The Devils Pen

Mind –  pen –  paper. All the spells of an age mixed into a collage of meaning.

The Art of Using the Devils Pen

The force that guides the economy is a little idea called desire. It exists in all men and women and needs expanding to the point that it overcomes boredom, skepticism, and price.

Your challenge, writing copy with the devil’s pen,” is to pump that emotion hard, so it overflows in torrents.


Because there’s a balancing act going on for our emotions. The ones that get the most attention are the ones that feel the best — some people enjoy the sensation of pain, and some don’t.

So, learn about your customer if you want to direct the right message.

Desires are unclear for your customer; they’re a blur, a daze.

They need the right story to stimulate each desire – so it rages into a fire so hot, you’ll have to hose them down before they explode.

Build the Story to Enhance their Desires


Even for something as mundane as a cleaning product, you’ll have to wrap a story around it so it connects emotionally with your prospect. If, for instance, you’re selling “bleach,.” What specifically is your customer wanting?


Some would say, “A clean toilet.” And others would paint a picture of a fresh river flowing through a meadow, with the birds singing and the sun shining.

A “clean toilet” evokes an image of a dirty toilet (subliminally). So in effect don’t mention “toilet”, and paint the picture of tranquillity, not stagnation.

As you might be aware through reading the last passage, the message isn’t quite as apparent until it’s revealed to you.

Some advertisers use the “dirty toilet” as a repellant towards the “clean toilet.” (There are many strategies, and they should all be tested).

If you heard someone mention pink elephants, it would evoke a picture of the very same thing. It’s impossible “not” to think of them. The point is, the process happens with every word we hear, although it seeps in mostly on the unconscious level.

The main objective for you as an aspiring copywriter is to focus your customer’s attention (with the words you use). So that the pictures they formulate in their heads “need” more and more of the story you’re presenting.


The roles your customer Desires

When a woman decides to become a mother. She starts to prepare for the role she will act out in society. Firstly she needs to find a partner so the propagation (spreading the seed) can begin. Then she will want to build a home to nurture the child/children.

Acting our Roles

The whole process has many attributes, and they all form the role she plays as a mother. Or her perception of a mother. (All mothers have different ideas)

So if you wanted to inflame her desires with clothing for her little ones, Firstly, you’d have to research the culture she’s living under. (An Eskimo doesn’t have the same dress “sense” as an Ethiopian).

I mean…have you ever been to a fancy dress party and found yourself “acting out the role”? This shit becomes hard-wired in our brains (look at the Stanford Prison Experiment). When you recognize a certain costume, you’ll identify with it at some level.

If you use the example of a typical “Western Society” mother, look at the prevalent advertising and what the majority of mothers (her peers) are acting out. Their “identity” has mostly been influenced by repeated promotions of the relevant products and services of the day.

“Never attempt to educate an existing culture; it’s too costly; instead, go with the flow.”

The Process of Gradualisation

We all have an armory of belief systems that help us navigate the ship (our bodies) in the best way possible (for us).

A culture is a group of people who usually have similar traditions and belief systems that they act out in a social environment.


Belief systems are, without doubt, the most complex fusion of thought and emotions in the human mind. So “never” attempt to turn the tide of beliefs.

Your job as a successful copywriter is to not only expand people’s desires,so they burst. But also to “gradually” (one step at a time) move the pieces of “belief” to a more desirable position on the board. And keep in mind you want to create an ongoing relationship with your customers. So make sure you do all you can to help their journey.

The Power of Ideas

The power of a good idea is priceless. And those that can attach the concepts to existing belief systems are sure to be lavished with riches beyond their imaginations.

Have a look through the book stores, and countless authors are positioning themselves with altered perspectives. And being paid handsomely for their efforts. I’ve spent many thousands of hours absorbing information and regretted not one second. The cumulative effect of learning from so many authors is astonishing. It enables sharing (in a condensed manner) the articles on

All value starts as a seed of thought and culminates through concerted action, into the structures and processes we see around us daily.

Start Building Your Empire Now

Reading these articles is your first step toward the life that you’ve dreamed of. But it’s only a baby step (although a very powerful one).

Keep reading the articles as I post them, and you’ll discover some precious ideas that you’ll be able to put to use. You must take action, though. Nothing is accomplished through “inaction.”


As you read these posts, you’ll notice the links are internally connected (well, most of them). And they’re all relevant. So take your time and keep coming back; you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Time is “Wealth,” and these pages are abundant, so if you have any questions, take action and leave them below and I’ll reply in a heartbeat.


All the Best

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  1. This is an excellent post, when I first saw the title, I was eager to know what the content of this article is and I wouldn’t lie, I am thoroughly inspired by what you have written,  can now see the importance of good ideas and I’m sure I’m ready to take action now. I’ll be sure to check your site for posts. 

    Thank you

    • Hello Henderson,

      It’s great that you feel inspired after reading through “The Devils Pen”. 

      Being a Marketer, you’ll appreciate the importance of stimulating the minds of your customers, so do come back and slowly gorge yourself on the contents of And make sure you go for a long walk afterwards, to help with the digestion. 



  2. Hello Dedo!

    Great post you have put out to the World. I must be sincere, I was really excited to discover the contents of this post by merely seeing the topic, and I was educated and motivated through this post. Ideas can drive anything we want as long as it is being fuelled by action in the right directions.

    As a marketer, making conscious efforts to settle peoples problems and challenges are part of the things that make up for success and an integral factor to building trust. Wow! Thanks for this

    • I’m glad you found this post so inspiring, and as you’re aware, many other articles are waiting to be released when the time is right…

      Make sure you keep coming back to make full use of the information contained in these hot topics. And as you progress through the site (and take it slowly), your mind will eventually pull you towards the success you’ve always dreamed of.

      The ideas that are presented here at are state of the art. So tread carefully, and never take in more than you can consume. Read one page at a time, absorb it, then move on. 

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  3. This is a gold mine of information right here Dedo, thanks a lot! Being an online business owner myself, I need to start implementing these persuasive and advertising tactics into my sales copy. I’m looking to be a product owner and this information is going to help me make more sales. I’ve always been interested in how persuasion works and how to get whatever you want out of people, so I’ll be checking more of your stuff. Thanks again.

    • Hi Brandon,

      I’m happy you’ve found something useful after reading “The Devils Pen”. These articles (as I’ve explained), are all connected but should be read and absorbed at a pace that works for you. The Value and learnings you’ll gain will increase the speed in which you’ll attain your goals (and less stressfully)

      So keep coming back, there will be new additions every week. Have a great day.




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