How Do You Create a Blog?

First off, you need to know the meaning of “Blog”. It’s short for “Web-log”, which refers to an online journal. (Most “Bloggers don’t know this, ain’t you lucky ; ). It started with people recording their lives and experiences using both writing and pictures etc. Now that the web has grown, so has the blogger sphere, and it’s become quite lucrative. Mostly through monetising the sites using various marketing methods (You’ll find plenty of ways on

Writing for Fun – Bask in the Sun

One of the best things about blogging is the ability to uncover your true passion in life, and share it with the world at large. This will, in turn, connect you with like-minded individuals so that your “friend count” will rise exponentially (go through the roof!). And all from the comfort of your favourite laptop, (be it at home, or on location around the world). So how do you create a blog?… let’s find out.

Basking in the Sun

One of the most common questions I’m asked when people are thinking of blogging is: But I don’t know how to write, where do I learn?

And my reply usually goes like this: Forget about how you were taught at school, and write as you talk. (which is what I’m doing right now). One of the best strategies is to think of a subject and write and keep writing. The thoughts will just come up from deep down (trust me)

Have you ever had a  conversation with a friend and thought about every word that comes out of your mouth? I’m guessing you said NO.  If you answered yes, then you seem to have a slight problem, my friend, and blogging maybe isn’t right for you (so move on ; ).

Think about it; if you’re writing about something you love, it’s impossible not to talk about it, (We soon learn some of our friends and family don’t find “our” passions as enjoyable)? So get out there and make it a point (NO,.. Obligation), to share your knowledge with those who’ll appreciate it.

Note: What a shame it would be to leave this life without divulging your life’s interests/passions with those who will gain and find pleasure with what you have to express.

Solid Foundation – Your Springboard to Success!

Did you know that the top content marketers online (bloggers) document their strategies?

They do this to keep on top of the processes involved (which I’m going to disclose). And to alter anything that isn’t as engaging as it could be… Here’s an example of a good strategy:

  • Who do you want to reach?
  • How are you going to deliver that information?
  • What value can you provide?
  • Are you going to manage the process, and if not, who is?
  • How will you measure success and refine your efforts?
  • Do you keep an editorial calendar?
  • Do you strive to keep improving and learning (if it’s your passion, it’s easy peasy)

Who do You Want to Reach – Birds of a Feather?

These are the specific people who will want to connect with you and your business. They’ll be searching for things in your niche, and hoping to be sent (by google) to the relevant “website“, so they can learn all the things you know and can share with them.

Imagine someone writing about a topic, and they’ve “NOT” got their heart in it. Well, my friend, this is where your passion will come to bear. Where you can blast the, not so hot “competition” out of the water (There is NO competition when you know how to “position” yourself).



I know for a fact, if someone is explaining something to me (that I want to learn), and they’re full of enthusiasm. What they’re teaching is freakin’ contagious! (Am I right or am I right)?

Tip: When you’re learning something new, make sure you slow down and absorb the information in 30 min’ segments. Have a ten-minute break, then carry on, one slow step at a time. (things will automatically become quicker the more experience you develop).

If your passion is dogs, the advantage for you is you don’t have to research what people with dogs “like” or don’t like, because you’ll already know,  based on your vast experience and knowledge.

How are you going to Deliver the Information?

You already know the hub of your operations will be online. So it goes without saying you’ll need a website. Assuming you’ve set one up “click here, it’s simple“, they’ll be plenty of social outlets for you to promote your ideas. Facebook, Quora, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin are the most popular, but there are many more. The opportunities are massive once you’ve gained traction with your site. (which will take no more than a year)

Warning: Don’t take notice of the hype out there, “BSB”, these marketers pray on folks laziness and gullibility when promoting their wares. BSB = Bright Shiny Bull. (you’ve been warned)

What Value are you going to Provide?

This (IMO), is up there regarding the most crucial part of blogging/Content Marketing. Take, for example, your passion for dogs. If you were to listen to people around you and discover the main gripes they have about owning a dog (Be it in the home or outside). What would they be?

These are the problems you’re going to find a solution to on your “blogosphere”. Although it’s nice to read about dogs and peoples experiences with them, it’s much more exciting to find a place where there are “new” ideas to help fix inevitable headaches that are associated with owning your pet. (what says you)?

So, in essence, you want to provide more, and above what folk are searching for, So they keep coming back for more.


Tip: Would you like to know the one question people always have on their minds when searching their “wants”? Here it is, ” What’s in it for me”? Or WIIfm, the most popular radio station on the planet.


Are you going to manage the process, and if not, who is?

If you’ve just arrived at, you might be unfamiliar with the processes involved when promoting your ideas across the world using online technology. Regardless if you’re aware or not, the fact is, there are many things to become accustomed to.

It’s no different when you first learnt to drive a car. You had to look down at the handbrake, and discover where the clutch pedal, throttle and brakes were. After a while, these actions formed into habits. Which is the same process when learning anything “new”.

When you have learnt all you need to learn, you may want to expand your reach. If this is the case, it would be advisable to create a team around you who would be capable of managing specific tasks. To lessen your workload, so you can enjoy the things you most want to do.

How will you measure success and refine your efforts?

