Marketing Funnels – And Why They’re Important

You’re walking across the sand on a sun-drenched beach, having exhausted yourself slapping the waves with synchronicity, (That’s swimming in layman’s terms ; ). As the air above the concrete promenade shimmers, reflecting the scorching rays.

Marketing Funnels

You discover the need to quench your thirst. And by chance, a joyous vendor is selling ice-cold drinks and “fancies”(ice cream stuff). You make the exchange and oh, what a wonder as the cold juice fills the empty void that once was, and nourishes every cell of your being.

Marketing Funnels

Serendipity (and it’s followers)

The story you just read is a prime example of a “funnel” from the vendors perspective. He or she have positioned themselves in a top spot to maximise the number of ice creams and drinks they sell. (The funnel is a process of events leading to an outcome). Each step has to seem “natural”.

And if the place is in a prime location, (which it is). Then it won’t be long until other vendors notice, and flood the market.

Clear Blue Ocean or, Feeding Frenzy for the Sharks?

Unique Proposition

When the market/Beach becomes flooded with vendors, it’s time to pull out the stops and use your creativity to separate your products/services from the herd.

So now, you aren’t selling ice-cold drinks (on their own). You’re also surrounding yourself with beautiful women/men so you can swim in the blue ocean. Away from the blood-red sea of overcrowding. These are the ongoing moves you have to create so you can distinguish yourself from the many.

Stages of Awareness – How hot are they?

How hot or cold are your prospects?  There’s a general rule of thumb in marketing, and it’s this: 3% of your audience is warm (as long as you’ve done your job well). 7% are lukewarm, and the other 3 x 30%s diminish at every stage.

emotional level

They’re becoming ice cold with the last Thirty. So, if you had 10,000 visitors per day on your website, only 300 of them (who are hot) would need to be slightly nudged(psychologically), to part with their moola. The others need a lot more work (If they come back at all). These are (of course), rough metrics that allow you to keep in “mind” the numbers you’re working with.

To Know or Not to Know – That is the Question

Lots of people are asking the question: How do I get to know people online? And my answer is, go and look where they’re chatting. On forums, such as Linkedin, Facebook, Quora and many more. Just ask Google, and hey presto. The answer shall appear!

The idea is to discover the problems your potential readers are discussing. E.g., I was looking through Linkedin last night, and one of the most popular posts was about “Why most businesses Fail”?


There were many answers/suggestions for the reasons. But I like to go nuts deep and wonder if these reasons are the concerns of the individuals commenting. Think about it.

If I asked you what your thoughts were on an organisations failure. You’d have to pick your “own” brain, and (in effect project “your” concerns), or beliefs onto the situation?

So, what we have, right in front of our eyes, are loads of potential problems to solve. Make sense? What I’m suggesting is people in general, fear to start a business because of the high rate of “failures”. (BTW, companies don’t fail, people do.)

I could go into the nitty-gritty, but it would mean writing a book. So instead I’m putting it out there on( in small “actionable” bites.

The Funnel to Your Success

As with a sales “funnel”, your life leads a similar path or process. Imagine for a moment starting or running a business. Be it a well-established concern or a fledgeling entity. There are steps involved that are essential to its continued success.

And if you were to neglect any of them, or start becoming complacent. The rot would set in, and the structure would soon collapse. This is how vital “funnels” are. (Have you noticed how the word “process” has been overridden by “Funnel”).

Sales Funnel

Funnel is the “new” catchphrase, amongst many others out there. They become trendy, and everyone gets on board. So a funnel is just a process of events/tasks that help reach specific “Goals”.

If I decided I wanted to eat a KFC (that’s my goal). I would have to stop typing, shut down the com’ and step outside. Get into my car, and drive about ten minutes down the road.

