Discipline and its Battle with Procrastination

Spartans of Discipline

The battalion of 800 men marched toward their target, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Alessandro Barak. The soldiers had been trained for this expedition for three long years. And every movement was syncronised to perfection. Every man was independent of thought but worked as one succinct unit. Ready to demolish all adversaries who were bold enough to counter these Spartans of war. THREE LONG YEARS OF DISCIPLINE TO BATTLE THE DEMON OF PROCRASTINATION.

How to Recognise this Demon

Whenever you say to yourself, “I’ll do it later“. This is one of many symptoms you can be alerted to when the demon named “Procrastination” appears. He has many forms and can be extremely cunning in his ability to fool you into playing along with him/her.

In the future text, when I write “him”, you can assume its a “her” if you want.”


One of his techniques/tricks is to fill your head with other things to do when you want to focus on one particular task.

And a way to overcome his tenacity is to state to yourself (under penalty of, ?) to finish your assignment in an allotted time frame. Even if you begin with five minutes, (you can extend this at a future date).

Time is your “Wealth” on this planet, and he is going to do his best to steal it from you,(so be mindful). I’ve met countless people in my life so far, who have been robbed blind (because they couldn’t SEE him). Now you’re aware of this little devil you can counter his demands at every turn.

Discipline is under Your Command

Discipline is your battalion (battle Lion), and he will take a lot of training to counter the demon and his minions. The cunning beast has most probably been training you for quite a while (under your radar). And when you attempt a new project, it may feel uncomfortable.

This experience of “overwhelm“, is just a seed he planted many moons ago, which can be overcome if you steadfastly stick to your guns. Imagine your army marching with you, ready for battle. They are not going to play (not yet anyway). They mean business, and nothing is going to stand in their way, or yours.

Now Here’s a Paradox

Here’s a new twist to your present thinking. Did you know that procrastination is a disciplined approach to doing something? Most people argue it distracts you from doing what you want to do. I say it’s your brain being efficient (as I’ve touched on, in a previous post).


The quandary being, it’s a habit that “will” not let go unless you supplant it with a new and more favourable routine. And the best way to do this is through repetition. Not dissimilar to an athlete training day in, day out for years. Until they master their objectives. (Read Title Paragraph)

Streamofmoney definition of discipline:  Overcoming familiar patterns of behaviour and replacing them with “YOUR” new ones, until they become automatic.

EG: if you want to become lacklustre and devoid of motivation, stay in bed for weeks at a time. Your body and brain will adapt to the situation, and hey presto!

And on the other hand, when you require the same discipline to feel motivated and full of energy, go for a run every morning and evening. (you’ll also appreciate your sleep time much more)

BTW, the above two examples are “just” examples and can be adjusted for countless tasks

Symbiosis (What a Word 😉

So, here, we have two opposing meanings that are playing in the same field.

As an experiment, let’s agree they can play together on the condition they don’t fight. The Devil is allowed to do his thing, but when you decide to become focused. You “Do” what is required, no matter the fuss that is made. (He’ll cry, go red in the face and stamp his feet). But now you’re aware of the training you’re putting in to master your disciplines,  no one is going to steal your wealth/time anymore. Your Spartan “Battle Lion” is good to go, and nothing will stand in its way.


If you’re reading these words, the probability is quite high that you’re searching for ways to make more money and live a fulfilled and happy life.

You could be a high earner already, and want more ways to free your time. Or you could be on the opposite side of the spectrum. And wish to make more money because you have loads of time to spare.


In both cases, it’s not the time per se. But the proper use of it. Apparently, “time” is just an idea we use to segment the natural patterns of our solar system. We are “present”, and use these tools to facilitate (or not) our journey on this beautiful planet.

And as most people are aware, it’s a tool that can have disastrous effects, once we accustom our brains to it.

The ability to “focus” with a disciplined mind, is to ignore the concept of time and do what has to be done. Once you add time into the equation, you’re adding an emotional “expectation”, which can cause all sorts of problems down the line, (Burnout comes to mind).