Most people think success is a destination, but when you’ve reached absolute pinnacles in life, you’ll realise (like I have), that it’s the journey. “Yep, all the steps involved in attaining your goals“. And when you’ve reached those targets, others will appear, (Believe me).

So the refining of the process is just a matter of keeping a record of your tasks. And at any stage, you find you’re straying off the path. It’s in your best interest to find out what “exactly” led you astray, and fix the problemo.

Do you keep an editorial calendar?

Why is it best to keep an editorial calendar?  The main reason is to keep all your tasks organised in a timely fashion. And to relieve the pressure of attempting to memorise the flow of events.

When you start blogging, you’ll just be writing or speaking ideas for your site. But over time, as with most things. You’ll add more and more events to your blogging lifestyle. (And it does become a lifestyle) Being “organised” is a vital aspect of any successful endeavour, so make sure it’s on top of your priority list.

Do you strive to keep improving and learning (if it’s your passion, it’s easy peasy)

If you go back to the home page and read the paragraph on the bottom. It’s a quote from an architect called Frank Lloyd Wright. He suggests, that to do more you must become more (which is a state of “being”), so in essence, you can’t pretend to “know” stuff.

First, you must learn and internalise specific “useful” knowledge. And then you can go out into the world and build your blogging empire. And the size of the organisation you wish to construct is only limited by your belief and knowledge of the journey ahead. (of course, you can gather a knowledgable team around you if you’ve got the skills to do so).

So there you have it, a concise and actionable article on “How to Create a Blog”. And don’t forget to go through the links provided. They will take you to the relevant pages within And the knowledge will “build” upon itself.

Tip: Make sure you have fun while learning (it’s how you’ll stir your creative juices)



All the Best

P.S Make sure you join in the conversation, take action and “be” proactive. (Your future depends on it)


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10 thoughts on “How Do You Create a Blog?”

  1. I really do like your advice on Blogging.  And you are right!  I did not know the true meaning nor history of the word Blog!

    I agree with you on the fact that it is crucial to write your Blog with conversational speak like you are just speaking to someone in a conversation.  It did not take me long to get that style of writing.  When you do, the writing does flow.

    Thank you so much for such an informative article!


    • Hiya Alisha,

      Thanks for stopping by and being informed. It seems you’re already blogging, so I’d like to make a suggestion. 

      Have a look around, because (just like the meaning of “Blog”), there are many nuggets for you to consume and benefit from. 

      And keep in mind, I’m here to catapult your success even further than it already is ;  ) 

      Or if you’d like to make any suggestions, I’m all ears.



  2. This is a great and informative article. I like your writing style; it’s friendly and engaging and really showcases the kind of writing that makes for an excellent blog.

    I’m still relatively new to this, so I learned a lot from your post, and it’s full of super suggestions. Thank you for being so inspiring!

    • Hi,

      Thanks for stopping by, and I’m glad you learnt something from my article. Make sure you come back to Because you’ll find new and inspiring posts coming out every week. Brand new and ready for your consumption.



  3. Hello Dedo, I always respect you for the information I get from this site whenever I visit It doesn’t come much easier than how you have explained everything in this post concerning the creation and running of a blog.

    Learning is integral, and we must give our all to it so that practising it would make it much easier for us. I have been learning quite well but having difficulties with replicating the things I have learnt. Still, I won’t give up, and I will keep going at it till I conquer it.

    • Hi Shelley,

      I’m glad you find the information on to your liking. The trick to learning new things is to keep practising. The power of repetition is key to internalising your learnings. It doesn’t usually happen after just one sitting. So keep coming back and read, practise, read, practise and keep going. Things will become automatic before you know it ;  )

      As with any skill, the prize always goes to the one who persists.



  4. I clearly remembered my first blog. Only about 500+ words and pretty much jumble up with no introduction or closing whatsoever.

    It took me four days to write that piece as I was trying very hard to put my mind into words. During the initial years, I made a lot of mistakes – not using targeted keywords, being verbose and not truly addressing the topic of discussion. But with practice, things got better, and now my content is converting – that’s the most important!

    • Hi Cathy,

      It’s great to hear you’re doing fine within your blogger sphere. As you’ve stated, an essential part of any learning is to practise the art and make it your own. Which, by the sounds of it, you have.

      Although, (as a wise man/woman once said): “When you think you know, you realise you have more to learn“. Okay,… I might have made that up from something similar, but you get the gist. We never stop learning, so keep coming back to The gold is here to be found “if you know where to look”, (And you don’t need a shovel).



  5. Hi,

    A great resource about how to create a blog. I received tons of value from this article. As an online marketer most of the time, we have to rely on the blog. And creating a blog is not an easy matter, especially for those who don’t know how to write a blog and find difficulty when it builds. After reading this post, I learn a few tricks which will help me to create my next and future blog. Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Nazmun,

      It’s great to know you’ve received some value from my article. Make sure you keep coming back to and learning all there is to know about creating wealth online and offline.

      All the available resources will increase exponentially, so make sure you grow with them. Because the design and structure of the site allow for the knowledge to build upon itself.

      From the foundation stone to a magnificent structure of your creativity, shackled by the seeds of wisdom. Quote: unknown




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