Park up, and walk to KFC. Where I would wait in a queue, order my food, pay for it, and wait some more. This, in effect, is my funnel for consuming some chicken flesh. And that my friend is a successful outcome. So always think with the end in mind, and work towards it, (Keep it Simple)


There you go, another concise article for you to consume. So make sure you lap it up along with all the linked posts on You’ll thank me later when you achieve all the successes you’re striving for.

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All the Best

P.S It takes time to grow into the person you want to become, so make sure you achieve at least one step towards your goals every single day, (A Step A Day Keeps Procrastination at Bay)

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8 thoughts on “Marketing Funnels – And Why They’re Important”

  1. Wow, this is an excellent post here. I like the way you have used real-life instances to explain how marketing funnels work. The truth is that making money online and becoming as successful as one wants is not an easy task. It takes a whole lot of work and time. The way you have outlined how some visitors are hot and some are cold is fantastic. I’m on my way to your link now to learn all I need to.

    • Hello Henderson,

      I’m happy you found the article inspiring. And you realise the processes of becoming successful online are many and varied. 

      Make sure you keep going over the posts on, so the information takes hold. When this happens, you’ll find success will find you sooner than you might think.



  2. I found your post to be very interesting. I have never thought of a funnel in the sense as you describe in going for KFC and the process one has to take to get there, park, wait in the queue etc. for the result of eating chicken. 

    I always imagined a funnel to be the number of visitors one needed to visit and click on the site to get a percentage of them actually to purchase. 

    You have given me food for thought! (excuse the pun!) 


    • Hi Debs,

      Thanks for stopping by, and I’m glad you discovered (through the concept of “Marketing Funnels”.

      Here’s another example for you: 

      Imagine going out on a date. You first arrange a place to meet (might be somewhere “romantic”). Then you get ready, (make yourself presentable). You meet at a pre-arranged time and sit at the best table in the house. By this time, the conversation is going well, and you end the evening organising another date.

      There you go, another successful “Funnel”.

      As I mentioned in the article “Marketing Funnels and why they’re so important”. The skill’s to learn are in the “steps involved”. You have to lead your “prospect” into the buying mood with subtle strategies. And lucky for you, I’ve outlined many of these strategies on So make sure you keep coming back and grow into the successful person that is awaiting you.



  3. I certainly agree with the importance of marketing funnels as well as the stages of awareness.

    I have gotten to know and develop relationships with people on social media by spending the time to show interest as well as to ask and answer questions.  I have been able to solve some issues for folks just by being genuinely interested.

    Whether we call it process or funnel having the end result in mind is certainly critical.  

    I do my best each day to accomplish at least one (1) successful step toward my goals, and quite often it is something different than I originally thought it would be.  

    You have helped tremendously in understanding this stuff better by using real-life examples.  I appreciate this information very much.  Thanks a lot and All the Best.

    • Hello Joseph,

      I’m glad you found the article about “Marketing Funnels” helpful. I intend to explain the information in a way that is easily absorbed, enabling you to cut down the time you need to learn these concepts.

      As you might be aware, it’s advisable to streamline your business in the most efficient ways possible. So you can get on with the most critical tasks in your timeline to success.

      Many other articles are being released in the future to speed your journey to your goals. So make sure you keep coming back to feed that voracious mind of yours.



  4. Thanks for putting this up, Dedo. I like the analogy you have used in breaking this topic down to smaller bits. In truth, marketing funnels means the arrangement made to doing something which will give a specific result, I guess? So, all efforts are channelled towards that goal, which in essence would lead to achieving success. That is my understanding of the post. Thanks

    • Hello again Rodger,

      I’m so glad you found this article helpful because, as you’re now aware, I intend to streamline the learning process. And of course, share some cutting edge concepts for you to think about (and put to use). Which is the most crucial element for any successful enterprise? 

      Unlimited ideas are floating around, but unless they’re implemented, they remain dormant and eventually turn to dust and float away into the ether. “Inaction Gains No Traction

      Thanks again for getting involved Rodger, and I look forward to seeing you again.




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