ve loads to share in the near future. All the best.



  4. Wow, this is more than just an article, it’s a whole book of truth embedded in a few lines. Knowing one’s destination is a good move, but what determines it all how to get to the destination.

    It’s indeed because of some limiting beliefs that people have that is still affecting them, and it’s not allowing them to be successful and achieve what seems impossible to others that could’ve been easy for them. 

    About the pills, I’ll surely go with the red pills, lol. It’s nice reading through this article, thanks.

    • Hello James,

      Thanks for stopping by and giving your views on my article. It’s always my intent to create super-efficient content (not filled with “page fillers”). Your time (and mine), are extremely important, so you don’t want to be “wasting” it.

      Make sure you keep coming back and discovering new ways to experience the world around you. And also “How” to make much more money as you travel through life’s journey. All the best James, and keep building your knowledge and skills.




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