So, in essence. Use the meaning of procrastination I’ve described in this post to sharpen your discipline skillset. And when all this is accomplished, focus your newly trained mind on achieving your wildest dreams (they’re YOUR dreams), so bring them forth into your reality.

Relaxation is Key

We live in a world where technology is advancing at an exponential pace. And the tools that are used to expedite your business and personal life, (if not utilised properly), can cause uncomfortable reactions mentally. Click “here”, and read a previous post about slowing down time to get more done.


To relax isn’t just slowing down your breathing and thinking of “nothing”. It requires a whole new method of operation. We live in an environment where the brain is bombarded with constant messages about how you can get rich quick. Or win a million when you purchase the golden ticket. And, (this one is so ridiculous it beggars belief), sit on your arse and think it, and all your dreams will come true.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love a good story, the same as the next man. But things can be pushed just too far sometimes.

Hope is quite the motivator for people who don’t believe in themselves, (is why it works so well). But lucky for you, I’m here to explain how you can have everything you desire without “hope”, but “knowing”.

Think about it for a moment. On the one hand, sit there, and hope/wish for something. And on the other, “KNOW” it. They are two opposite mindsets. Which one would you rather have?

Take action now by leaving a comment and engaging in a successful future that is yours for the taking.


All the Best

P.S Every day that you fail to take action is a sure-fire way to lose your wealth, (“wealth is time”). Don’t let it fade to the ether.

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6 thoughts on “Discipline and its Battle with Procrastination”

  1. Interesting take on procrastination… I’ve been told before that we often procrastinate on the things that we aren’t excited about doing and perhaps want to avoid altogether. As an example, if you are told that you have to eat a frog (and assuming that you don’t want to eat a frog), that you may put it off all day, but it will be in the back of your head for the day and possibly messing up productivity.

    If you instead choose to tackle the thing you want to avoid right away, then you will have a clearer mind to focus on more critical tasks. Knowing this, it can help to set aside 15 minutes for “frog time” early in the day… where you go ahead and eat the frog so your mind can move to a space that will be more productive.

    • Hi Aly,

      I’m glad you found this take on procrastination interesting. And your story of the frog (Brilliant)!

      Have a gander through the rest of streamofmoney.com, and the concepts will build upon one other exponentially. The things we tend to put off are usually the things we’re not as proficient at. And seem to create “uncomfortable feelings” The justification of not doing them can often limit our potential. 

      And I agree with the “critical” aspect of where to focus your attention. Thanks for your feedback Aly.



  2. Interesting take on procrastination and I enjoyed reading this post. Procrastination is not goal friendly, and I’ve fallen a victim of this for countless years.

    I don’t seem to have the courage to overcome that part of me that always push things further ahead. Discipline is the key element, but having to battle procrastination requires taking actions in line with training. I did learn well through this post

    • Hello Rodger,

      It’s good to know you’re taking an interest in “how habits have formed in your life so far”. Our language reveals so much about how we process ideas, and it’s being aware of these strategies, that we can alter them.

      Take your time and read some of my other articles, Rodger, you’ll gain so much value from them. Especially if you make an effort to “really” think them through (there’s no rush).

      And make sure you ask if there is anything I’ve written that doesn’t quite make sense, and I’ll be sure to answer all your queries as quickly and thoroughly as possible.



  3. Thank you. Great article. You are offering a lot of wisdom here about life. I think that we all have a lot of things to do every day. For me, I am a workaholic, so I don’t struggle with waiting to do things. I come from the other end of the spectrum where I need to go to bed on time or go for a walk instead of working nonstop 24 hours a day. So, everyone’s different. For me, its harder to take a break than it is to work! 

    • Hi Charles,

      It’s great you can share a piece of your story, ( you being on the other side of the spectrum). There will be a lot of people reading your comment and realising that our habits are not “who” we are. But we can alter them to help our progress through life’s journey.

      Your “habit” of workaholism is an interesting “alter” perspective, considering most peoples are the opposite, i.e., “Procrastination.”

      Thanks for your comment, Charles, all the best and try not to burn yourself out.




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