Straight-Line Management – Cruising life in the Fast lane

As the “crow flies”, from “A to B” or in a straight line. These are the quickest ways to get to your destination. The majority of people are unable to see the forest through the trees, although if they knew to climb upwards and scan the view from the canopy. The journeys end would be clear as day. Allow me to show you the way.

Breaking through the Mist of Confusion

Straight-Line Management

If you’re anything like me, you will have consumed large volumes of text explaining the virtues of how to do this, that, and anything else that piques your interest. Although it’s beneficial to scan different ways to live, think and act out your life. What you have to do is take action immediately on the information you’ve absorbed and transform it into knowledge. Which means making mistakes along the way, and discovering what works for you and what doesn’t.


This is the formula that separates successful individuals from those that “aspire” to be. It’s all in the execution of the tasks that lead to your goals.

It’s having the focus of mind to “know” where you’re heading and not to let anything stand in your way. Although it seems simple when you read the words, I’ve discovered by listening to many people over the years, that they don’t “believe” in themselves.

And that my friend is the very first hurdle to overcome. The mist that blinds you from the truth.

Would you like me to explain a closely guarded secret about the “truth”?

I say secret because very few are aware of the nature of the beast. And to fully grasp the reality of it, you have to be able to open your mind to ways of thinking other than the habitual patterns you have so far developed. “Know the Truth, and it shall set you Free.”

The Truth – Straight Up!

There’s an old quote by a guy named Henry Ford: Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” 

Many people read that sentence and think they fully understand the meaning. And I’m guessing you do too?

It’s easy to give it lip service but to find people who can internalise the meaning and conceive of the idea across the board is as rare as hen’s teeth.

What he’s implying is: Any meaning that you have made sense of is only “Your” truth. There is no such thing as “THE TRUTH”.

That my friend is the subjective nature of the beast. And it’s the “reason” you can put together a panel of ten experts in the same field of study, and they can debate differing perspectives. And to the observer, they all make “sense”.

(What I’m doing is showing you how to climb to the canopy, so stay close).

How to De-Clutter – And release the Burden

We make meaning of the world around us through the limited senses that are available to us. In essence, the things that we perceive as reality are restricted by the very same tools that allow us to see, hear, smell, touch, and taste. (and more)

Because of the social acceptance and agreement of these tools, we never think of anything else beyond this realm. And to fantasise and imagine other ways to live is most probably why films like X-men and the Avengers, etc. are so popular.


To put the idea in a nutshell: Our imagination only limits our ability to fantasise the world through our senses. Once we conceive of the concept and believe it, we can then set about bringing it into the “physical” world through taking action. “And there is no new-age magic here folks”. The story of “Attraction” (IMO) is an embellishment of how our minds help our bodies perform actions so we can “MAKE” things happen through our efforts/energy. (But that story isn’t as fascinating, and wouldn’t sell as many books or films). So get real, stop pretending and start “living life”. It’s a fun process once you let go of the limiting beliefs that hinder your progress.

Limiting Beliefs – Give them the Finger!

Almost everyone and his/her dog have heard that phrase bandied about, (not including the finger).

But have you ever really thought about it, and the repercussions of not knowing? Has anyone ever told you to stop being negative, and if they did, what was your response (or reaction). Nine times out of ten, the retort would be an altered behaviour conforming to said suggestion. (social norms)

Note: Always listen to your reactions when you hear words from others. These “RE actions are key to knowing yourself and your beliefs. (Ask me in the comment section if what I’m saying is unclear)

Your Way

A better way would be for you to make “your” own mind up and decide the strategy you would find, best suited to your life. The cliche “Mind your own business”, comes to mind. The picture I’m painting is of a magnificent ship (of your design) sailing the seas and exploring the world as YOU see fit, (within the boundaries of the law, “of course”). And whenever you come across someone else espousing their relation” ship”, you’ll know how to respond more effectively.

There is never “The Way”, only “Your Way“, so if you take anything from this post (are you thinking of Frank Sinatra). Find out what beliefs you have that limit the required actions you need to take, to make your dreams a reality. And change them.

 The Straight Line Rollercoaster?

If ever you read a paradoxical headline, would that be up there?

Straight-line management is a method in which you put the “Goal” in the forefront of your mind, and Go For It!

letting go

There will be plenty of obstacles on the way for you to push through (it’s called life), but you won’t notice them. All you have on your mind is the main objective (always). No-one and I “mean” no-one ever goes through life without facing problems of some sort. You’ll hear people around you moaning about this and that. But you, my friend, will accept that they have their ship to navigate. Yours is on a different trajectory.

Snippets of Wisdom

As you read through these posts on, you’ll discover a more simple way of life will present itself (eventually). Just make sure you keep reading them, and through persistence, the ideas will percolate and make much more sense.

“Most people are searching for the meaning of life, while a rare few make it up as they go along”.

As always, make sure you join in the conversation and leave a comment below. Your input will be much appreciated, (and it’ll be one of the first steps to doing stuff “right now“)


All the Best


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4 thoughts on “Straight-Line Management – Cruising life in the Fast lane”

  1. This was an exciting and useful treatise on what you call straight-line management, a term that I quite like and can agree with. Too often we buy into the pop culture instant solutions de jour and what we think is liberating is perhaps just putting a different set of limitations on us?

    Most definitely this style of handling the life you recommend can give you freedom from much of the noise that keeps so many people slogging along from day to day, doing whatever job to eke out a living and dreaming through movies such as the Avenger series that you refer to… 

    The analogy also fits for the rest of the title of this post it seems to me – I took the time to think through the ideas you included a bit more or at a deeper level if you will. In that light, throwing off some of the limitations that are drummed into us ((or perhaps better said, bringing back what we lost or gave up as we were moulded for adult life) can be considered as cruising life in the fast lane, a better choice.

    There was a lot in this post, so I am going to have to come back again. I liked what I have been able to discern to now,  but feel like a read or two more over some time will allow yet more to manifest itself. This is straight-line management with a curve-ball thrown in perhaps? Thanks for your insightful post! 

    • Hi Dave,

      I’m so glad you found some value in my treatise. The principles here espoused have taken many years of research, through study, trial, error and being aware of the nuances of life “as we know it”.

      Sometimes in one’s endeavours, it pays to be contrarian when searching a better way, as you’ve discovered reading through some of my thoughts.

      Keep exploring Dave, all the best.



  2. I agree with you about these truths. The only possible way can be your way, and when others get offended for you listening to yourself, it paints a picture of who you are dealing with. Through this “straight line management,” I see myself de-cluttering through multiple lists of tasks, ex: dropping toxic relationships for one. 

    As your article opened up to me, I saw how true it is that we make our world with our energy. If we only put energy into pointless and wasteful things, we become unnecessary and wasteful ourselves in everyday life. Seeing this made me think about how depression can creep up on people without understanding why quite enlightening! 

    Society seems to slap so many new distractions into our laps now, that we then identify with them as if they are us. I see this every day, and sometimes people get emotionally vested in what they believe is “them” making the situation even worse.

    I am going to sleep on this, feels like I learned a few new things! Will have to check out the rest of your website another time. Nothing like good old food for thought, and a good night’s sleep! Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences with us.

    • Hi Rowan,

      Thanks for stopping by, and I’m glad you found parity with some of my thoughts. 

      If you have any more questions while perusing, don’t hesitate in sharing your perspectives. I hold them in high esteem.

      And keep in mind other readers will gain insights from your writings/replies.




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