The Guaranteed Road to Riches – Step by Step

If you’ve studied the state of the art information so far on, what I’m about to impart will make much more sense. (Read the quote on the bottom of the home page). If you haven’t. I recommend you take your time and learn the “process” of doing the right things first (go to the mindset section). And if you’re in a hurry, there are plenty of “BSB” sites for you to visit.

First Step (Create the right Mindset)

The Guaranteed Road to Riches – Step by Step

This is a crucial first step, which if left un-nurtured, can cause all kinds of problems. This is why instructors during the selection process for special forces discover, through the arduous physical endurance tests how to sort the wheat from the chaff. The reason being, it’s far easier to train someone who has the right mindset than someone who keeps “giving up“.

NOTE: BSB = Bright Shiny Bull

You’ll discover as you travel through time, that many people will create specific patterns in their lives. And through habit, they’ll keep on doing the same things over and over again (a pattern). These behaviours will feel comfortable after a while, and any diversion will create a challenge (feel uncomfortable).

Creatures of Habit

What I’m saying is: We are creatures of habit, but for an excellent reason. And that reason is called “efficiency”. Our brains work optimally and guide us through our lives in the best way that is taught. Unfortunately, a lot of learned behaviour is outdated (doesn’t work anymore). So needs reprogramming, or relearning.

It’s not easy to think “outside” of who we think we are. So we limit ourselves through the beliefs we hold onto from our past. (which is why the self-improvement “industry” attracts so many people). If you think you can’t do something (you’re right), and conversely if you think you can?

Note: Most people can’t think outside “Their Box”, (it’s who they are)? “you’re NOT most people.”

Outside the Box

The biggest hurdle for folk to overcome is to break old limiting beliefs/patterns, (Mainly because they’re unaware of them). For me, it was the glass ceiling restricting how much money I could earn. I used to look at the likes of “Bill Gates” and think “NO WAY”!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m far from being as wealthy as that fella, (but my mind isn’t as limited as it was). I’ve learnt to think outside “My Box”.

So, that’s the first step. Go and read some of the articles in the mindset category, and read them repeatedly, so the ideas solidify in your brain. The concepts will form from the inside, hence the word, “Information”. And the fascinating thing about “information”, is once it’s set on the inside, We can then project it on the outside, creating “knowledge” The ledge of knowing.

Jump off the Ledge of Life

And it’s called a ledge because we haven’t made it work for us “yet”. So it could either tip over and culminate the processes involved, or sit there and gather dust.

Keep in mind; ideas are useless unless you take action. (Conceive = Believe = Achieve). And we will forever make mistakes, (it’s the best way to learn) but that’s life (deal with it).

These actions create our meanings for us. “Or how we make the meanings we choose”. So decide the choices that will benefit you, and if you feel generous, you can share with others,…

Second Step (Know your Destination)

This is a straightforward idea that we use automatically throughout our lives. For example, you fancy a bite to eat, the first thing that pops into your mind is “what’s it going to be, and how it’s gonna taste”?

End in Mind

You go to the destination first (in your mind), and then find a way to make it happen. This is the natural and most efficient path to a successful outcome and mostly goes unnoticed.

But for some reason, when planning more significant “projects,” people find a way of doubting their true abilities. And so the doubt dragon breaths fire all over their dreams and destroys the vestiges of a perfect outcome.

Now can you understand how crucial the first step is, to building your dream life?

For instance: You decide to share your skills with the people of the world (that’s the end goal). So first, how’re you going to promote yourself, and through what channels?

What we’re doing here, is moving back from our final goal and analysing the steps to take you there. This is what is meant when you visualise yourself being at “your” destination.

(How would it feel, what’s the weather like “up there”. How happy are you?)

These are, of course, great techniques for training your brain to already achieving the results before they’ve happened in the physical realm. (I used to do the same when I was little, and first learnt to ride a bike).

And when you think about it, it’s the same thing I described above, “when you decide to take a bite to eat”. (Now you know the power of the “Doubt Dragon”), and how it can derail your ambitions.

So keep in mind, the process can be as natural as deciding to eat a burger. Although eating a hamburger is far simpler, (not taking into account the health risks, or the fact you may be a vegetarian), but that’s a story for another website.

Third Step (Compounding)

The idea of compounding is an interesting one. Reason being, it has many functions, although one overriding principle, “Exponential Growth“.

Simply stating: Imagine you had a penny. Now double it’s worth every day for a month. At the end of the month, you’d be worth over $5,000,000 (I know, fascinating but true ; )

So, take this idea and start your own business, but don’t be like “most” people (and sit around dreaming and wishing). Hoping that one day your winning ticket will come up, (it won’t).

As long as you put in the right amount of time and effort (and armed with the proper knowledge). You’re dreams and ambitions will become a sure thing (Guaranteed).

So, there you go, another concise, state of the art, focused, laser-like explanation of how to reach your desired goals of success and wealth 

Just make sure you share your thoughts with me, so I  can think of better ways to help.


All the Best, Dedo

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10 thoughts on “The Guaranteed Road to Riches – Step by Step”

  1. What a great article full of power, determination, optimism. What a man really needs to get ahead. It is not enough to dream that one must want it very much, but to set a goal, to find motivation, to pursue it, and to ally with his faithfulness, time, and power; he will find not only to become rich but to achieve everything. Thanks for your tips and optimistic article. I find Affiliate Marketing an exciting idea.

    • I’m glad you found the article inspiring. It’s always my intent to help those that struggle through life’s adventures. And facilitate their journey, without “interfering”.

      One of the main points I attempted to highlight was how to eventually develop success habits that are as “normal” as eating a hamburger. (or veggie  burger if you prefer).

      So, keep coming back and make sure you develop a taste for “Success”, so it becomes as natural as drinking a glass of clear, refreshingly cold water.



  2. A compelling article and one that was worthy of every minute I spent reading. Indeed, only dreams cannot get us to the position we wish to be in life. It requires constant work, effort and conscious actions with a lot of persistency to make progress and invariably earn a living. All these are a product of mindset and tweaking our mindset towards positivity would tweak us to the path of riches. Great post

    • Hi Tracy,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking an interest in “Guaranteed Road to Riches – Step by Step.”

      As you’ve stated, it does at first take a consistent “effort”, but only until the successful habits have been established. At this stage, the process is as easy as eating a burger

      Learning the “right” practices is key.



      P.S Make sure you keep coming back to reinforce the methods I’ve explained (They work)

  3. I love your step by step way of discussing the road to riches.

    I would agree with you that the right mindset is what will get us started on the right path to success.  Next, we honestly need to have a clear end goal before we even know what actions to take along our journey.

    Last but not least, compounding effects work in all aspect of our life, whether it is new knowledge or skills.  We get better and better as we improve ourselves constantly.

    Thank you for this thought-provoking post

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting on this article, Cindy.

      As you’re aware If you’ve read some of the other materials connected to this post, there are many steps to successfully eating “Burgers”. Although the overriding principle is in the need to be fed.

      These feelings we get when hungry are what motivates us to survive. So using this analogy, my intent when designing this post was to explain the need to nurture our behaviour, so that the steps to becoming successful are as easy as?

      Thanks again Cindy



  4. I enjoyed reading every bit of the article. Thank you. You shared a load of profound truths about success in whatever one sets his mind to dream or achieve. What struck me first was when you emphasised that the first step is to work on the mindset. About unlearning some habits, we’ve acquired over time that may be hindering our progress unconsciously. 

    It is a process, and I believe if we’ll do our best, to think outbid the box, take some time out of our busy schedules to just lay back and meditate on how different something can be done, we’ll achieve better results — more than we even hoped to achieve.

    • Thanks for your feedback Marium,

      I’m always glad to help those who “know”, but haven’t realised the steps involved. Or fail to execute them.

      The principles that are set out in my posts are timeless and have been discussed for millennia. But to have them explained in different ways can sometimes facilitate the learning process.

      So make sure you keep coming back and adding new perspectives to your tool belt. This will help you to break free of a limiting “world view”. So that life can indeed encompass the kaleidoscope of possibilities in your journey.



  5. Hi, Dedo,

    Your article is very inspiring, and I agree with you. On the way to making money, I didn’t create the right mindset at the beginning, so I learned some shortcuts to make money, but they didn’t succeed.

    I love your step by step way of discussing the road to riches. The correct mindset is what will get you started on the path to success.

    • Thanks for stopping by,

      And I’m glad the article inspired you (which is my intent). Also, make sure you keep coming back so you can absorb more easily the principles I’ve layed out for you on

      Always take “action” whenever an idea presents itself, and keep moving forward. (It’s what separates success from failure).




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